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  1. Can his racist brother not take a bit of banter
  2. In the past two seasons there has been a shit load of games that he has been the only one to bust a gut. 17 goals better off than we would have been without him, plus the points they have gotten us. Nothing has been 'fine' since 2011.
  3. Diddy tournament more like. Cunts down south celebrate finishing 4th best because of the 'Champions League'
  4. We shouldn't be even thinking about it until we're back winning trophies consistently imo
  5. Fucked me too mate. Got over 2.5 on the Juve game, and Cardiff to win tonight which is looking not bad.
  6. Do you have a season ticket, yes or no? I'm completely fine with an increase, because I only have myself to pay for, but when I'm paying close to a grand per season already (600 plus El qualifiers, Group games and Cup ties) and when a few pals are paying near enough two grand for them and their kids, I find it a bit cheeky for a guy, who I highly doubt does have one, to want ST prices increased to provide a "war chest", because there's suddenly a waiting list for them. If it was guaranteed we would win the title next season, most would be happy to pay whatever it takes, but it's not a guarantee, just like the 12,000 who are on a waiting list.
  7. You'd be behind a price increase, because you wouldn't be the one paying it. That makes ye a fanny
  8. This is an absolute cunt thing to say when it's not you paying btw, what an arsehole. "cheers for you 600 a year for the past x amount of years to watch pish, but cunts that don't go to games say it's cool to price ye out it now.." Fanny
  9. Cashed out as soon as Leeds scored
  10. Score on 2-0 Chelsea and Hamburg to win double tonight 20 @ 10/1 and it was the 4/5 in the bet that fucked it
  11. Ye also said, "our system is now more fluid..."
  12. Same as the Lennon coin incident. Lots of hypothetical comparisons if it was a black player, to sell the anti catholic line, up until a black player is hit by one then nothing. No 'racist coin throwing' headlines. The Boyd and Steve Clarke incidents, and the outrage and lack of, were as big of a red flag as anyone should really need.
  13. Calling him leaving a foot on Ralston stamping is ridiculous mate. If it was a stamp the cunt wouldn't have been back on his feet straight after.
  14. Is it not more of a worry that we can't beat Dundee without him? Should only go if we've got a replacement that can actually do half the job he does.
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