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  1. Rum Ham

    Semi final allocation

    Doesn't sound like he's the one that does the 'letting' in the house
  2. Rum Ham

    Morelos Goal

    Doesn't really help the case for him, when a lot of our own support (mainly from people on here, name was still sung at Ibrox) would have taken anything more than a few million for him in the summer. Think people that don't watch games live miss the off the ball pressing he does for us.
  3. Rum Ham

    Spartak Moscow sack their Manager

    Hope we're not paying the refs too much
  4. Rum Ham

    Gerrard and the away form

    Whats the point in bringing in a new striker when we're not creating anything for the one we have?
  5. Must be a tough life when you're only 17 and ye can see your moobs through a hoodie, poor guy.
  6. Rum Ham


    Was playing a different formation against the taigs and Motherwell, so could be that. He clearly rates and trusts him, as he has played in the biggest games in Europe.
  7. Rum Ham


    What's that got to do with you being proven wrong about him not being trusted?
  8. Rum Ham


    Are you fucking thick? I'm not arguing if he is good or not, I am arguing against your "he's not trusted" claim.
  9. Rum Ham


    Wasn't the point. You said he didn't play against aberdeen and Motherwell, because he can't be trusted, but starts against superior teams in the Europa.
  10. Rum Ham


    Aye, can't be trusted against the taigs, Motherwell and Aberdeen, but starts against Villareal away and Rapid. What a mongo
  11. Rum Ham


    It's a strange comparison. Adam Johnstons lawyers should have opened with "what if the girl was a 35 year old woman?"
  12. Rum Ham


    Of course it wouldn't be the same, the burd was 22 fs, can't compare it to being a paedo. I thought he was an arsehole even before this shit, but your comparison is a bit of a stretch.
  13. Rum Ham

    BBC Article on Alfredo

    Could even see we were worse off without him during his drought last season, as soon as he was subbed off we would start to play deeper, as if we were defending a lead in Europe. He's the opposite of a keeper that is good with the ball at his feet and is the start of every top teams attack. Morelos is our first line of defence, and even before Gerrard arrived, was the only player that looked like he gave a shit.
  14. Rum Ham


    How easy must it be being a footballer if he pulled a burd like his mrs with patter like the supposed messages to the burd in the story. Trying to cheat on his wife I could forgive, but "U need a spooning partner", and "R U going to get to know me" are unforgivable
  15. Rum Ham

    Scotland had cheered as we heard the news...

    Stella Artois used to market itself under the slogan "reassuringly expensive" but became popularly known in Britain as the "wife beater" beer because of its high alcohol content and perceived connection with aggression, binge drinking and everyone who drinks it beats their wife obv." Googled it