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  1. I would be quite happy for Rangers to take all the credit for scotland being shite.
  2. Not exactly picked the ideal role model have they,and do we really need any more junior thumbs on the planet.
  3. Yes your fucking psychiatrist.
  4. What broadfoot did was not a wind up,and I’ve never seen any cunt doing that as teams leave the park,it was the act of a coward. How can you react smarter when attacked from behind when least expecting it? Why did he not try it with mcgregor as there is not a more unstable cunt in our team? Why is my post ignorant,it might be wrong but it’s still my opinion but unlike you prick I will hold my hands up if I am wrong. I don’t think your posts are ignorant just the ramblings of an arsehole.
  5. I’m pointing out brown is a cunt but at least has the balls to do his dirty work during the actual game. Make it look accidental!!! With the amount of cameras and 4 officials all looking for a Rangers related incident you really are ,as has been pointed out, a prize cunt.
  6. It was a red all day long but ref had lost the plot long before that.
  7. Even that cunt brown does his nasty stuff during the game( and gets away with it). That by broadfoot is just cowardly and should be hammered. Any player not just Alf would react to that,I suppose you would just walk on ?
  8. Physios Were on at least 3 times that i remember but you are correct se are not god enough.
  9. They scored in The 6th minute so you might have missed it.
  10. If they go down your route looking for witnesses you’ll end up with Rangers getting charged.
  11. Either way remember it’s a separate entity to a certain local club.
  12. Fucksake read back a bit this one isn’t even in the top twenty
  13. Rangers kid hit with bottle_ no arrest. celtic fans jumping on top of police van _ no arrests. morelos hit with coin_ no arrest. buckie bottle thrown onto pitch_ no arrest. sectarian effigies hung from stand _ evidence destroyed. Rangers fan throws coin at linesman _ one arrest. priest spat on_ one arrest. Police Scotland not fit for purpose.
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