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  1. jintybear


    According to people on follow follow Roome is a bear 🥺 If true it seems like he is in the same camp as Madden and too scared of being accused of being biased so will give us nothing. It’s a joke. They have their guys who will give them everything and then they have “our” guys who give them everything! What hope do we have
  2. jintybear


    My husband always said that because they couldn’t strip our titles the SFA (celtic) would find another way to get to us. He always said it would be through bad refereeing decisions and it looks like he is right.
  3. That picture has brought a tear to my eyes. He is feeling why we are. Definitely future captain material.
  4. Why did they have to be “bad”? We made them look bad. Can we not be excellent? We were and we were extremely unlucky. Their goal was offside and for all those saying “we couldn’t beat 10 men” Well do we not sometimes play better with 10 men? We did plenty of times last season. I’m as disappointed as every other bear on here but we need to get our facts straight.
  5. I agree. We should have won and their goalie made wonder save after wonder save. Gerrard got the initial team correct and we fought like warriors but didn’t get our rewards. I am absolutely gutted but I am not going to slate the team for losing. They’re goal was offside and we were very unlucky. If we play like we did against them on the 29th we will win and for me that game is probably more important than this one because IMHO the league is the ultimate trophy this season.
  6. I’m sick. They didn’t deserve to win. A dodge offside goal and the fact we can’t seem to score penalties. I’m gutted
  7. I can’t believe that we are losing. I hope Defoe has his shooting boots on
  8. Should have been a stonewall penalty. Fin cheating bastard
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