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  1. Dickie

    Dundee United

    So we’ve got to be successful to take pleasure in our haters sufferings. What fucking drivel.
  2. Us having British forces on the pitch is no cunts business but it didn’t prevent them from getting it stopped. The rights or wrongs of us getting a European license is fuck all to do with the scum yet they are still pushing for us to be punished. Any bluenose who raises any issue about these bastards is doing a grand job. You are getting a tad worked up defending these cunts,why??
  3. How do you know they aren’t racist? So obviously you think the word n***er is acceptable, using this term in the street or in a football crowd is no different,these cunts have a long history of racism yet are lauded as the gfitw so it is only proper that they are now being shown up for the scum they are. Jews protestants and blacks are fair game but don’t dare call them fenians yet it is a term they proudly refer to themselves by. Try using your it’s not racism if your in a sporting arena pish out in a court and see how you get on, and being in possession of a banana is racist in your opinion what utter crap. I don’t understand why a bluenose would concern himself about a Rangers group having a go at these cunts and strangely it’s always the same half dozen morons who are responsible.
  4. Dickie

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Dembele going for zillions tierney for 25 million so who is the next of Brenda’s superstars to be rolled out for a fictitious multi million pound deal? If Belgium win the World Cup is there enough money in the premiership to buy boyata.
  5. Dickie

    City chambers George square..

    They threw money at the paedodome and it was only used once. The council ignored the tarriers demolition of a listed building and tore down perfectly good housing in the surrounding area to accommodate these bastards. I have just passed the trongate area in Glasgow and it is full of youngsters drinking in the street and pissing against walls I don’t think it will be the same easy going attitude by council and police at next eels walk. If you want to see a sum area visit govan and Ibrox although you might struggle to get a ticket since we’ve cut your allocation.
  6. Dickie

    Matchday Volunteers , Home Games

    Engaging personality well that’s most cunts on this forum ruled out.
  7. Dickie

    Orange Top Hint

    Get the RFC crest sorted and it will sell like fuck.
  8. Dickie

    City chambers George square..

    So the amount of money spent on improvements around the paedodome is an urban myth?
  9. Dickie

    Dave - "We can feel the buzz"

    Is Declan a nickname then? Dave,Declan and John I’m confused!!
  10. Maybe his source should tell Hamilton they’re getting ripped off paying for a luxury coach.
  11. Dickie

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I see the cover up is in full mode. Torbett sex abuse trial is being reported on bbc saying it happened for 20 years at barrowfield training ground. No mention of of who owns or which club uses barrowfield. Also says a training facility in the east end of Glasgow, can’t think of which east end club this could allude too.
  12. Dickie

    New Strips

    Their in Turkey filming as we speak.
  13. Dickie

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Tom Boyd says that as one of Europe’s biggest clubs it’s a disgrace they are being forced to travel half way across Europe. They really are deluded and think of themselves as one of Europe’s elite. Too far to travel,too hot,I do hope the pitch has standard size grass or Brenda will not be happy.