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  1. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Why is there a cow with an Aberdeen scarf in front row of paedos,unless it’s mcinness’s wife.
  2. I'm guessing...

    Think the game is on today if not then that will be embarrassing
  3. Junkies vs Rangers

    Only thing missing was a big issue in his hand
  4. Good Old Popcorn Teeth

    Was it clearer than mccrorie getting his shirt pulled off in the first half ya bigot
  5. Why is this an embarrassment?

    The fact you believe you are in the know about what the board is or is not doing is arrogant in the extreme.
  6. Why is this an embarrassment?

    Sorry I didn’t realise you were in on the decision making,what utter pish. Your lucky if our board have been talking to each other never mind agents. By the way your location is spot on
  7. Why is this an embarrassment?

    I have seen nothing from the club saying he was our no.1 choice. He has said he doesn’t want to talk to us which is not the same as him being offered job and knocking us back. If a company asks you to come in for an interview it does not mean you are being given the job. No cunt knows if we are talking to any other candidates,it is being driven by the media all this shite. Our board are not up to the task in hand and even considering McInnes who has done fuck all is a disgrace. If McInnes is the best available then we are more fucked than I thought we were,his c.v. Is posh poor.
  8. Ryan Jack Red

    So since when is doing nothing wrong and being unlucky a sending off?
  9. Thank You

    Do we need to bring our own drink ?
  10. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Finally something for police Scotland to get their teeth into. Should be an enquiry into how some thug managed to get into the ground with a packet of these dangerous sweets.
  11. Watched the sheep game today

    Not that much of a killie fan if he can’t go to a home game,can’t imagine the game was a sell out.
  12. The Evil Within 2

    Is this to do with seagulls and fishing boats?
  13. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    If nothing else today proved we have got to sign moult
  14. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Even if the cheating bastard is dealt with it has cost Motherwell the game
  15. Questions for the AGM

    Dave be a true Rangers chairman and in time honoured tradition ignore the bastards. I myself would like to thank you for getting the tellies on the concourse fixed as it helps pass the time waiting for my mate who refuses to leave early even when we’re getting pumped by Hamilton. Also please ignore all requests for a safe standing area as it will only attract more noisy cunts like the union bears,instead bring all stands into line with the Sandy Jardine one and make them all no singing areas. P.S. don’t take this the wrong way but the pies are indeed a tad cold.