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  1. The love and care that your mother had for others is a rare gift and she will always have a place in their hearts. She sounded like a very special lady and you will always have the many happy memories you shared through the years. I'm sure she would have been proud of you. Please accept my condolences at this very sad time.
  2. Oh ffs
  3. Sadly I actually agree but I'm a bit of an optimist (or a fool) and after 3 games I will not believe that the league is over.
  4. I just think it's a bit premature to be saying the league is over. Who knows what will happen
  5. I would but I'm not really a gambler!
  6. I know but to say the league is over is ridiculous! There is plenty of games left and I really doubt the scum will go unbeaten again this season. All IMO of course.
  7. How is the league over? We've only played 3 games!
  8. It looks worse that it did lying down! Horrible - looks cheap and nasty like the Slazenger tops.
  9. So you were actively wanting them to win then?
  10. It could be that he de didn't want to do well against us. I know that's unprofessional but if we are nearly there signing him then he's not going to help hearts get 3 points against us.
  11. Are the ladies not worthy of being sorted?! Ours are a total disgrace!
  12. 1981 Dundee United - it was a draw 1-1. Can't remember who scored right enough
  13. Well that was a disappointment 😩
  14. Me too. I don't like throwing around the word cheat at referees and find most of them inept but when I look at it and see how many yellows we got and how many they got it beggars belief (pardon the pun). Not to mention the red. Total game changer when Stokes should have been sent off. Then the Jack incident doesn't happen. I couldn't believe it when he carded Tav. A joke of a referee (and linesmen) from start to finish. I sometimes wonder why the linesmen are even there - 9 out of 10 times they look at the the referee before raising their flags so in essence the referee is making the decisions for them!