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  1. Kelly Sinnamon Halkett McGregor Wallace Murdoch Ramsay Templeton Law Lyon Walsh (4-2-3-1) Good luck Stuart McCall.
  2. Round yae ya republican ride

  3. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland the union we will maintain

  4. Three cheers for the red white and blue

  5. Aahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  6. McGregor's a fucking tank. Absolutely pummeling anyone who comes near him on that right hand side.
  7. Simonsen McGregor McCulloch Mohsni Wallace Aird Black Law Macleod Clark Boyd Don't see any reason to change the team after last night's performance. 1-1 FT 2-1 Rangers AET. :21: :21:
  8. I concur. I've had enough of doing so for this evening, so I'll leave you with this.
  9. Everything in moderation. If you are stupid enough to abuse something, you deserve to live with the consequences. Attributing blame for your failings in life to some of the countries' most successful buinessman is deplorable.
  10. You really are something else. :lol: Just read that aloud to yourself a couple of times.
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