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  1. showtime69


    always remember one of the qualifiers last year, one of his first games and he was runnin towards the touchline with an opponent closing him down most folk would fuck it into row z but Katic scopped the ball over the guys head to a team mate and i thought then that he defo had something special about him went thru a wee sticky patch but seems to be better off for it to be fair
  2. if the womans team generated enough funds to sign their own professionals and employ x amount of staff then fair play and let them batter on but i dont think thats the case and the money will have to come from somewhere to pay for it it may not be a lot of dough but it would be interesting to see what budget its coming out of
  3. anybody hear Talksport this morning? only caught a bit of it but Jim White was asking if Gerrard had done the right thing in rejecting Derby, Simon Jordan said of course he has then White said he had been speaking to Warburton and would give his views after the break never heard what Warburtons views were as I had to leave anybody hear it?
  4. great wee tourney, something different some of the shouts from the crowd were superb shouldnt be a ranking event though
  5. was just coming in here to pull you up on the spelling haha
  6. i think it was also suggested parking cars round the pitch and charging folk to sit in them and watch a game, with the selling point of being able to toot the horn when we scored haha
  7. wonder if we will sign the New Zealand lad aswell then look to get a fee for Foderingham from somebody
  8. hopefully already moves and plans being made in the background by the board for the 2022 project they have been talking about.
  9. showtime69


    hopefully/probably bullshit but ive read a couple of comments on twitter saying Katic asked to leave cant see it myself to be honest and hopefully just attention seekers talking shite
  10. if thats true then aye and its not outwith our reach either
  11. doubt we could afford him to be honest
  12. think Kent is out of contract, sure i read that somewhere hopefully we already have an agreement in place to sign Coulibaly for a set fee next summer, if not i can see a few teams being interested and an auction sending the price through the roof
  13. Brenda says Murrayfield aint a neutral venue because Hearts played some league games there last season ?
  14. the first guy (Charles Paterson from Sky i think) was given enough chances by Gerrard to move it on but tried to be a prick so Gerrard put him in his place, they might eventually learn that being a wank wont work cause Gerrard is far too smart to be caught out
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