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  1. there was a wee paragraph missing..... "wee Fergie's role is to get the rolls and sausage in before our morning meeting and to make the tea and also to tell us if the oppositions manager is a good guy or a wank".
  2. he wont be learning much at Madrid training to be fair because hes on loan at Heerenveen in Holland
  3. Thats the agency Pedro Mendes is involved with i believe can probably expect one or 2 of them to come in maybe
  4. Avril's brother?
  5. Watson left the Scotland set up about 2 weeks ago to take a job in Oman
  6. Felix Magath? does he not hold shares in us, seem to remember something along those lines. anyway just thought id throw his name out there, not heard anything but was in work last night thinking about it and thought of him. had a bit of success at Wolfsburg combining the roles but not done jack shit in a few years. btw im not saying thats who i want but i could imagine the board looking to speak to him
  7. even if de Boers wage wasnt a problem, he will take one look at the squad and realise it needs millions in fees and wages pumped into it to sort it, then when he asks King/Robertson about that he will realise they wont pony up and he will be expected to do it on the cheap. not a hope in hell he is coming here
  8. sorry for your and his family's loss mate RIP
  9. i know for a fact we use this mob one of my mates scouts games for them and he said a few times when hes went to whatever game he assigned to his ticket is in an envelope with his name and "Rangers FC" written on it. he basically watches the game and types up a report type thing online after the game. bit of a joke i think that we are using something like this and cant do it all in house ourselves
  10. why does it look likely to you? there will be contracts in place
  11. im usually quite optimistic and always look for the positives but sadly its time for him to go i think people can go on about lack of cash for signings but he has had a fair whack to spend compared to the rest of the league (outwith the scum) and we shouldnt be in the position we are in at the start of February. slightly off topic but King and co need to pony up some serious wedge for his replacement to mount a challenge or they can get to fuck aswell, im thankful they got shot of the last lot but they really need to start proving they deserve to be there
  12. sorted mate, cheers clicked back on the browser then it took me to the proper page without having to type in amount or anything again. edit: great effort btw from everybody involved
  13. wouldnt let me the other night when i tried so just tried switching the names around and its still not working?
  14. some of the "journalists" are fuckin dense the manager does well i think to be polite and respectful in his responses, i would lose the plot haha the daft cow at the end asking about Miller and Hills contract talks and the manager says something along the lines of "there is always dialogue with all the players but we will see what happens",, that to me is a polite way of saying "nothing to say on that really, lets move on" then she asks when he expects them to be finalised haha
  15. if the pricks are bringing this in they should subsidise free public transport for anybody with a ticket on matchdays they do this in Germany (or did) if you have a ticket you can use any form of public transport for a few hours before and after kick off. although as some have pointed out it doesnt help if you have to drive in from outside Glasgow