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  1. I wouldn't give Waghorn a game for the Royal Albert
  2. Get that useless bastard Waghorn to fuck, absolute shite player
  3. Substitutions are baffling, it's the tactic that needed changing not like for like replacements
  4. Cos he's a tim and so's the ref
  5. It's even harder work watching it, absolute shite performance
  6. Sad news, even though he only played 12 games, man was a legend for that goal against them. R.I.P. Ugo.
  7. Did he not play for us in last seasons cup semi ?
  8. Seeing as it's now a free for all
  9. I'm sure the Daily Rhebel had cracking headline next day K.O.NTERMAN; Treble-stopper Bert gives Eck Old Firm glory OLD FIRM SHOWDOWN
  10. "Business turnaround strategist" Surely some bheast is at the wind up Tho' the sun seems to believe it's real. CRAIG Whyte has set up a Twitter page to post updates from his upcoming fraud trial. The former Rangers owner, 46, launched his social media site days before the case involving his takeover of the club gets underway. He uses the handle CraigWhyte22 and his bio, accompanied with a selfie, reads: “Entrepreneur. Business Turnaround Strategist. Former owner Rangers Football Club”. Last night, he had yet to tweet. But a source said of the move ahead of his trial at the High Court in Glasgow: “He wanted to have his own platform so that he could comment on certain aspects of the case and respond directly to anything being said he disagrees with. “He is also keen to highlight what life is like in the goldfish bowl that is Glasgow while he is based there for the trial.” Whyte, from Motherwell, is accused of claiming a controlling stake in the Light Blues “by fraud” between May 2010 and May 2011. Prosecutors also allege he pretended cash was available to make agreed payments. The second charge under the Companies Act centres on an alleged £18million payment linked with Whyte’s takeover of the Ibrox side. The jury trial is set to begin on Tuesday and could last up to three months. Whyte was originally accused along with six other men of breaking the law in relation to the May 2011 deal. But charges against Gary Withey, David Grier, David Whitehouse, Paul Clark, Charles Green and Imran Ahmad were dropped. Whyte will be represented in court by defence lawyer Donald Findlay QC. Alex Prentice QC will lead the case for the Crown.
  11. Tidier than Hyndman's ?
  12. Fucks sake Partick goalies after a fucking oscar