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  1. Are these eyebrows or specs?
  2. One envelope out of four arrived this morning - or so I thought. Opened it and it was a wee PPI cheque πŸ˜‚ fuck your smartcards...
  3. Not walking this year due to a new knee op a few weeks ago but I’ll be on the sidelines- and for all the snowflakes- fuck ye. WATP...
  4. Away to Eindhoven in the European Cup as from memory they hadn’t lost many (if any) home games in Europe until our best value signing stepped in - the incredible Bobby Russell...
  5. Man Utd at Old Trafford when we played them in the Champions League. Hospitality was at the cricket ground. Frank Stapleton and lee Martin were the hosts. Was surprised at the height of Stapleton as he wasn’t as big as I imagined he would be... From memory there were quite a lot of bluenoses in the hospitality which Stapleton commented on.
  6. Has the class expected of a Ranger...
  7. Leipzig- flew from Liverpool to Barcelona on the Friday night took in Barca game on the Saturday afternoon. 8 am flight to Berlin on Sunday morning then bullet train to Leipzig -arrived one hour to kick off. After game train back to Berlin flight that night to Luton then early morning flight back up the road. I fucking loved it but the two boys were nearly greeting when they got home 🀣
  8. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
  9. Yip. Now Β£2040 for my own and the other three tkts and not one of the fuds have offered a fuckin bean towards them...
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