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  1. We probably charge them £30 to come to Ibrox. I honestly think it should be capped but I don’t see it happening
  2. The stock in the store is exactly the same as the stock online. They are one in the same! As for the comments about the Hummel merchandise. IMHO I think the stuff is brilliant. They quality is far better than Puma and it’s different! It’s not like Nike, Adidas and Puma where it’s practically the same as every club they are contracted to but just change the badge. Hummel make an effort to give the fans what they want. I will agree that they are too slow in keeping up with demand. Not to worry if the pie man gets his way next season we’ll be wearing Slazenger or whatever shite he owns ☹️
  3. It always has been and always will be about big bad Rangers. Who cares that celtic look as though a paedophile ring was in operation? Who cares that Hibs allowed an abuser to go on and abuse more children? Unfortunately where there are children there will always be predators, it’s how these predators are dealt with that matters. Is it a coincidence that Neely did not work in any further clubs after Rangers? That’s because we did the right thing and phoned the police.
  4. I’m absolutely raging here. Everything that is going on across the city and hardly a thing said. This is clutching at straws. BTW if Rangers did cover this up at the time I have no doubts that our club will do the right thing now. However was the person involved dad not a Police officer? Surely then the police were most definitely involved. The cheerio piece to Neely was certainly stupid and is a lifeline for the vermin and I sincerely hope Rangers come out all guns blazing about this.
  5. Mine is pending. I’m sure everyone will have theirs taken at some point today!
  6. North stand for me as well! Happy days 😊
  7. Should never have been here in the first place. Another bargain basement signing by Warburton and as @SeparateEntityMyArse said Bolton is probably his level. Good luck to him.
  8. Didn’t think they would.
  9. When will he have our usual display this year? We’re playing Hearts in Hampden the Sunday before and we don’t have another league game until the 30th. I know we have Porto on the 7th but would UEFA allow a poppy display?
  10. Maybe he means a semi................. 🙈
  11. I hope to fck I get a ticket! It’s always a huge disappointment when you don’t get the email 😂
  12. How many people are on CCCS? Does anybody know?
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