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  1. Angel

  2. Halliday

    http://uk.soccerway.com/teams/azerbaijan/fk-qabala/7023/ league is 5 games old and according to that he has played in 1 league game, mustve been yesterdays game cause when i checked it was saying zero
  3. Halliday

    is he injured?, just had a wee look and seen he hasnt played a league game yet this season
  4. Ian Black now having ideas above his station

    fumes from his turps must be getting to Black
  5. Ipswich 3 Goals Tonight - Joey and Waggy x 2

    who gives a fuck? they couldnt score for us
  6. Expectations this season

    my expectations just now as i type this are the exact same as they were at the start of the season, 2nd place (comfortably clear of 3rd/4th place and alot closer to the monkeys), getting to at least 1 cup final and a couple of victories over them. i still think we can achieve it aswell.
  7. Thierry Henry.

    seen a wee bit earlier where he was infront of a screen with Gary Neville talking about Lukaku and you could tell Neville was thinking "wtf is this dick talking about"
  8. Dream introduction.

    brilliant picture
  9. greeting about folk sticking up the middle finger hahaha pathetic wee shitey cunt
  10. Candeias

    was impressed with him tonight didnt let his head drop when he lost the ball and was always chasing to win it straight back i like him
  11. Is Niko trying to showboat too much?

    once of twice he bamboozled the Dunfermline player then seemed to beat himself aswell by throwing in an extra turn but fuck it, hes good to watch hes experienced enough to know when to try the turns n flicks (6-0 at home to Dunfermline) and when to screw the nut i think
  12. Bundesliga games

    been to Berlin a few times and have been to a Hertha game at the Olympiastadion and a Union Berlin game at their ground. easy enough to get tickets and easy to get around the city would also say ive been to a Koln game but as i arrived at the ground it was announced the game was called off because the ref had tried to top himself in his hotel.
  13. Motherwell Training Gallery

    i see they all have their names written on their water bottles, its like first day at primary school wi their mammies writting their names on everything haha
  14. Favourite Rangers tracksuit or training top

    i remember having an admiral shellsuit and stood too close to my grannies coal fire n the bastard started melting
  15. Online Bookies

    agree with the Bet365 comments i used to have accounts with most of them but its only Bet365 i use now didnt know about the cashcard thing, another plus point