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  1. Still not been taken from mine. Anyone else the same?
  2. That's what I was told. First one was off the day I renewed, then end of Jun, July and August.
  3. Where is everyone getting this idea that he is any good? He's looked pish at the back, and mediocre going forward.
  4. It's ruining their own game at the same time in a way. Shitty teams, who think they're big clubs that haven't won the league for decades, celebrating finishing 4th.
  5. With none being domestic champions or first runner up
  6. Fair enough three for the subs, but where the fuck did the other two come from
  7. Usually people stay a bit quiet when they make a rip roaring cunt of it, but she keeps going.
  8. We're going to have a film about this shit in 2028 at this rate man Who the fuck cares about the taigs and their lapdog. Can't make any sort of point until we consistently match them on the pitch
  9. Just phone them mate. Done mine yesterday and took about 5-10 minutes.
  10. Anyone know how many have renewed? Thinking about trying to move seats
  11. Definitely should have went to Katic. I imagine the rumours of him having family problems/ being unsettled were true considering the part he played in the Europa qualifiers he was winning everything in those games.
  12. I wanted to know what bet to put on
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