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  1. I’ve got four tickets so the refund would be in the region of £500 and I’m in the fortunate position that I’m not applying for the refund. However, what gets right on my tits is this mygers pish whereby someone can join up, get a season ticket this year for the first time and get a ticket for semi/final ahead of other cunts like me who’ve had a season book for forty odd years. Already this season we had the situation where not one of the four books got semi or final tickets despite all four being on cccs for years. Where’s the fuckin loyalty being rewarded...
  2. Yip used to see most of them in the morning as they travelled along Firwood to get to the motorway 👍 I think we had Tugay De Boer Mols Ricksen Wouters maybe Amoruso back then. Still got Durrant and Miller was here til recently. I’m sure there’s probably a few more that I’ve forgotten...
  3. And on top of that you’ll have the NHS fee to pay for overseas workers but you’re probably due a refund from your English language teacher...
  4. mearns loyal


    Four season books in this household- do they expect every one of us to pay for RTV ? If not, do I become the only gold member in the house if I take it ? Farce. They really are clueless. Couldn’t be any worse than the travel club right enough. One example : travelling in midwinter to a fuckin freezing Germany for a friendly but not deemed fit to earn a point - unreal.
  5. My 4 season books were just over £2k. After all the Europa , cup games and friendlies it totalled nearer £3.5k
  6. Were games not moved to Sunday’s during the power cuts so that floodlights weren’t used?
  7. Copenhagen right back looks a player (Uruguayan I think) don’t imagine he’d be on much cash with them...
  8. mearns loyal


    His hypocrisy knows no bounds...
  9. As always I feel humbled when I view the work that you carry out 👏
  10. Surely this guy will be on to the compliance officer regarding The thumbs latest goal celebration...
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