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  1. Dickie


    Have you just woken up from a coma?
  2. Don’t know what he’s greeting about ,he’s not old enough to remember when they were a premier league outfit.
  3. Fuck sake don’t let collum see that.
  4. I dread to think what the fuck is in the carrier bag,can’t be any worse than what they are wearing.
  5. I don’t see the point of releasing statements if it’s fuck all to do with you. McGuire isn’t going to be fucked about,and is only to be admired compared to our so called justice minister and police Scotland’s finest.
  6. “A club that prides itself on doing the right thing” ignoring 50 years of sex abuse would appear to shoot that nonsense down.
  7. Aye that’s going to happen ain’t it!!
  8. Cunt on radio saying Clarke is one of Scotland’s greatest ever managers,even more bizarre was the reporter calling the punter the commander of the north of Scotland tartan army. These fuckers are beyond mental.
  9. You gave yourself away when you referred to the cunt as a politician.
  10. If you pull someone by the back of their shirt they don’t fall forwards as if shot.
  11. Only a year old,strange. Have we come into money?
  12. This isn’t tinder pal.
  13. Don’t be surprised if McCafferty pops his clogs, if I remember correctly was there not a murdered schoolboy involved in this years ago? You don’t keep this sort of thing under control for 50 years or so without the help of some very powerful people.
  14. Every cunt knows that sportscene decides who is punished and who is not. Who appointed this bitch and who selects this imaginary panel? The whole system was set up to deal with things the referee missed not to deal with things Neil Lennon and company aren’t happy with.
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