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  1. mearns loyal


    Jersey’s too big for him. Does not have either the mentality or physicality to be our centre half...
  2. mearns loyal

    Morelos 18 goals last season 16 so far this.

    I agree with most of your point but, Dembele was surrounded by better players when he joined them. I think Morelos is looking a far more accomplished player since the standard of player in our team has improved. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t score against the papes this season and as you said he is scoring in Europe. I know that Boyce obviously isn’t worth £20 million but Morelos is now a full international and if he continues to improve (which I think is a cert) a huge fee is inevitable. To finish I hope you haven’t heard anything regarding a fee 😱 as I’d like to think it will be substantial when he inevitably moves on 👍
  3. mearns loyal

    Morelos 18 goals last season 16 so far this.

    Dembélé scores 16 in his last season with them and is sold for £20 million- why would we sell for less?
  4. mearns loyal

    3 points for Vienna ticket

    I agree there has to be a cut off but I have no problem with anyone being allocated a point for the likes of Leipzig or the Florida cup as examples. I’ve no doubt that there will be folk who have made the effort to attend both these venues who will rightly be aggrieved that someone with no points (and probably on their first trip abroad) have been granted tickets because they’re travelling with Thomas Cook.
  5. mearns loyal

    3 points for Vienna ticket

    Usual pish. Annoying that travelling to Leipzig in the middle of fuckin winter for a friendly doesn’t get you a point but the Thomas Cook virgins can pick up a point for a day trip when for some of them it’s their first ever trip abroad to support the team...
  6. mearns loyal

    Gerrard post Spartak reaction

    There’s a difference being called out by a clown who stood in a bush arguing wi fans, signed a fuckin Alkie and who no cunt had heard of and another clown who pissed his pants when players called him out and ran greetin to the Board. I doubt many, if any, of the players who played under those two characters had any respect for them...
  7. mearns loyal

    Gerrard post Spartak reaction

    Why no call the players out. If they cannae take criticism when it’s due they’re at the wrong Club...
  8. mearns loyal


    Nowhere near as good as some folk seem to think he is (possibly due to the dross that we’ve had over the last few years). For a big guy nowhere near commanding enough in the air...
  9. mearns loyal


    If they can’t sack this cunt for breaching his contract then they’re not as smart as they should be. Surely our HR Dept can haul him over the coals for every indiscretion he commits until the situation becomes untenable and the contract is torn up...
  10. mearns loyal


    Not nearly as good as most folk think. Not nearly dominant enough in the air for me. Defo better with Katic alongside him to do the dirty work...
  11. mearns loyal

    Kris Boyd on the Sheep.

    How very dare you! ?
  12. mearns loyal

    One year ago today...

    The guy just fucking gets it...
  13. mearns loyal

    Ian Durrant - “**** the pope”

    71 year old James Torbett trial begins in regard to historical child sex abuse on children as young as 4. (No mention of bheast fc) next but one story - former Rangers star Ian Durrant in sectarian abuse row. Paranoid? Don’t fuckin think so...
  14. mearns loyal

    Ian Durrant: What might have been.

    Saw him walking his dog the other day and was actually thinking the same as the OP. Seemed like he had a slight limp but I know he had hip problems latterly so it may be down to this. However, back to Durrant the player - if Ray Wilkins stated that he could have been a star in Italy you know that he was a player from the top drawer...