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  1. Did you just have a stroke?
  2. They took the money yet mate? I logged in last week to renew, got an email to update my card info, then fuck all since. Log into my account and it's showing as purchased, but nothing out the bank yet.
  3. Hopefully mate. I don't think the Diddy teams up here are as desperate as most think, or want to think, including the SFA. Most have had their big paydays this season(us and them a few times this season), and most will probably budget for a season without us and them, and for a year at least in the Championship (maybe with the exception of Aberdeen).
  4. This post contradicts almost every other post you have made on the subject that has caused the suspension
  5. This cunt tested positive after taking the piss out of it, then touching every mic in the press conference lol 3McEkukUp6WUv6Ik (1).mp4
  6. Brutal mate. Hopefully hear something before then
  7. Tweet in that thread saying the ticket office is telling cunts they'll know by 4.
  8. Rum Ham


    Is it a coincidence that he goes through these spells when the midfield are seriously lacking creativity, and the rest of the team are seriously under performing?
  9. After being reviewed with VAR too
  10. Edmundsons performance was like an old school sweeper tonight, absolutely dynamite
  11. Top class from both cb's tonight Can't fault a single player for defensive work in the last half hour. Mon the Gers
  12. If it's anything like the way the players have talked about the summer training camps under Gerrard, it wouldn't be much of a break. It's still a seasons worth of games within about 6 months.
  13. Michael Beale said on twitter not long ago that we've been playing with two numbers 10's all season
  14. Voted no. Would take small miracle for someone new to come in and win the title in his first season. We really need to forget about Europe next season if we want to have a proper go at the title. Playing around 50 games before March when we don't have a massive squad has fucked us again.
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