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  1. I phoned today and she said I couldn't set up the 4 payments on the phone. She said I had to send the renewal from in. I didn't want to do that because my card number was all over it so I went in. Sorted now.
  2. I'm BR4 and its went up to £438 and £119 for the wean. I'm delighted to be honest I was expecting it to be much more
  3. jintybear

    Ibrox Tour

    😂😂 FFS the first thing they tell you is you most definitely are not allowed on the pitch!!! 😄
  4. jintybear

    Ibrox Tour

    Yeah I've done it 3 times and the last time I did the founders trail as well. It was truly amazing and I felt the tour at the end of the founders trail was the best yet because I could relate more to what the guide was talking about.
  5. I forgot about him 😟. See to be honest I don't think hes biased. Hes just shit!
  6. If Willie Collum/Bobby Madden/Kevin Clancy is the ref then the sheep wont stand any chance at all.
  7. What kind of sick monster trolls a dying wean? FFS you would have to be a complete arsehole to do that. Hopefully the police find out who it is, name and shame them then throw the book at them. Anyway good on Rangers for brightening up this poor wee soul. Truly heartbreaking story.
  8. He always gave 100%. He actually had a good footballing brain and read the game well but hes too lightweight. I wish him nothing but the best and hope he has a speedy recovery.
  9. And enjoy it I did! Thoroughly!!
  10. Decent prices. I'll see if we can get a few days off and head down.
  11. Work? Probably never worked a day in his life!
  12. I liked the OPs post because I agree with most of it but i dont think it's too harsh to be honest. I remember a Bear getting 4 months for singing a song that had no intention of hurting anybody.
  13. See to be honest Motherwell fans and hibs fans think we're fair game because they've got away with goading us and our players in the past. Look ar the play offs when Motherwell fans invaded the pitch and ran to our supporters - "they always go on the pitch on the last game" they said. Not a thing was done. Hibs fans - "over exuberance" they said. More Rangers fans than hibs fans were arrested. Look at Hibs fans now, out of control and still nothing is being done, now Motherwell fans throwing things at our players and hardly a mention. It's a joke
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