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  1. i remember having an admiral shellsuit and stood too close to my grannies coal fire n the bastard started melting
  2. agree with the Bet365 comments i used to have accounts with most of them but its only Bet365 i use now didnt know about the cashcard thing, another plus point
  3. you just need to look at all the previous threads on it (or ones about who we want to replace Warburton) its the same names, fuck all changes
  4. thats good hes Rangers manager and until that changes he will have my support. granted its not looking good for him but threads like this are pointless mate seems to be one started every couple of days
  5. this is horrific threads like this are a fuckin mess Caixinha is up against it and will do well to turn it round but the fact is he is still our manager and until that changes this is pointless shite cloggin up the board
  6. its probably been mentioned earlier in the thread but the manager shouldnt have to be telling the players this the player should know better and if they dont Wallace as captain should be pulling him aside and explaining that Rangers players dont wear green fucking boots.
  7. 50k paying a 10er or 25k paying 20, what would the board rather? although to be honest i think it will be close to full regardless of the price
  8. no sure how to post a pic but ive always thought he looked like Hans Klopek from The 'Burbs
  9. staying in a villa, cant remember the name, would need to look it up.
  10. goin to Cala Blanca in September so will keep this in mind if any Rangers games are on while im away
  11. as folk have said, good luck to him dont like all this shite calling him a cunt and whatever, its no his fault he isnt good enough for us, he wasnt going to turn down a move to us when he got the chance and it certainly wasnt him that kept picking himself every week so i will be glad to see him go but wish him well
  12. what sort of money can we expect to get from this? worst case scenario, we draw a team from Azerbaijan or Kazakhstan or some place similar and go out on away goals or some shite in the 1st round surely something like that would end up costing us money, chartering planes and hotels and whatever would probably cost more than any sort of prize money for the first qualifying round? how far would we need to go to make reasonable money from it EDIT: i suppose there would be a bit of money made from the home legs
  13. Muff will rip your throat out if he reads this buddy
  14. i know mate but to come on and pretend to be in the know about contract details and whatever else is quite sad although i do like that inbetween his "ITK" posts he asks if hes maybe going to Slovan Bratislava cause his son is starting school haha