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  1. Why haven’t celtic complained to eufa about the price we charged their fans to watch Thursday’s game?
  2. At least he only injured himself unlike the thousands who were traumatized by our singi😀ng
  3. Try photobucket for dummies.😵
  4. Dickie

    Ojo goal

    Aye one is a workhorse and the other is a lazy fucker.
  5. Superb tribute by psv fans,minutes applause on 43rd minute,class act.
  6. Their fans were scum when we played them before and going from the mob in City Centre they ain’t out to be our pals s fuck them and their song.
  7. Why the fuck are they in tesco car park when we’ve got a big game on ,very unprofessional.
  8. John Barnes didn’t exactly help the cause.
  9. Has anybody given it a thought that this might affect us,if klopp goes I can see Liverpool moving for Gerrard.
  10. Don’t know how much the scum are paying that pr company but they’re definitely getting value for they’re money.
  11. Deserves to be sacked ,everyone knows that the world record is 8 bananas,10 is just ridiculous.
  12. Council say they respect his right to protest.
  13. Maybe the Uefa observer missed it. Now if the poles had been singing whilst holding the flares your into serious stuff then.
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