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  1. This is shocking behaviour,mocking someone just because of the school they attended.
  2. So you’ve read the original Italian version then ? Where does he mention what leagues do concerning titles? He said all eufa are interested in is who the leagues put forward for eufa competitions. Your scum supporting record and others are making out that leagues should name a league winner which is pish. You have been very clear from the start that you are all in favour of the scum being given the title and are now just a mouthpiece for the increasing number of cunts who want to see these bastards undeservedly crowned champions. I take it sporting integrity doesn’t exist in your little bubble.
  3. English teams play domestic games on champions league nights against eufa rules and then tell them to go fuck off,so eufa are spineless cunts with little authority.
  4. Not your error at all just that prick dude backing the tarrier narrative.
  5. He said that he wanted leagues rapped up by a certain date,he never mentioned titles . As usual you are showing your true tarrier colours. He is a Vice President and therefore makes fuck all decisions and in fact it is holicom who are translating what he said to fit the scums own agenda.
  6. Can’t even have a candlelight vigil in George square fucking gutted.🤥.
  7. I bet if we had hired Gary Glitter the cunts wouldn’t have complained.
  8. Dickie


    Right you’ve had your 8 hours sleep time to get up you cunt.
  9. The scum to play their remaining 8 games in 1 week(copyright 2008 sporting integrity).
  10. The scum employed every pervert under the sun but he chooses to pick John Reid out as their bogey man. Wouldn’t be because he was a member of the British government would it.
  11. They are making it out as if he is a member of terrorist organisations,hope he turns up at work with his sash on and sends the cunts into a frenzy.
  12. So what part of giving them a title they haven’t won is fair? Can you imagine a scum supporter going on one of their forums and saying we should be given the title if roles were reversed,no neither can I.
  13. It’s perfectly clear the season is finished so fuck going on about talking to people and different rules just come out and say what you have meant from the start of this topic that celtic are worthy champions.
  14. Does anyone know what the bookies stance on this is,will they pay out on a scum title,can I get my money back for betting on the bears and the league race is to all intents abandoned.
  15. I don’t know when you last posted on here before this virus thread but I do know it’s the most you’ve posted on here in all my time on this forum and it’s exclusively you defending the right of the scum to be crowned champions. Even if I believed they deserved to be champions I would argue to until the cows come home that it didn’t happen. You are obviously not stupid so should you not be better off looking at laws to stop these cunts being crowned champions rather than agreeing with everything that a tarrier controlled football organization tells you? Your podcast pissed me off but I now think you’re either at the cunt or are the worst type off Uncle Tom.
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