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  1. They can afford to pay over a 100k in compo for their new manager though.
  2. So each Side appoints someone to be on panel but the person you choose will be impartial,aye good luck with that.
  3. Must be a womble version
  4. The mind boggles at the kind of dating sites this cunt frequents.
  5. Doncaster denies he had anything to do with it.
  6. Barcelona have fell to fuck in La Liga as well anything is possible in football.
  7. Who are you kidding fatboy
  8. There are not that many other outlets in uk that could handle large sales.
  9. When was he last at the top of his game? Accident waiting to happen.
  10. The connections between Kelly ,mcginn celtic and trophy centre is a given that the paedo ring was at every level of that outfit.
  11. So he’s probably back on the street again then.
  12. Are Hearts trying to say that Doncaster the man headhunted by uefa has made a cunt of it,how dare they.
  13. Roofe,Taylor and dykes is that not celtics legal team.
  14. Aye compo from spfl.
  15. Another one of life’s mysteries!!
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