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  1. Man United's racist Lukaku chant

  2. Man United's racist Lukaku chant

    Imagine his maw was at a game
  3. How Good Is Harry Kane?

    If he had pace and was more physical, all the top teams would be after him right now.
  4. Pena

    Can see him starting
  5. Jason holt

    Runs about....aye runs about
  6. Pena

    Can see him and herrera starting
  7. Huge Fortnight Ahead

    Now I know this is easier said that done but if we start winning our home games then aye....
  8. Huge Fortnight Ahead

    We're unbeaten away from home under him
  9. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Fuck all will be said but
  10. Wee morelos

    Worth 20m in dembele dollars
  11. Work or Rangers?

    How much you earning ya cunt
  12. Pena

    Now that was a flop
  13. "Harry Forrester left the club"

    How many times did he play for us after he should've played dodoo in, I can only think one game
  14. Will the board speak now

    Ibrox demands. Chance are they will