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    However, I would take the hit of say 500,000 to stay more competitive for the rest of the season. I rate Tavs, but the sums being bandied around are 1 to 2 million, and I would rather balance the books by winning trophies than selling one of our best-attacking assets and most entertaining performers.
  2. bilkobear


    This is nuts. As supporters we have become less interested in the team and how it entertains us, and more embroiled in bean counting. Tavs is a tremendous watch in full flow. He has eighteen months on his contract, we can sell him in the summer after we have lifted the Scottish Cup and run the Filth into the ground chasing the league title which is still there to be contested. Give yourself a break as a football supporter and enjoy it.
  3. bilkobear


    This. Tavs is a real asset. Get the defending sorted out at a team level, keep McCroie as the defensive midfielder. learn to dominate the middle of the park, and there will be no need to point fingers at Tavs when we lose goals. He is an attacking fullback, but he also needs to play in a side that is used to his movement and has a settled way of playing that defends together as a unit. Too often we have had a back four isolated from the midfield and too often it is the defence that has taken all of the blame for our defensive errors, whilst the midfield area has been overrun by average teams.
  4. I watched Peter Crouch as a young player at QPR. I was amazed back then at how poor he was in the air, and yet also surprised at how good he was with the ball at his feet. I predicted he would go onto play for England if he could improve in the air, he did both. Hardie has always impressed me when I have seen him at a lower level. The question is can he make the step up? However, it isn't easy to impress when you get thrown into a game like today when we are chasing the game. Morelos should have been kept on, he wasn't having a great game, but he was still totally involved and working the Hamilton back line. We should have simply taken Windass off, put Hererra on, and started going a bit more direct with three potential goalscorers around the eighteen-yard box.
  5. I don't see Miller as a starter in any case. I would prefer to see him coming on for the last thirty minutes when his legs are fresh and his opponents are beginning to tire. Today would have been the perfect game for Miller to be thrown on, rather than the inexperienced Hardie. Young Hardie needs to be given a baptism that isn't part of a rescue package.
  6. Miller was poor today. He doesn't get close enough to Morelos often enough, and his habit of dropping deep does the opposition's job for them, it just allows them to double up on Morelos when the ball is played forward.
  7. Probably a lot of truth here. Too many of us lack patience. These are trying times, but howling at every setback like teenage girls doesn't help anyone.
  8. The quality in the midfield is lacking. We don't have a player who can make a pass forward into dangerous space without taking an extra touch that compromises the runner. Midfield is the problem.
  9. Haha, is that the best you have got? Give it a real go and see if you can find a word with more than four letters.
  10. Yes, it isn't turning out to be an easy season. But we have made some steps forward, and whilst they have been less than we had hoped, there is still reasons for positivity. I have seen this game played before, and I have seen better Rangers teams than this lose in the same circumstances. Criticism of the team may be deserved, but wholesale slaughter of individuals isn't.
  11. Ffsake. We lost a game of football we should probably have won. A game where we dominated and carried no luck in front of goal. Yes, we should be winning this game, yes it was disappointing, and yes we are still short of where we should be, but the comments on this thread are a disgrace. Dry your eyes and stop attacking everyone at the club. The players gave a lot of effort in that match, and perhaps lacked that wee bit of quality, but some of the things being said on this thread are cringeworthy.
  12. These games happen. You throw the kitchen sink at a team, they defend with their lives, then an error, they score and the game runs away with you. Problem is, we seem to be finding too many unfortunate ways of losing.
  13. There you have it. The truth in all its naked ugliness. It may not be nice to look at when you undress all the spin, smoke and mirrors from it, shed away the bullshitt excuses, disrobe it of the spurious empty debate, because what you have left is the very fact that on the field we have been utter shyte.
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