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  1. What's their problem?

    Final post on this cause would rather chat about the footie. But I think the odds of Rangers defaulting were huge at that time I can't see anyway the club was paying that kind of money back. Also I was never of the opinion that Ashley was going to knock Ibrox down or anything but I suspect the plan was to rent it back to the club long term at maybe a million or year or so. As for Park, Letham that's a question I can't really answer one way or another I've not seen anything but that's not to say they never.
  2. What's their problem?

    We already owed Ashley £6,000,000 at the time so the total debt to him would have been £16,000,000. When Rangers defaulted on the loans and that would have happened Ashley would have owned Ibrox and Auchenhowie. It was a case of selling the ground by the backdoor to be honest.
  3. What's their problem?

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/30827483 Newcastle owner Mike Ashley is ready to provide a loan of about £10m to Rangers but wants security of Ibrox Stadium and the club's Murray Park training ground, BBC Scotland has learned. The so-called Three Bears consortium, led by the businessman Douglas Park, is believed to have offered a counter loan of about half that amount. That group wants two seats on the club board and security over Murray Park. However, it is thought the Rangers board feel the £5m loan is not enough. In a statement to the Stock Exchange at lunchtime on Thursday, Rangers said: "The directors confirm that they are currently considering various proposals to secure the financial future of the club, however no decision has been made at this time." The club needs a major injection of cash within the next few weeks just to continue as a going concern. Rangers released a statement last year assuring fans that the club's stadium would never be used as security.
  4. What's their problem?

    It's certainly not ever mentioned at all on any supporters bus I've been on, And on other forums other than a fleeting mention this is never brought up. Frankly it's the kind of rubbish you would expect on a John James blog.
  5. What's their problem?

    Ashley had plans to give the club a loan leveraged against Ibrox that is a fact! As for the nomad I've had a season ticket on and off since 1996 and never once heard any fan talk about a nomad. The only place I've seen it being mentioned at all is on here.
  6. What's their problem?

    So saving Ibrox should not be counted in the boards favour or be used as a defence for them, but not having a nomad or something equally stupid can be used as a tool to beat them with?
  7. What's their problem?

    Not really a deflection as such just a reminder of where we would have been right now without them. More than likely we would be renting Ibrox at this minute and fighting relegation.
  8. What's their problem?

    Ashley proposed mortgaging off Ibrox weeks before being forced out. Yes I know that may have happened in the past under Murray but we were never going to default on any loans during that period had Ashley got his way Rangers would never have been able to pay back the £10m or so back. You can slag this board off as much as you want but had they not showed up believe me things would be a thousand times worse than they are now.
  9. What's their problem?

    You just wonder at times where the venom is for the real villains like Murray,Whyte and Green at times these 3 have done a 1000 times more damage to our club than someone like Paul Murray yet they get about 1% of the abuse.
  10. What's their problem?

    The point is no outstanding candidate exists at the minute so it's better to take a few weeks longer than rush in and hand someone not up to the job a 3 and a half year contract which will costs millions of pounds.
  11. What's their problem?

    When MW was named manager the same posters that are now slagging off the board for appointing him were kissing Warbs backside telling everyone what a great appointment he was hindsight is a wonderful thing. If DM was appointed the moans would have been "he's not good enough" "the cheap option" "won nothing" blah blah And as for the time it's taken to get a manager in I've yet to see any of the support agree on who that should be.
  12. Club Statement

    No way on earth are Aberdeen paying that to DM or anyone else. He’s more likely to be on about 4-5k a week tops.
  13. Club Statement

    I would seriously doubt Rangers would go to the trouble of offering 1 million to buy out his contract only to then offer a lower wage than the club he’s at. Also no way he is on 750k per year at Aberdeen.
  14. Michel Preud'homme

    We are such a basket case that we've humped his mob 3 our of 4 times in 2017. - We play in a Uefa 5 star Elite stadium, they play in something that looks like it's from the 1960's. - We have a £12m training ground they train on a public park covered in dog shit. - We spent more money in the summer than they have done in the last 10 seasons put together. - We play to gates of 47-50k, they have to cancel a display cause not enough people were in the stand to hold it up. About time the excuses for DM and self loathing of our club stopped, any manager worth his salt would choose Rangers over Aberdeen.
  15. Derek McInnes

    From DM.... Time to move on and find a gaffer that wants to be at the club, he loves Aberdeen so good luck to him.