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  1. Dickie

    Candeias Red Card

    Surely it should have been a straight red for 1/ blowing kisses at opponent and 2/ making contact with same opponent. 2 separate offences means a red card.
  2. How long until someone links hibs poor results to the serious assault on lennon.
  3. All true and utterly frightening. The power that the catholic hierarchy have in this country is all powerful and if you had predicted this 40 or 50 years ago you would have been laughed at. This must be the only country in Modern Europe that does not have a free press and the whole paedophilia cover up stinks.
  4. Dickie

    Formal Complaint from Rangers re Collum

    And racist!!😱
  5. Dickie

    Formal Complaint from Rangers re Collum

    Maybe we should just tan his windows I vaguely recall some fans of another club resorting to this.
  6. Penn state was a massive national affair with far reaching implications yet only involved one person. The celtic case involves at least half a dozen people(so far) and spans a period of around 40/50 years and has the potential to be the biggest case of organised sex abuse this country has seen. celtic’s close links with the Catholic Church will go a long way to explaining how this abuse was allowed to go unchallenged for so long and the majority of the British public will know nothing of the relationship between the 2 organisations as it is a unique occurrence in sport in this country.
  7. Reading the vanguard bears article the thing I can’t understand is both Brady and Macari saying they were approached by youth team players saying they had been abused, but how would these boys have access to the celtic manager if the boys club was fuck all to do with celtic and surely in any case brought to court they could be called up to explain this and also what action they took and if they answered none then does this not leave celtic guilty.
  8. That’s the problem,torbett is only a small fish in a large pool(celtic,catholic church ect). For this to be going on (and it wasn’t exactly secret)there must be some powerful people involved, you only have to look at some of the prominent names involved with the scum either on the board or season ticket holders, government ministers,mps,councillors,lord provosts and cardinals to realise how it was easy to keep this scandal under control. This needs dealt with by the Scottish government for a start as there is something strange when they announced the enquiry that is ongoing they specifically said it would not involve sports organisations,why?
  9. Dickie

    New pitch

    That’s a brand new pitch we’ve got just now,not even 6 months old.
  10. Dickie

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Fuck sake it says do not wash on the label.
  11. Dickie

    Gerrard and Channel 4

    He could always ask Brenda about Morelos getting hit
  12. Fair play to bbc for once. Looks like Timmy is fucked.
  13. What is the 1 case? Is lennon not British?
  14. Dickie

    Was Torbett ever connected to us?

    No but cardinal winning was a season ticket holder.