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  1. I have seen union bears being lifted. Linfield fans were complaining at game about banners,as were psni so cops have a duty to act on complaints. As with cup final the cunts are not fit for purpose. You cannot get near Ibrox with a banner without it being checked,this is all to do with the fenian/victim card where police are scared to go near them,as was said at the time try hanging an effigy of a Tim from Copland stand and see how long it takes krankie's finest to react.
  2. Yes. The two cops standing admiring their handiwork.
  3. How many times have we seen them move in in on Rangers support(especially away). So police are admitting they observed a crime being committed but chose to ignore it. The sheer number of cops on duty was frightening,dogs,mounted and helicopter yet they can't handle a gang of neds,fucking embarrassing
  4. Comparing the orange order to the Ira, fuck off tarrier bastard
  5. I think you will find the record has already alienated the Rangers support Timothy. It's that thinly veiled it's invisible.
  6. Only problem is that shithole ain't a stadium
  7. Fuck me!! I didn't know they done half bottles
  8. Some of our own fans are as big a problem as the record. Morons posting videos and photos online that are being used by the media to have a dig at us( union bears end of season,famine song under the bridge,whinhill ect). These haters are trolling our sites and it's time some of our fans wisened up.
  9. He's from airdrie so I think he's got an excuse. Colour tv and mobile phones are coming your way shortly so cheer up.
  10. Sloop John b- beach boys. Catchy little non sectarian number.
  11. We continue to fill these cunts grounds up yet our away record is shite so I don't think the go and support your team argument is a valid one. A one season boycott is all it would take to bring these cunts to their knees. Gate money,programs and other merchandise,local pubs and cafes,bus companies,how much revenue are you talking about per season. We had the biggest traveling support at every ground apart from at fir park last year and that was to follow a shite team. If Rangers themselves asked us to boycott these cunts and organised under 20s games at Ibrox on match days charging say £5 then I think the fans would back it. In what other walk of life would you continue to do business with someone who hated you and when you visited their premises treated you like shit
  12. Another £30m player,we're fucked.
  13. Well apart from BP9
  14. Amazed you think it will last until October
  15. Saw the title and was sure it would be about getting your money back