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  1. Yeah wish we had someone now who could put a ball into the box like that, btw did you spot the tim celebrating just as the cross was sent in around 0.34, must have been a fucking psychic
  2. Quality quote, "Yes, especially the first game. He was really kicking everybody, and I thought: 'Barry, you can do so much better than this', because he was a really good player. But then he forgot his football skills and he was like: 'I'm going to kick everything that's green and white'."
  3. And here it is
  4. I was expecting 2nd place, a lot closer to the scum than last season and at least 1 cup win, my expectations were reduced to zero around 16:50 yesterday. If the board don't admit they have fucked up big time appointing Pedro as manager I honestly don't know what to expect, a record home defeat to the scum, losing to the sheep at Ibrox for the first time in 26 years, dropped 10 points from 30 after he took over last season, fucked out of Europe by a team of part-timers and the poor start to this seasons league campaign dropping 5 points at home and scraping a win at Motherwell . His Managerial record to date ( all clubs ) Played 248 Won 104 Drawn 64 Lost 80. As I said my expectations are non existent now, but there is always hope no matter what the odds are. If you do nothing else in life Pedro, prove me wrong.
  5. Yeah, too many draws dropping points at home to shite teams from Edinburgh and 2 defeats to the scum put paid to that, but at least after 4 games the title looked winnable, compared to the position we're in now.
  6. Had a fiver on 3-1 @ 16/1 happier times
  7. That's what I thought until I seen this gem post match. “Today, I really felt we should have been a bit more aggressive on the last third, especially with the way we moved the ball quickly to explore the spaces. But even so, we create to score, and to win you need to score goals. “We didn’t, and we didn’t win because of that.”
  8. You're at it, Didn't think they were that bad today, Reasonably satisfied with the performance ? It was another shit performance and more proof ( If it was needed ) Pedro is absolutely clueless, he's a poor mans ronny deila, that's how fucking far out of his depth he is.
  9. It's not ridiculous, it's a sad fact, 5 fucking points away from third place after 3 games 2 of them at home.
  10. Piss poor reaction to last Saturdays result, if we don't step it up a gear in second half a draw is best we'll get.
  11. says this about himself, : Journalist, researcher, writer, historian, archivist. I've worked for the BBC and STV, although I represent neither.
  12. I think it's this muppet
  13. This, not only was it not debatable, it was fucking cheating, not a shred of sporting integrity.