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  1. Mr King his team

    Their love for him has blinded them ...
  2. Mr King his team

    On this occasion- me 😳
  3. Mr King his team

    King is sitting two seats to the left beside Dalgleish’s missus...
  4. Mr King his team

    Sorry for multi posts fud...
  5. Mr King his team

    Sorry for the multi posts phone had a brain fart ...
  6. Mr King his team

  7. Season ticket email

    Just think - after the wedding you’ll be forever in debt and you’ll be hammering into something else..
  8. Union Bears Statement.

    Very well said...
  9. Contracted players

    God almighty that list gives me the fear. When you look at some of the names it’s no wonder some of the younger fans actually believe that some of the current squad are reasonable players when in reality almost to a man they are fuckin brutal...
  10. Though The Straits Be Broad And Narrow

    WE are the Club. Not the cowards on the pitch Not the leeches in the Boardroom But us, the ones who fill the stadium week in week out. To the majority of us we’ll always be more than just a Club that’s why come the summer thousands of us will hopefully be making our way into Europe and come the start of the season once more we’ll be back sitting where we always do amongst the same old faces hoping that this will be the season we really do get back to where we belong. And one of these times it will be. A few of the wasters out and half a dozen new guys with the right attitude and a manager with a modicum of tactical nous and it’ll happen...
  11. Why not?

    I’m sorry but some cunt needs to say it. Most “nice guys” I know are usually wanks. Murty is a wank ...
  12. Which players in the squad would you keep?

    I might be showing my age and I’m certainly not having ‘wait til a decent manager comes in to judge them’ pish there are currently only TWO players in that squad who have the swagger to play for us. McCrorie and Cummings. Has Tav progressed into a top player since he arrived? Compare his progress to Robertson at Liverpool. You could go through the whole team and struggle to find anyone who has improved at all. I’m not going to call the coach on the sidelines a manager because he never will be. Two teams have pumped that mob by getting at their back four we on the other hand sit off them and allow them to bring the ball out to Brown who must fuckin love playing against us. Can the coach really not see how weak we are in the middle of the park? His team selections are fuckin bizarre and the respect he shows to these cunts fuckin sickens me, he’s a fuckin loser who is out of his depth and is slowly dragging us down with him. Whilst I appreciate he has been put in this position by a clueless, potless, lethargic bunch of chancers who quite literally have taken us out of the frying pan and into the fire. Seriously what the fuck have Robertson and Murray done in the outside world that qualifies them for a seat on our board. I’m beginning to think that our only chance of changing things is for one of the rank and file bears to win the euro millions and buy out the rest of the shysters...
  13. Sunday’s Game Andy Halliday