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  1. It just makes them look even more stupid with their “gesture” of giving the NHS £100k. It would have been a nice thing to do if it wasn’t so much as “look at us” but now more or less saying we couldn’t really afford it! i voted No because like others I feel players should take pay cuts to facilitate the payment of the non playing staff. It’s the right thing to do IMO.
  2. I have that too. I wonder if the 31st May is the first instalment because I paid over 4 months last year. EDIT just noticed it says 2021! Strange 🥺
  3. Was thinking that myself! The fines are a farce. Remember a whole game was stopped because the Legia Warsaw fans lit that many flares that the players couldn’t see and I don’t even think they received a fine! It’s unbelievable to be honest!
  4. I’m still not 100% but I’m much much better. Thank you so much for asking 😊
  5. Nearly all of our mugs are Rangers ones! He’s got a Union flag one as well!
  6. I’ve voted no but I wouldn’t slate anybody who said yes. I agree that the club should give something back to our loyalty though, maybe a free friendly next season or something along they lines.
  7. Maybe because he was the best man for the job? That article was all about “look at me” . The more they go on the more happy we’ve said to the haters!
  8. I’m really excited about what he can bring to Rangers. I was a bit worried about his apparent lack of experience however after listening to H&H yesterday they seemed to think that he was more than qualified and that has slightly set my mind at ease. What concerns me more is the amount of Rangers fans who are worried about what our haters think of this appointment! Why do they care what they think? Im more than sure Rangers know about a David Graham’s background and so what if there’s a video of him saying “No Surrender”. It wasn’t so long ago them over the city had a picture of a hunger striker on their big screens “celebrating” him in some way and as distasteful as it was there wasn’t the uproar by the MSM as there appears to be about this and I for one love the fact they are so “upset” about this appointment. We need to stop caring what they think and start enjoying the fact that our board appear to have actually grown a set and are sticking their fingers up to controversy!
  9. No. That Alex Staff snr. David Graham is the Northern Irish lad.
  10. That’s the thing that gets me. WTF has it to do with them who we employ and what his background is?! I couldn’t tell you anything about their club other than TLB being the manager, Peter Lawless being a corrupt person who is their chairman(?) and a couple of their players but apart from that! FFS they even know who our kitman is! It’s ludicrous 🤣
  11. I’ve listened to David Graham on H&H and IMO that statement feels very like him! Excellent from the club regardless of who wrote it!
  12. Yeah i forgot about hospitality and the like as well! I’m sure we will survive but there will be many who don’t. It’s all very well is saying Fck the other teams (me being one of them) but it’s not going to be much fun playing celtic every 3 weeks because there are hardly any teams left!
  13. Do we actually have that much gate receipts? Are we not mostly ST anyway. I would have thought that money we got for gate receipts would have gone towards policing and security and obviously with no games we don’t have that outlay!
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