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  1. jintybear

    McCoist as a pundit...

    What was wrong was the site too happy for your liking? Too many people actually agreeing for a wee change? You must have known how this thread was going to go. Ally is always a taboo subject bit this isn't even Rangers related so shouldn't be in the Bears Den.
  2. jintybear

    Gerrard interview

    I have agree with you. I didn't think he knew about the rivalry with Aberdeen. We saw the interview last night and both myself and my husband said he'll find out soon enough but hopefully he'll make it his business to know before he goes there
  3. jintybear

    Zebra finance = robbing bastards

    Rangers have said they are going to give the ST holders in the family stand first refusal on their seat so you'll be ok!
  4. jintybear

    League fixtures out this Friday

    I see that sky have grabbed the game against Aberdeen! 1:00 pm on the Sunday
  5. jintybear

    Bury friendly payment details

    Don't think you can buy until Monday: Dear Season Ticket Holder Tickets for our friendly fixture vs Bury FC go on sale to Season Ticket Holders from Monday 18 June where you will be able to purchase your own seat until Thursday 21June. General sale will commence from Friday 22 June. Season Ticket Holders signed up to ‘Home Friendlies’ via the Continuous Credit Card Scheme should note that payment will be taken from Tuesday 19 June. Bar 72 and section MLF season ticket holders should note your smartcards will be automatically activated for this game. Prices for this match are Adults £12, Concessions £8 and Juniors £4.
  6. jintybear

    David Mellor

    Anyone I know from England would never support Scotland. I'm sure there will be exception to this but let's face it we will never find out because there is no way Scotland would qualify and England don't!!
  7. jintybear

    David Mellor

    I do! My grandpa was Welsh and my gran was from northern Ireland so I usually like them to do well. Unfortunately they aren't in it and England are but I wont be supporting England. I have no English blood and I seriously doubt many English people would support Scotland if we were in the world cup and they weren't! I can understand someone supporting a home nation though. As someone said the ROI aren't anything to do with Britain and it seriously pisses me off on SSN when they always include them when talking about the home nations. They don't show as much coverage for all the other European clubs and treat the ROI as though they belong with us. It's a bit different with the the plastics, most of whom have never set foot in Ireland, support ROI over a home nation. I laughed when I saw a picture of the open top bus the scum had. Considering a majority of YES votes came from them there was not one saltire in the picture, it was all tricolours! Their fans are a joke. I've just watched the first game because I like football but I have no "favourite" team. I think Germany will be the overall winners. You heard it here first!
  8. jintybear

    Connor Goldson (Brighton)

    Not if it's digital and flashes 88:88. Then its never right!
  9. jintybear


    I'm sure, on more than one occasion, Kenny has said himself he was a Rangers fan growing up. I was shocked when I heard it!
  10. jintybear

    The Old Lady - FF

    Fine by me. That's where the Masters of the Universe live.
  11. jintybear

    Uninspiring new smart card :(

    That's not very nice! Not trying to make you feel jealous but mine is a picture of Ibrox. Much nicer than that!
  12. jintybear

    Time lapse of our new pitch

    The pitch and the gates look fantastic but who the fck picked the music on the video!
  13. jintybear

    Possible leak kit???

    Not as much as @KeyserSoze . His creation is a masterpiece!
  14. jintybear

    Possible leak kit???

  15. jintybear

    Dodoo to Blackpool

    Oh well!