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  1. Has the class expected of a Ranger...
  2. Leipzig- flew from Liverpool to Barcelona on the Friday night took in Barca game on the Saturday afternoon. 8 am flight to Berlin on Sunday morning then bullet train to Leipzig -arrived one hour to kick off. After game train back to Berlin flight that night to Luton then early morning flight back up the road. I fucking loved it but the two boys were nearly greeting when they got home 🤣
  3. Yip. Now £2040 for my own and the other three tkts and not one of the fuds have offered a fuckin bean towards them...
  4. It’s pish in so much that yet again it’s to the detriment of the Club. Fuck all to stop him saying he’s a young boy who is under intense scrutiny and will learn from the experience, but no, he decided to raise the spectre of reducing his potential value (which every other pape appeasing pundit does on a regular basis). There’s not a cunt in our support who doesn’t think he (Morelos) needs to screw the nut but fuck shouting from the rooftops about it.. The papes are desperate for us to fail and it suits their agenda to talk down the value of our players whilst hyping the value of their own. McCoist with his long experience of how the media works is more than aware of this... so aye it’s pish
  5. Unfortunately, as long as McCoist continues spouting pish, these threads will continue to appear ...
  6. Sorry didn’t realise I had to put my list in an order that you approved of. You were a wee boy when he was at his peak and I’m afraid it is clouding your judgement on the man he is today as I said before I get that he is your hero but his actions since retiring from the playing staff are far short of the standards that I would associate with our Club. Funnily enough I couldn’t see Walter Smith or John Greig putting themselves before the Club. I don’t know if you can recall but Willie Henderson was quite damning of Ally in recent times (and having been in the company of several ex-players they too are non complimentary about him). However, you asked me for my reasons which I was happy to divulge albeit they’re not to your liking...
  7. Karaoke Bear arse training penny shares massive salary (moaning about part timers on £15k a year being sacked whilst keeping his own bloated salary out of the headlines (google David Letterman paying staff wages and you’ll see what I mean).) refusal to vote on business when required negotiating a pay off with three months to go on deal and walking into a job with BT three days later thereby screwing more money out of the Club off the top of my head...
  8. Really... I get he was your hero growing up, but you cannot trivialise his behaviour/comments during and since his tenure as manager.
  9. That is so bad I’d honestly rather take the wife oot 🤮
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