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  1. Rum Ham

    Teams who defend

    The amount from open play (not necessarily from today, but in general) that get put into the front post area, with no one on attacking them is ridiculous. Even Morelos, doesn't clock onto attacking that area when the wingers go to the byline, and have played it into that area within the first 10 minutes. That should really be where you want to be as a striker when you're playing on your own with two wingers, with the winger on the opposite side attacking any balls that go beyond that.
  2. Rum Ham


    What did he say? Surprised he's not been asked about at every chance they get. Edit: Found the comments there. Doesn't seem likely at all.
  3. Rum Ham


    Kind of have to if he's going to cost us 1 million+, on top of what he already has in the past year and a half. A chance doesn't mean throwing him into a game to see what he does, but earning it through training/ reserves.
  4. Rum Ham


    If I was Gerrard I would tell him he can work his way in training to being considered for the squad, or else it's basically the end of his career.
  5. Rum Ham

    We've Got Candeias On The Right

    What's Tav done recently to warrant being dropped? Defensively, this season, he's made no more mistakes than any other fullback would, while scoring 9 with 13 assists.
  6. Rum Ham

    Teams who defend

    This. The only time I consider it frustrating is when they get the first goal, and put 11 behind the ball for the rest of the game. If they want to, or feel they have to, do it when we are a goal up then that's a good thing.
  7. Rum Ham

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    They look dangerous on the break. Can see our games against them being high scoring
  8. Rum Ham

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Do Hibs only sell out their stadium for us?
  9. Rum Ham

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Did Christie and Griffiths join them?
  10. Rum Ham


    Put in the best ball of the night...
  11. Rum Ham


    I quoted a @ForeverAndEver talking about McGregor, mate.
  12. Rum Ham


    Think they're some cunts in our support that will never rate Tavernier whatever happens. First half he won every tackle, second half was mostly played down the other side.
  13. Rum Ham


    His distribution is shocking
  14. Rum Ham


    He wasn't bad enough to warrant another thread about him tbf
  15. Rum Ham


    When's Kents loan finished? Read the other day it was January, but always assumed it was the full season we had him before reading that.