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  1. If You Wondered Where Daniel Cousin Is Now

    did we no try and sign him again when we were in the lower leagues? im sure i remember something on one of the deadline days
  2. Derek McInnes

  3. Derek McInnes

    i know haha, i was just reading through the thread, catching up and that comment stood out
  4. Derek McInnes

    eh what? he stated Lyon were winning numerous titles before PLG took the job, they won one the season before and it was the first title they had ever won.
  5. Derek McInnes

    a Lyon team that had won their first ever title the season before
  6. Best Summer Signing

    Aiden McAdams wasnt an option so i voted for Morelos
  7. Millers Agent

    if folk are right and this is Miller/Wallace trying to force the board into getting shot of the manager then we truly are fucked. think what you want of Pedro but he is the manager, hes the top man and if anybody is leaving then it should be them 2 what message does that send out to any new manager in the future? "btw we expect you to get results but ye also have to keep auld Kenny and eez pal Lee happy aswell or we will need to sack ye because they are the ones really calling the shots"
  8. Ashley

    unless King buys them then i doubt it
  9. sutton

    we all know Sutton is a prick, we dont need a thread about him after every game hes a bitter cunt who will never be anything other than derogatory against us in his opinions he needs to be seen as being controversial to keep himself in the limelight and papers and have people taking about him cause hes a fucking bankrupt rhat and needs to stay in a job to pay his bills. the sooner we stop talking about him and giving him the attention he needs (and publicity for BT in a way, so they will be happy with him aswell) the better.
  10. Dorrans

    aye agreed, going by the managers interview after the game i think the fringe players will be getting game time in Canada
  11. Dorrans

    should be seeing a wee bit more of Holt in the coming games Jack will be banned and i reckon that compliance prick will be citing Pena for the elbow
  12. Angel

  13. Halliday

    http://uk.soccerway.com/teams/azerbaijan/fk-qabala/7023/ league is 5 games old and according to that he has played in 1 league game, mustve been yesterdays game cause when i checked it was saying zero
  14. Halliday

    is he injured?, just had a wee look and seen he hasnt played a league game yet this season
  15. Ian Black now having ideas above his station

    fumes from his turps must be getting to Black