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  1. I liked this, but think it's gay that you know his dog's name tbh
  2. Try change your internet settings to WCDMA, instead of 4G, worked for me at the last couple of games. Smoking areas even a nightmare trying to check how the bets are doing.
  3. Rum Ham


    Think we'll see the best of him away from home in Europe
  4. Will look better against teams that want to play football, same as Jones.
  5. People shouldn't be jailed for shouting shit though...
  6. The 15 year olds been banned from Ibrox, by us mate (and quite rightly) , not by judges. All three are arseholes, but nothing will happen to the guy that said shit to Scott Brown in court, if it even goes that far.
  7. I was looking for a thread to post my disappointment as well
  8. Still not been taken from mine. Anyone else the same?
  9. That's what I was told. First one was off the day I renewed, then end of Jun, July and August.
  10. Where is everyone getting this idea that he is any good? He's looked pish at the back, and mediocre going forward.
  11. It's ruining their own game at the same time in a way. Shitty teams, who think they're big clubs that haven't won the league for decades, celebrating finishing 4th.
  12. With none being domestic champions or first runner up
  13. Fair enough three for the subs, but where the fuck did the other two come from
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