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  1. What these?
  2. That's pish! Have they took the money?
  3. They should have anticipated that they would sell out in hours and been better prepared! I ordered mine online and according to the website it's been waiting to be picked up by courier since yesterday! Don't know when it'll get here!
  4. Shut it! I ordered one as well to wear to the games!
  5. Maybe the team will be too feart to turn up as well!
  6. Your mates would have been the ones charged and jailed. The headlines would have been something like "soldiers disgrace their country by assaulting innocent Catholics". This country is a joke at times. It's like when the hibs fans invaded the pitch, somehow it became a Rangers fans fault. You couldn't make it up!
  7. Have Norwich actually knocked our new bid back?
  8. I think it's more important just now to get the tops sold and more importantly see the younger generation wearing them. We bought 3 tops last night 1 each for us (to wear to Ibrox only before I get slated) and one for the wean. Ours were £20 and the weans was £15. TBH if they had been £40/£50 each I wouldn't have got one because we just can't afford £150 at this time (I know the weans wouldn't have been £50 but probably about £35). I'm more excited to see the glorious blue tops rather than just they green rags!
  9. I thought Norwich said they would accept £1.5m? I'll wait until SSN reports that they have rejected our latest bid and asked for £3m.
  10. Not as good as Greggs!
  11. Thank you!
  12. Thanks for that! I thought that but I'm a woman so what do I know!
  13. I'm not getting at you but your post seemed appropriate to quote! Some people seem upset about us not getting a new home kit. In the olden days we never got 3 kits in one season. Every second season we got a new home kit and every other season we got a new away kit. It was a lot lighter on the pocket! I'm not bothered because I liked last seasons top and at least now we, the fans, will be able to buy and wear it!
  14. I'm a bit confused. How could we register Herrera and Pena for Europe if they haven't signed yet?
  15. Do you not have priority for semi finals and finals?