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  1. It looks as though he is on nearly £10k a week No bad for doing next to nothing 😩
  2. I agree with you. We are rubbish but, to me, the tims aren't as good as they and everyone else thinks they are. I think with investment of a few decent players we could give them a run for their money. All I'm saying is that we are in one of the poorest leagues possible and we make them look better than they actually are. Granted they are better than us but look at them when they play any other team that is decent, they are shown up for the crap that they are.
  3. Streets ahead? Don't make me laugh 😂 They are shite - granted better shite than us but they aren't all that. Look at their European record when the are playing actual decent teams. The problem is that we make them look better than they actually are. I've said before that if there was any decent teams in this league then we would be in the bottom half of the table. Look at where we are and look how bad we've been this season, that shows you how shite the league we are playing in actually is. If they were that good it would have been a cricket score yesterday but luckily for us they are a mediocre team in a very very poor league
  4. Just saw this. I said more or less the same thing (after you)! It's scary days for us as we are there for the taking from every team. Yesterday, as an example, was the first time in 93 years that they had beat us at hampden in a semi final. Dundee and Hibs are other examples record thrown away because of our incompetent team. We, the fans, seem to be the only that care about this. The team certainly don't and the Board don't appear to.
  5. That's the scary thing. Without investment we are fkd. The "Mind the Gap" banner yesterday was cute but let's face it without investment in 7 years they'll have overtook our most successful club in the world status we currently have and it'll be them brandishing the mind the gap banner. I hope to Christ that someone invests soon but even if we have the money does Pedro have what it takes to get us winning? Hand in heart I don't think he has
  6. Hard to take. He obviously doesn't realise how much this game means to us. Not even to mention it was the SC semi final. The laughing and cuddling at the end just tipped me over the edge.
  7. That makes it worse! Maybe I'm just being unreasonable because I have never witnessed a team with such a lack of anything, especially playing against them. I might be able to be more objective once I've calmed down!
  8. This. We needed an established Walter like manager who knows what it means to be a club such as Rangers and instead we got Pedro that no one had ever heard of. I'm still so raw from yesterday - not because we got beat but because of the manner we got beat. We have a manager who has no clue. I've been trying to give him the benefit of the doubt but watching us play under him we have no shape, half the time I'm wondering what formation we are playing. The Aberdeen score was a fluke and it papered over the blatantly obvious fact that this guy is clueless. It seems to me that they should have been making perhaps the most important managerial choice in our history but instead had the chance of a cheap manager and they took it. Im sorry to rant on but as I said I'm still raw and raging
  9. See TBH I usually give all posters the benefit of the doubt but I've got serious concerns about you. Isn't a banshee a Irish republican myth? Hmmmm @gogzy Think this is another one
  10. I bet he's not hurting as much as us, the paying fans. At least he tried right enough. I'm fkn sick as a dog after watching they spineless bastards stealing a wage. It was a joke from start to, more or less, finish. No desire, no fight and no passion is the best way to describe that team today. Disgusted
  11. I think it's merged with the match thread from when we played them at the piggery
  12. Just leaving to go to the game! Thanks once again to @nine4eight and stay safe Bears! Intae them Rangers! W.A.T.P
  13. I'll be at hampden by then
  14. That would be brilliant! They would have to show on Sky Sports Rangers Goal - 90+4 - Collum