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  1. Sir Walter of Carmyle

    Give ally the managers job
  2. Can we please stop the fantasy now?

    Should get you to do the advertising for season ticket renewals.
  3. How Much More Of The Underwhelming Dave Can We Take?

    Warburton I bought into at time,Pedro and Murty are just a piss take.
  4. Parking near ibrox

    Buy an old police van and you can park it on pavement at edmiston drive thus blocking everyone coming and going to game,you can also stand next to your van with a smug fucking look and ignore any cunt that asks you why you are blocking the footpaths, and all for free.
  5. For whom the bell tolls

    Has it ever been explained who’s decision it was to sign Pedro (and why). Making Pedro manager must go down as one of the strangest most damaging acts taken by our incompetent board. Pedro walked for being a dud and for signing duds yet the clown who put him in charge is still at Ibrox and most likely will have a huge say in who we go for next,how can this be right? Add in the fact that the clown in question wanted mcinnes then it does not fill you with confidence that these cunts will ever get it right or will ever pay the price for their incompetence.
  6. We were improving under all the other managers you can’t say that for Murty. St Brenda’s stats last season probably make him the greatest manager this country has ever seen,so much for figures
  7. Roberto Martinez

    That was novo on the pitch today your getting your Spaniards mixed up
  8. Crewe Alexandra Banned?

    What on Earth are you insinuating??
  9. Murty should be let go now.

    Well he did fuck your team 4-0
  10. Bates out up to 6 weeks

    With our clubs track record on dealing with injuries he will be out fo 6 months. 1 week to diagnose injury,4 weeks rest then an operation is our usual procedure.
  11. Is a touch line ban even a punishment?
  12. Charity Football Match UB v ICF

    Average age of ub team? Kings park for train.
  13. Calling that a development squad is a bit of a piss take is it not.
  14. Charity Football Match UB v ICF

    Balaclavas and flares compulsory
  15. New Vanguard Bear Article.

    When we lay down and got our belly rubbed after Edinburgh taigs cup final that was the signal to all (and by fuck they are many)of our enemies that it was open season to attack us. The sheer inaction from our so called board suprises no one but what the fuck do club 1872 actually do? You can now expect this shite to be turned up several notches in the lead up to semi final with yet more non stories and fabricated headlines. Also expect every Rangers fan attending the cup game to be harassed by plod and probably strip searched before entry to hampden whilst our provo loving mob are waved in with offensive banners,flares and enough fireworks to put the new year celebrations to shame.