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  1. Players Autobiography’s

    The first book I ever bought for myself. Eight year old taken into town to spend my birthday money. First stop was Ian Luke sports shop in Battlefield to buy the strip then into some bookshop on Union Street to buy the John Greig book A Captain’s Part. Happy days ...
  2. Where do you sit?

    How your breath would smell if you had a jobby for your dinner 😂
  3. Where do you sit?

    Same as yourself four rows behind directors box and the cunt behind us has halitosis 🤢
  4. Pre Souness who were our English/Foreign signings?

    I wish I had been that rotten...
  5. Pre Souness who were our English/Foreign signings?

    I remember seeing Eric Sørensen
  6. Colin McAdam - Video

    Great video. Loved the big guy. A proper Rangers centre forward...
  7. El Buffalo

    Leckie is as relevant as a plook on your arse...
  8. Jim Baxters son passes away

    Steven worked for me as an area manager many years ago and you could not meet a nicer easy going guy. A real gentleman for whom nothing was too much trouble. Dreadfully sad news...
  9. Alves

    But not as much as Bates did yesterday...
  10. What a nice change

    Cannot believe that there are four members on here who like the fact that you’re going to make a video of yourself wanking off 😂
  11. Arthur Numan

    He was on £10,500 a week and they offered him £2,700. Bain at his finest...
  12. Rangers Art - Ibrox Disaster Design 66

    Always brings a tear when I see pictures like this...
  13. New assistant in place for tomorrow?

    That prick Robertson would probably just eat it and say fuck all...
  14. Alex Neil is the board’s number one target

    Edit: wrong thread
  15. Alex Neil is the board’s number one target

    God help us if they’re prepared to wait for some cunt who by that time would be a failure...