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  1. mearns loyal

    Steven Gerrard

  2. mearns loyal

    84 Years Ago Today.

    As always great information 👍
  3. mearns loyal

    Gerrard song

    If we as a fan base take this up I will ask for my season ticket to be moved to the front row of the club deck - where I will throw myself off...
  4. mearns loyal

    First Rangers game you attended?

    End of the sixties beginning of the seventies. Cup game moved to a Sunday because of the power cuts. We were knocked out and I’m sure Davy White was sacked not long after. Could not believe folk throwing away their scarves at the end of the game...
  5. mearns loyal

    Applaud them not abuse them

    Aah ... Pomagne - the perfect bottles for hiding in your “skinners”
  6. mearns loyal

    Andy Little - Video

    Too many too quick to criticise the boy. Lived the dream and scored against the papes - I’d have loved to have been that bad...
  7. mearns loyal

    Crowd Reactions Before, During And After Old Firm Match

    Thanks for posting. Will probably watch this every day until the next time we pump them ...
  8. mearns loyal

    Another from theRangers family gone too soon

    Sad news RIP Morag...
  9. mearns loyal

    How Do You Judge SG So Far?

    You look at the faces of those cunts as they trooped of the pitch yesterday... it tells you everything you need to know about our gaffer
  10. mearns loyal

    Once a bear ...............

    I absolutely fall into this category. Obviously was always a bear but after a messy divorce where my season renewal with my pals was binned I kind of drifted away. Then came all the pish and I spoke to the new Mrs about getting a season ticket again and she advised me that I had better get one for her and the kids as The Rangers needed us more than ever. Never stopped loving Rangers but hate every other cunt more than ever now...
  11. mearns loyal

    ***The Official St Johnstone v Rangers Match Thread***

    Don’t know how long Goldson is going to get away with this...
  12. mearns loyal


    Jersey’s too big for him. Does not have either the mentality or physicality to be our centre half...
  13. mearns loyal

    Morelos 18 goals last season 16 so far this.

    I agree with most of your point but, Dembele was surrounded by better players when he joined them. I think Morelos is looking a far more accomplished player since the standard of player in our team has improved. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t score against the papes this season and as you said he is scoring in Europe. I know that Boyce obviously isn’t worth £20 million but Morelos is now a full international and if he continues to improve (which I think is a cert) a huge fee is inevitable. To finish I hope you haven’t heard anything regarding a fee 😱 as I’d like to think it will be substantial when he inevitably moves on 👍
  14. mearns loyal

    Morelos 18 goals last season 16 so far this.

    Dembélé scores 16 in his last season with them and is sold for £20 million- why would we sell for less?