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  1. Gerrard said last week cunts were trying to drive Morelos out and this is the worst attack yet. The wee man hasn’t kicked a ball in a fortnight so the timing of this attack looks purely personal .
  2. He says Hartson was a decent guy who played football the right way,I don’t recall Alfredo kicking any cunt in the head.
  3. Self employed but lost his job, did the mad bastard sack himself. What chance has his 2 kids got with this cunt as a role model?
  4. That’s lennon,Kennedy and brown now all said that what Christie did is part of football, their training sessions must be great fun.
  5. Why all the interest in a new team?🤔
  6. Ok I give in ,which one is lennon?
  7. Yeh that’s the headline on front of record but the actual story is that “it’s believed that Rogers will move for him at end of season “ last week he was signing for Chelsea,their pr is amazing shit,inside the same rag they’ve got frimpong down as a superstar again.
  8. We’ve got 6 players ready to sign but the fucking sfa are shut until Monday.
  9. We won despite the referee trying his best to influence it so it should be highlighted. I’ve always been of the belief that our refs are just poor not cheats but this display takes it to a different level. Can you imagine the uproar if this was the other way round,Clancy would be finished and parliament would be recalled for an emergency debate.
  10. Cops are there to control the crowd not the players,cop with goldson should be facing the fans not the pitch. Cop in lustig video was correctly facing the fans and that is how he had his hat pinched.
  11. Everyone knows that’s the Croatian gesture for “ fenian wankers”.
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