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  1. We’re a very strange bunch! We are never happy. We won and if we win every game we have left this season then we win the league. 10 men behind the ball is always hard to be break down and it’s not pretty to watch but we got that vital goal and with it 3 points. We missed Alfie and Tav tonight but we got there and that’s all that matters.
  2. It might be acceptable at their club but they need to realise that it isn’t the norm
  3. I honestly think he felt he couldn’t say anything positive about us while he was still under contract with Killie. Since he hung up his boots he’s almost became a different person! Hopefully he keeps it up!
  4. So sad. Only one person was older than me in that. It’s truly heartbreaking and must never happen ever again.
  5. To absent friends. Nobody should ever go to a football match and never come back regardless of which team you support. my thoughts are with the survivors and the families of those affected by this terrible tragedy.
  6. We need to make it clear that the club will not tolerate such slanderous behaviour from so called journalists and so called “experts” and that our days of dignified silence is over. Maybe once we do that then the free for all will be curbed.
  7. He always looks like he could do with a good wash.
  8. It’s around about 30 seconds. It’s as clear as day.
  9. Even worse it appears that the MSM are saying Alfie needs psychiatric help because he brings being racially abused all on himself. FFS you really couldn’t make it up.
  10. I do that as well 😂😂
  11. I used to be like you @Inigo I always looked for another reason why. I didn’t think it could possibly be because there are cheats who are trying to harm us and our chances of winning the league. Too much has gone on, even in this season alone, for me to see these as honest mistakes and I now see it for the cheating it is. Maybe I’m paranoid but I think it’s that I’m getting wiser with old age. You will see the light one day, I’m sure, as well.
  12. @ForeverAndEver Have you forgiven Allan McGregor and Steven Davis yet?
  13. happy birthday 🥳 It’s my mums birthday as well and she’s taking full credit 😂😂
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