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  1. Most of us at game were already over for the 12th.
  2. Surely cutting edge journalists don’t take a day off?
  3. Not that wee,I’ll take your old xl shirts off you👕
  4. Didn’t want it enough to diet ya fat bastard! 🍔
  5. Dickie

    Andy Firth

    Must be time for a boycott,we’ve not had a decent one for ages.
  6. Gerrard mobbed by nearly every kid in Gibraltar last night,how refreshing to see a club where kids are welcomed and safe from any form of abuse,pity the same can’t be said about that other Glasgow club.
  7. 2 guys lifted for the spitting episode. Still looking for cunt that bottled young Rangers fan a few years ago though.
  8. Maybe something to do with the scotland top he’s wearing.
  9. Larkhall parade and Lanarkshire parades are all low police presence it is only feniano run Glasgow that has an over the top policy. Lodges having to provide their own stewarding was meant to cut down on police presence but now you have helicopters,horses,motorcycle units and hundreds off officers ,what I don’t understand is what they all do on normal days as you can never see the cunts any other time.
  10. Your flight has just landed,it’s not your fucking plane.🛫
  11. Who cares what tarriers think on a podcast?
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