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  1. My 4 season books were just over £2k. After all the Europa , cup games and friendlies it totalled nearer £3.5k
  2. Couple here GB when you’re ready to go 👍
  3. Were games not moved to Sunday’s during the power cuts so that floodlights weren’t used?
  4. Copenhagen right back looks a player (Uruguayan I think) don’t imagine he’d be on much cash with them...
  5. mearns loyal


    His hypocrisy knows no bounds...
  6. As always I feel humbled when I view the work that you carry out 👏
  7. Surely this guy will be on to the compliance officer regarding The thumbs latest goal celebration...
  8. The one with the beard is McCoists accountant...
  9. Happy New Year to THE PEOPLE
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