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  1. You’ve short memory. Don’t get me wrong, Davis was a smashing player for us first time around until he got the armband. I’d even say he was better outwide than he was when he got brought into cm.
  2. He went hiding when he was the captain. Fact.
  3. I’m greeting reading this interview. He’s off in the summer. Gutted
  4. Mine was the same but I updated my new card and it still didn’t take payment, turned out I put the wrong number in when entering my bank card. Emailed them telling them to try again and they took payment this morning.
  5. Just realised I fucking done a typo when I was updating my bank cards yesterday. No wonder I’ve no been charged. It’s no linked to an actual account ffs
  6. How do you see where it says purchased? It won’t show in my order history and it won’t let me select my stand, Govan rear when selecting seat
  7. Anyone else not had payment taken? Also checked the club site and it’s not in the order history either.
  8. The wee celebration he always does is dynamite. Fucking laavvvv it
  9. The rate he was scoring at he probably would’ve got 35. Frightening
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