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  1. Seems it’s only in kids sizes ffs.
  2. Anyone know if the black and orange zipper will be available in adult sizes?
  3. Is it sowed on or same shite as last season? Couple of washes and it’ll come off
  4. Don’t start a thread again if you’re not going to post a video as well
  5. managed to get one. If anyone’s looking for a medium, Buchanan street JD has some.
  6. Easter house you say, I’ll take my lockback with me then. Cheers
  7. Will phone them tomorrow. Thanks mate
  8. Wonder if the large will fit a medium person
  9. Also, are they true to size or small made? If anyone knows I might fit into large is they’re small made
  10. Only large left. Ffs man
  11. Some boy. Will give it a visit. Cheers
  12. Adult sizes? Whereabouts is the store?
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