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  1. We’re running out of sports shops because of they scum bastards ☹️
  2. You have to email the club and ask for your £25 voucher. They upload it to your account. Then when you purchase myGers it gives you the option to use your £25 credit. Sorry just seen the answers above. It’s too late for the voucher :(
  3. I joined myGers this season because I was getting it for £15 because of the £25 voucher and the wean got his free because of the voucher but I won’t be paying again next season. I would be surprised if any away fans are allowed into grounds for a long time.
  4. I genuinely wouldn’t say no to taking Kamberi if the price was right. He not a starter but he’s proved he’s a good impact sub and has the ability to change a game.
  5. I saw and advert saying “Show your loyalty to Rangers by buying myGers” For some reason that really pissed me off ! 😂 It was almost as though if you don’t buy myGers then your not as loyal as those who do
  6. It was through email though. You couldn’t renew through your Rangers account.
  7. 🤣🤣 My stupid fat fingers!!
  8. Which means Rangers were correct all along and they should have been suspended.
  9. That’s me purchased it! Thanks for your help 😊
  10. I was going to join myGers only because I think it’ll help get us into the stadium sooner if they are letting small crowds in before the end of the year. Anyway did someone say on here if you are a ST holder it was only £40? When I logged on it was showing £50 probably because my ST hasn’t registered yet. I just wanted to check!
  11. Sadly I think you’re right. Our signings so far haven’t overwhelmed me. Gerrard needs to win something this season though
  12. It’s just too much to think we’ve followed through the lower leagues and then it didn’t bear thinking about someone else sitting in my seat when we win 55! 🇬🇧🇬🇧
  13. Thanks for everyone’s help. I got my email so I’m just going to renew 😊
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