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  1. showtime69

    Ufa Away Leg Kicks Off At 3pm UK Time

    if it does change then i dont think it will be by much, going by the tweet they are 4 hours ahead of us in Ufa so a 19.45 kick off our time is near enough midnight over there you wid be talking a final whistle about quarter to 2 in the morning not to mention the possibility of extra time and pens
  2. showtime69

    Armin Hodžić (Dinamo Zagreb)

    if Slaven Belupo had a big strong imposing powerful centre half they wouldve cut that out.....someone like big Katic.......🤔🧐
  3. showtime69

    Gerrard - Match Reaction

    mentioned the 2 barges on Morelos and whoever spotted the kick didnt see them then said something like "if thats the way its going to be so be it" subtle enough i think, lets the cunts know hes aware its happening
  4. showtime69

    Jermaine Defoe (Bournemouth)

    was just going to post the same thing mate
  5. showtime69

    Official Scarves.

    bit off topic but remember there was a guy on here who was trying to get 1 of every variation of the half and half Rangers/Zenit scarfs from the uefa cup final. think there was about 15 of them and he would bump the thread every few months wonder if he ever completed the set
  6. showtime69

    ***The Official Osijek v Rangers Match Thread***

    try 127 mate
  7. showtime69

    Good news for Bears who are Virgin customers.

    Cascarino better hurry up n get his face off my screen. edit: just realised i had BT Sport 1 on hahaha
  8. showtime69

    Rangers memorabilia collections

    that clock reminds me of a wall clock i had when i was a kid, it was like a giant wrist watch, cracker and loads better than that tat
  9. showtime69

    Good news for Bears who are Virgin customers.

    just noticed they are showing that freesports aswell when did that start?
  10. showtime69


  11. i bought them in the club shop in Berlin. if you get one of the welcome card things aswell for using transport i think you get a discount it was the fanshop at the europacentre i went to
  12. showtime69

    Travelling to Skopje thread

    was there last year and theres a wee street leading down to the front called Passatge Baladre with a few bars on it, most of them were showing games the bar in the maribel apartments were showing games aswell, dont have to be staying there to go in
  13. showtime69

    Europa league 1st qualifier draw

    aye i read somewhere just after the draw that BT were interested but ye would think they wouldve announced it/advertised it by now
  14. showtime69

    Europa league 1st qualifier draw

    is the Aberdeen game not the next round? shouldnt be a clash
  15. showtime69

    Kyle Lafferty

    no wanting to derail the thread, but why cant you see the tarriers dropping the same amount of points as last season?