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  1. He is not potentially a good player. He is woeful. There was a point in the game today where he was outjumped by Brown. Never ever a ‘proper’ centre half. If you can stomach it watch the game again. Continually outjumped when defending and headers at corners seldom hit the target...
  2. Fenian journalism at its best... a fuckin love in for that mob
  3. Depends if you bring him back home with you...
  4. 0 out 4 in this house... Fuck knows how they ballot. You’d have thought we might have gotten one.
  5. No mention of the papes problems when they eventually have to pay the victims of the beasts...
  6. Everything about our Club epitomised by this man...
  7. Should only get a point if you get a ticket and travel. Fuck this getting a point for sticking your name down getting fuck all, no going and accumulating points, then all of a sudden you’re on 3 and you get a Feyenoord brief. Fuckin ridiculous... My mrs and daughter were on holiday and were flying into Luxembourg to meet up with the boy and I and their flight was delayed and they missed the game. Result- point deducted for no picking up ticket and this with me kicking up at the time...
  8. I’m sure his new motor will cheer him up 😁
  9. North Stand for the four of us...
  10. Seem to remember him swinging from the crossbar at Hampden as one of his bizarre ones ...
  11. Saw him in costa on Monday and it looked like st mirren training gear he had on...
  12. You’re correct Dougie. It certainly was emotional 👍
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