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  1. Caixinha was reportedly on £2m wages at his last club I doubt he's taken a 60% pay cut (maybe more) just to come over here and make a fool of himself. If he took the job then he must think any money that's been set aside for players is enough to at the very least put up a very strong challenge next season and win a few things.
  2. He will guide them into a different league next season but sadly for them it won't be the Premiership.
  3. Forest are 19th in the league right now not exactly the right time for them to start playing 4-3-3. Good news for Rangers though probably no compensation paid to him and hopefully he takes half a dozen of his signings with him come the summer.
  4. Will be bad for Forest if he gets the job but maybe good for us. Given that his knowledge of signing players was primarily guys he had worked with in the past at some point he might take a few of the injury prone underachievers he brought to Rangers with him come the summer. Any Forest fans looking in get to the bookies and place money on him bringing on his first substitute right on the 60th minute in his first game in charge, also get ready for league one football.
  5. My argument is that King has absolutely no need at all to meet the manager.
  6. Yes he has because it's Robertsons job that's what he gets paid 230k per year to do.
  7. King is NOT the owner of Rangers and never has been (at least yet anyway) Also King did not hand power to Stweart Robertson it's his full time job along with the CEO to run the club that's what they get paid for. As of right now King owns 15% of the shares so he has absolutely no need to meet Pedro.
  8. Dermot Desmond owns 35 percent of the shares in septic but has never been forced to make an offer for the club? Another rather strange decision made against Rangers.
  9. For me it was a moral victory going 1-0 down in front of a horde of 53,000 of them and for once the team showed a bit of character to come back. A journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step and yesterday might be the turning point. It's a new era with a new gaffer time to look ahead not behind.
  10. The plod don't even let young kids into Ibrox if a flag has a wooden stick on it what exactly do they stand around and do when a 20 foot bigoted banner gets taken through the porkhead turnstiles? It's hardly something you could sneak into the ground.
  11. To be honest I think today showed in parts just how bad MW was and what could have been had we taken a different road last summer. For the first time this season we looked like we had a bit of fire in the belly. Had Warbs been in charge after going 1-0 down the team would have folded and lost 3 or 4 nil.
  12. Nothing said about broonaldinho's forearm elbow smash that was missed by the ref in the first half I take it?
  13. The Ibrox store has taken in £13m since the retail deal was signed. Rangers have received back only 800k of that.
  14. I will take King any day over your fat parasite who gave us £1 for naming rights to Ibrox.
  15. They were voted in March 2015 at an AGM. 1. The £12m plus comes from the fact that this season we needed almost £4m in loans to cover costs, next season it will probably be more given that the team will have to be rebuilt in the summer. Add two seasons losses to that I don't think it's that far away from a ballpark figure. 2. The club does have debt in the form of debt for equity loans. 3. The 44,000 st holders income was gone 3 months into the 2016 season so it's not exactly the vast pot of endless cash you make it out to be. 4. The money to pay for Pedros (alleged) 300k compo did not come from ST sales see point 3. 5. Living with a retail deal that deprives the club of tens of millions in income is not liveable no matter who says it.