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  1. So when are the other 49 appearing in court or getting thei photos splashed all over the media a la Kilmarnock.
  2. Should it not either be 2 legs or at a neutral venue as it’s a semi final?
  3. Well obviously by coming on here for advice you can forget the smart bit and just go casual.
  4. Knuckledraggers,are you bill leckie or an entirely different prick?
  5. Fare are demanding your living room is closed off for 2 games.
  6. If hibs took the same stance they would be playing in an empty ground. Signed.
  7. Where’s my free prawn crackers ya bastard?
  8. Completely different reaction to the boy who died at hands of prison officers which was caught on cctv,he was white mind you.
  9. The fact there’s no poppy on scums jerseys shows it’s official club policy to ignore Remembrance Day so a statement ain’t going to happen.
  10. I’m glad they’ve lifted the booze ban as these taig bastards will wind up the police and pay the price.
  11. Only thing missing is the paedos on tour banner. And what about the dodgy cunt in front row who has a young boy in a stranglehold,I thought the boys club was disbanded.
  12. Fucksake your not doing weather reports on the side as well.
  13. I take it Gucci don’t do poppies.
  14. Would the sfa not need to set an example and punish themselves for anti England shite coming from tartan trannies.
  15. When your the only person with a different opinion from everyone else then just maybe it’s you who hasn’t got a clue. You say Murphy isn’t good enough,what is this based on? Defoe and Davis looked poor last season due to not playing regularly, I just don’t get where you are coming from about last night, you make Victor Meldrew sound like the life and soul of the party.
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