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  1. They never have a reason to lie but most of them do.
  2. That's good that he's still a money grabbing wee rat. He won't be coming here anytime soon then
  3. All of that except lafferty. I wouldn't take him back if we were paid to do so. He is not only shite but he tried to sue us
  4. Who said that?
  5. I actually think he doesn't care what anyone thinks of him. Not always a good thing because sometimes it's wise to keep your enemies close!
  6. I sincerely hope this isn't true. I couldn't cheer him when he came on the pitch and I don't even think I could cheer him if he scored against them. I actually hate him. I can't even watch Scotland if he's in the team, maybe I'll soften over time but right now I feel if I had thought for one minute he would be coming back I wouldn't have renewed my ST.
  7. They should be grateful we didn't take their manager as well because let's face it he would have jumped at the chance to come to us.
  8. I was thinking the same. He said "tomorrow's papers should be my face but instead it will be the fans who invaded the pitch" or something along they lines. What a fanny
  9. I was just siting here thinking that that made me laugh!
  10. One of my favourites
  11. I think we'll just call him Billy! Billy Wilson Much better
  12. It says on the actual renewal form the 15th
  13. That 7-10 days felt more like 6 months. It was almost as though time stood still!