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  1. Parking near ibrox

    Maybe people just chap the door and ask! Wouldn't do any harm I suppose
  2. Parking near ibrox

    I have a friend who lives in dumbreck and he lets me park in his driveway. He told me that other residents in his estate hire their driveway out on matchdays. I don't know if people advertise this somewhere? Maybe @Inigo would know.
  3. Dundee game on the 7th

    The British legion is good for a seat but I don't think there's any singing
  4. Can you imagine Walter saying I don't need to say anything to the players? The players would have been too scared to go back to the changing rooms after that display if he was at the helm.
  5. I wonder if Jimmy Nic is too old school for Murty. Murty believes you get the best out of people by being nice and talking instead of shouting and I get the impression Nicoll would kick baws if needed.
  6. He could have said no.
  7. In fairness to BP9 he actually backs every manager to the hilt. It wouldn't matter who it was.
  8. *** Winning isn't everything

    I actually thought that GB had started a thread that didn't involve funds!!! Silly me!
  9. Jack Ross

    I don' know about this one. We need an accomplished manager because we have tried managers who are fairly new, i.e. Warburton, and they have failed. I don't want to take the chance again because we need to be challenging. I don't want De Boer either to be honest because I don't think he would be able to succeed here. The scum are laughing at us (and when I say scum I don't just mean the bheasts). We are a mere shadow of the club we once were and I think we need to make a bold statement. I just don't know who that bold statement would be.
  10. Too many handwringers

    Normally I would agree but he actually celebrated scoring against us today and recently he was slating us in the rag newspaper he writes for. So personally I won't be applauding anything to do with him.
  11. Too many handwringers

    I saw that. I couldn't believe my eyes. I'm raging. I can't believe what I witnessed today. Fkn shitebag team who could hardly string two passes together.
  12. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    I'm going for 2-1 . Also I would say Steve Clarke and murty are even. More or less same games and points. Yes murty has better facilities and resources but he also has the greater pressure as do our players. I firmly believe our home form is so bad because a lot of the players can't handle playing in front of 50000. Hopefully that problem will be fixed with our January signings.
  13. Is anyone from here going to this? I think it's just a tad too far for us but I hope those going have a good time
  14. Rangers related picture thread

    We should do that again. Rangers v Armed Forces. I would certainly go and see that.
  15. Rhat bastard

    Was watching the Cheltenham races yesterday and that has been rod Stewart was on it stroking a celtic badge on his lapel and crooning about beating Rangers 3-2 whilst only having 10 men on the pitch. The guys got serious issues.