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  1. Doubt it, otherwise it would be pointless for them to charge a tenner a game for uk based non season ticket holders.
  2. Fuck it. Forgot they had CL place to play for. Our defence was the best part of that game, and our preseason as a whole. Cant judge anything on a game that they are playing a 70+ million asset, plus that Diaby will end ip going for the same at some point.
  3. Am not that bothered about paying the extra, but a bit pissed off that it is only the games we have access too. Could have chucked in the rest of rtv as a thank you at the very least. Could pay for a subscription to rtv, sort out a vpn, and get it the games for even less than the tenner a game. Most people that don’t have a season ticket will continue to do what they had to before all the covid shit, so they had to make the price per game pretty low to try entice them to put money into the club to be fair
  4. Rum Ham


    One of the toughest games we will have in the prem this season and nearly double the number of tackles than any other player in the league.
  5. Think if its true Tyldesley will do the home games, and Tom will still do the away games that are on rtv for fans outside the uk.
  6. In what way does he look uninterested? He was clearly instructed to come deeper, like he has been in a couple of the pre season, and as a result we got a goal from it which he set up.
  7. Next hour or so, dont want to share a tainted title with anycunt that wins a 3pm kick off the day
  8. And conceded a free kick instead of winning one...
  9. It’s being kind calling boiling an egg in the microwave “cooking”.
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