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  1. New signings

    Touch of the Nathan Oduwa about Dalcio not convinced once everyone is fit he'll be in the team. Jack and Cardoso were decent.....the rest too little time to tell.
  2. Seen a bit on twitter yesterday about that garbage pay-pal donations sponging site Scottish football monitor e-mailing the Luxembourg FA about Rangers Accounts and that we don't have enough home grown players in the squad FFS. Add Fare to this and it's not hard to see what the agenda will be come Friday morning.
  3. They've only won two!!

    He's pretty much said more or less what's been posted on here 1000s of times about timmys titles being tainted over the years can't understand the criticism? We need that wee bit of arrogance and swagger back as a club. If it is a close title race you can bet that lot from the beast end will play mind games and try every trick in the book next season this is just the first shot and for a change we're the one's firing it.
  4. Retail Deal News incoming

    In 2 and a half years (a relatively short space of time in football) this board has taken the club from 3rd in the championship with KMD as gaffer and debts secured against club assets, A disgraceful retail deal signed for the benefit of Mike Ashley not Rangers, and four injured players on loan one of them with hepatitis C to..... European football, internationals signing, new retail deal, excellent DOF appointed and for the first time in 6 years looking toward the future. And yet you've still got some on here who want to vent their spleens about how bad they are 24/7 365? Last season might have been pish but it was always going to take time to rebuild after the previous regimes. Few humble pies might well be eaten soon.
  5. Financial Backing?

    Caixinha was reportedly on £2m wages at his last club I doubt he's taken a 60% pay cut (maybe more) just to come over here and make a fool of himself. If he took the job then he must think any money that's been set aside for players is enough to at the very least put up a very strong challenge next season and win a few things.
  6. Warburton, Weir & McParland to Nottingham Forrest

    He will guide them into a different league next season but sadly for them it won't be the Premiership.
  7. Warburton, Weir & McParland to Nottingham Forrest

    Forest are 19th in the league right now not exactly the right time for them to start playing 4-3-3. Good news for Rangers though probably no compensation paid to him and hopefully he takes half a dozen of his signings with him come the summer.
  8. Warburton, Weir & McParland to Nottingham Forrest

    Will be bad for Forest if he gets the job but maybe good for us. Given that his knowledge of signing players was primarily guys he had worked with in the past at some point he might take a few of the injury prone underachievers he brought to Rangers with him come the summer. Any Forest fans looking in get to the bookies and place money on him bringing on his first substitute right on the 60th minute in his first game in charge, also get ready for league one football.
  9. so, Dave King has NOT met Pedro...

    My argument is that King has absolutely no need at all to meet the manager.
  10. so, Dave King has NOT met Pedro...

    Yes he has because it's Robertsons job that's what he gets paid 230k per year to do.
  11. so, Dave King has NOT met Pedro...

    King is NOT the owner of Rangers and never has been (at least yet anyway) Also King did not hand power to Stweart Robertson it's his full time job along with the CEO to run the club that's what they get paid for. As of right now King owns 15% of the shares so he has absolutely no need to meet Pedro.
  12. Dave King Statement

    Dermot Desmond owns 35 percent of the shares in septic but has never been forced to make an offer for the club? Another rather strange decision made against Rangers.
  13. Sorry - but am I missing something

    For me it was a moral victory going 1-0 down in front of a horde of 53,000 of them and for once the team showed a bit of character to come back. A journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step and yesterday might be the turning point. It's a new era with a new gaffer time to look ahead not behind.
  14. The H*nskelping banner

    The plod don't even let young kids into Ibrox if a flag has a wooden stick on it what exactly do they stand around and do when a 20 foot bigoted banner gets taken through the porkhead turnstiles? It's hardly something you could sneak into the ground.
  15. Could've, and should've won that.

    To be honest I think today showed in parts just how bad MW was and what could have been had we taken a different road last summer. For the first time this season we looked like we had a bit of fire in the belly. Had Warbs been in charge after going 1-0 down the team would have folded and lost 3 or 4 nil.