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  1. Haha mad when u see fans of the same team as u supposed to be ur fellow fans acting like Celtic fans arguin between each other why don't you grow up! Thanks to the TRUE fellow fans that stuck up for me you lads are proper fellow bears.The guys missed the part sayin if you don't like the thread don't read it. Can't believe fellow bears would talk to each other like that. WATP
  2. Awryt aye see. and for all the rangers fans getting fed up of kit threads whenever I read a thread non kit related it usually ends up fans havin a slagging match with each other over who are the better fan rather than a discussion on the topic. Not a crime to want to have a actual discussion on something I'm genuinely interested in if you don't like kit threads don't read them simple as. Now somebody upload me a Great lookin fuckin kit! WATP
  3. Aye like it we deffo need to put more red on our kits and hopefully we get something like this.
  4. Feel free to send in your own ideas of what you want the new kit to look like!
  5. A hope to god this isn't the new kit needs a lot more added to it! Training wear comes to mind !
  6. This is alright aswell not the best but alright!
  7. Red away strip
  8. Aye actually quite like that macron strip think its maybe the pin stripes.
  9. Was it well some clown on twitter wrote it was John Grieg!
  10. Does anybody know the best place to make kits on the net?
  11. I used to get letters from Celtic fans wives thanking me for making there man come home from the football early. - John Greig
  12. Aye cheers prodigy. A think we're maybe going to get something down the lines of Italy myself.
  13. Aryt al go check it out!
  14. I haha I any ways what statement was it the CG said the kit would be revealed? The one that was just out today?
  15. Well just to keep you lot happy il maybe change it to (not a tim DeclanWoodRFC) or does DeckieWoodRFC have a better ring tae it?