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  1. I’m sure his new motor will cheer him up 😁
  2. North Stand for the four of us...
  3. Seem to remember him swinging from the crossbar at Hampden as one of his bizarre ones ...
  4. Saw him in costa on Monday and it looked like st mirren training gear he had on...
  5. You’re correct Dougie. It certainly was emotional 👍
  6. I’ve got 4. £510 was taken yesterday and £444 will be taken on Thursday it seems. Fuckin ridiculous. And before anyone comments I’m not complaining about the prices purely the timing...
  7. All they need to do is give more than a week. Fuck all to stop the money coming out middle of next week. Obviously it’ll be paid but mon tae fuck a grand in a week...
  8. It’s no so much the prices it’s the fact that they’re probably taking two chunks of dough in less than a week. I parted with over £500 on Friday and it’ll no doubt be close to that this week. Fucking brutal...
  9. Will miss your videos but totally understand. My thoughts and best wishes are with you all...
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