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  1. what sort of money can we expect to get from this? worst case scenario, we draw a team from Azerbaijan or Kazakhstan or some place similar and go out on away goals or some shite in the 1st round surely something like that would end up costing us money, chartering planes and hotels and whatever would probably cost more than any sort of prize money for the first qualifying round? how far would we need to go to make reasonable money from it EDIT: i suppose there would be a bit of money made from the home legs
  2. Muff will rip your throat out if he reads this buddy
  3. i know mate but to come on and pretend to be in the know about contract details and whatever else is quite sad although i do like that inbetween his "ITK" posts he asks if hes maybe going to Slovan Bratislava cause his son is starting school haha
  4. 18 pages, deary me i dont know if folk are just going along with it for a laugh but does anybody actually believe this saltire cunt?? "contact with a person close to his club", (who happens to know the details of the contract he will have with us?) sure you do mate
  5. the bit about wanting to build a squad that understands about playing for a big club speaks volumes about his thoughts on the current crop of shit
  6. i was thinking the other day when Mcinnes cracked and started having a go at us about being embarrassed and all that shit that he had been told Jack was coming to us would like McLean aswell but think this will make them more determined to do anything they can to stop him coming here. Jack is better than what we have but still short of what we need i think
  7. we could save the money we would spend on McLean and go for Jamie Ness who has just been released by Scunthorpe..................
  8. no read the thread and somebody has probably already said this but if he is being released surely that means the rest of the CBs are for the chop aswell if Pedro thinks Clint aint good enough then he must think the rest are fuckin hopeless surely?
  9. remember somebody on here suggested putting cars at the side of the pitch and getting folk to pay extra to sit in them to watch the game
  10. at the end of the day McKay has a year left on his deal in the summer, if he doesnt sign a new contract he will be away as we will want some sort of fee for him
  11. players out of contract (already or in summer) represented by Pedro Mendes' company
  12. can sometimes take a while if youve done everything correctly and it still not in by the morning chase them up
  13. posted this a few weeks ago in another thread list of players that Pedro Mendes' agency represents
  14. i used my 1690th post to put up the battle of the boyne episode of Battlefield Britain
  15. might be worth targetting someone like Marc Warren the golfer on twitter, Rangers fan, not a massive following but still decent. any sort of retweet could potentially be huge also Gordon Reid the tennis player.