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  1. mearns loyal


    His hypocrisy knows no bounds...
  2. As always I feel humbled when I view the work that you carry out 👏
  3. Surely this guy will be on to the compliance officer regarding The thumbs latest goal celebration...
  4. The one with the beard is McCoists accountant...
  5. Happy New Year to THE PEOPLE
  6. Only fair that we remember those that we lost recently like @denya Thoughts are with all bears who are suffering for whatever reason. Best wishes to all of you who contribute regularly, some of you funny, some serious, some just plain fuckin mental but all with the interests of OUR team at heart.
  7. Unfortunately yes. Boy I went to school with got hit at porkheid by a bottle thrown by one of our own. End product: brain damage and dependent on care for the rest of his life. The cunt that threw it probably went on to have a normal life - fuckpig...
  8. He is not potentially a good player. He is woeful. There was a point in the game today where he was outjumped by Brown. Never ever a ‘proper’ centre half. If you can stomach it watch the game again. Continually outjumped when defending and headers at corners seldom hit the target...
  9. Fenian journalism at its best... a fuckin love in for that mob
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