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  1. mearns loyal

    David Hagen

  2. mearns loyal

    How long have you supported the Rangers?

    50 plus years. First game sometime in the sixties...
  3. mearns loyal

    RIP, Harold Davis

    Hero. RIP Sir
  4. mearns loyal

    Quinton “Cutty” Young

    Another urban legend put to bed 😂
  5. mearns loyal

    Quinton “Cutty” Young

    I’m pretty sure it was Cutty that had a King Billy tattoo on his forearm which is why the sleeves were always rolled up against the papes...
  6. mearns loyal

    Johnny Hubbard

    Absolute epitome of what being a Ranger is all about. RIP Sir
  7. mearns loyal

    Rangers 1 to 11

    1 - McCloy 2 - Jardine 3 - Mathieson 4 - Greig 5 - Johnstone 6 - Smith 7 - McLean 8 - Conn 9 - Stein 10 - MacDonald 11 - Johnston Obviously...
  8. mearns loyal

    Kirkwood/Murty problem

    This - all day long
  9. mearns loyal

    162 Years Ago Today. Tom Vallance.

    As always... fantastic
  10. mearns loyal


    The OP is bang on. Our country and culture have never been under a bigger threat than they are now. The wannabe republicans have us on the back foot. The SNP will stop at nothing to get their way. Fucksake to encourage immigrants to move here after independence with the prospect of paying less tax than the rest of us - fuck me if that’s not a kick in the baws to the working man what is. The papes steal everything going - if you lie at every occasion eventually your lies become the accepted truth - and this, unfortunately, is where we’re heading if we don’t wake up and smell the coffee. Have to say if the OP posted this as a fishing trip he’s caught a few already...
  11. mearns loyal

    sfa bigot exposed

    I know what you mean...
  12. mearns loyal


    With a much better quality of player around him...
  13. mearns loyal

    Rangers Pools

    Everyone was behind it in the past so you’d like to think they wouldn’t fuck it up. On a side note my pal won twenty grand on it back in the late seventies and bought a flat in Langside. Cunt has been mortgage free for forty years...
  14. Thought Theo Snelders would be a great signing at the time... Then again I also thought Cribari would have something about him, which explains why, like McCoist, I’m not a football manager...
  15. mearns loyal

    Forbes Tailoring

    Probably be something along these lines