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  2. i saw mr whyte on friday evening outside of the rogano.
  3. i was looking at the septic forums after the gers win last night what a fuc-in laugh here are a few gems from last nights paranoa files- 1.We will NOT win the league Through no fault of our own either, we simply won't be allowed too given that the ramifications for the Establishment XI would be massive. The blatant hunnery has reached unprecedented levels tonight. 2.Fuck the SFA The SFA and Masonic Establishment are stitching us like a kipper and making sure we don't win the league. They are driving our manager out of football and I don't see the point in staying here any longer. You can't wi
  4. great news i just hope they can put a deal together the septic bastards will be sick they have got themselves into serious debt blowing a shitload of cash on lemmons transfer budget hoping to take advantge of our lack of cash.the whyte takeover will put them in disarray
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