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  1. mearns loyal

    Our crowds early 80's

    Remember being at a midweek game and a crowd in the region of 6/7000 and at halftime we were talking and wondering if we’d ever see the stands full. A bit like watching the pish we’ve endured over the past few years and wondering when we’d win the league again. Wont be long...
  2. mearns loyal

    Semi final allocation

    0/4 gash...
  3. mearns loyal

    Edmiston Drive

  4. mearns loyal

    Edmiston Drive

    Dreadful news. Thinking about him and his family and friends...
  5. mearns loyal

    Fernando Ricksen Q&A

    Absolutely devastating watching the poor man active mind must be horrendous for him...
  6. Like everyone else I look forward to seeing your scoreboard message. Mental strength helps a lot and you seem to have it in bucketloads. Wishing you, Drum and all sick bears all the best in your ongoing battles...
  7. mearns loyal

    Jim white

    Probably got a sniff of a boozy burp. Fanny nevertheless
  8. mearns loyal

    Jim white

    Yes Jim is a prick/wanker etc but the cunt who threw the coin deserves everything that will be coming to him. When are these cocks going to realise that it’s the Club and inevitably the fans that will suffer because of things like this. If you cannae handle your drink stay away from games... fuckin fanny.
  9. mearns loyal

    Do you believe we’ll win the league this year?

    But not as fucked as that lot would be if Griffiths and the other cunt pick up their usual niggles...
  10. mearns loyal

    Saturday Night Quiz.

    Must rank as one of the greatest signings we ever made. A junior footballer one season and a treble winner the next. Amazing...
  11. mearns loyal

    What a trip

  12. mearns loyal

    Rangers related picture thread

    Willie wan fit
  13. mearns loyal

    ****The Official Villareal v's Rangers match thread****

    As said earlier Arfield is off the pace...
  14. mearns loyal

    Windass next up on Talksport

    Heard a story that he asked some team members what Dele Alli had that he didn’t 😂 and apparently he was serious...
  15. mearns loyal

    Group stage payment cccs