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  1. What an absolute Cunt, you'd think nothing was happening elsewhere, deflect, deflect, deflect.
  2. It's like the JFK conspiracy, maybe there was a second shooter.
  3. Couldn't have put it better.
  4. Terrible news, thoughts are with you and your family Ed.
  5. Annemarie O'Donnell and Bridget McConnell , Ffs.
  6. Sad news, feel for David and his family.
  7. Exactly, the club have to box clever with this one.
  8. That has to be the worst explanation I've ever heard..
  9. Al the best F.B, hope you and your family have a nice Christmas and 2018 brings only good things for you.
  10. Stevie Wonder's got a better eye than Warburton.
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