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  1. Nothing at all interesting about the comments they are just vile.
  2. Firstly he never said SG had only £6m to spend only that’s what a rights issue would potentially bring in next month. In fact he never even put a figure on what will be spent why can’t some people grasp that on here?
  3. To put 4 goals past the champions of Brazil is some achievement no matter the circumstances.
  4. No way on earth are Aberdeen paying that to DM or anyone else. He’s more likely to be on about 4-5k a week tops.
  5. I would seriously doubt Rangers would go to the trouble of offering 1 million to buy out his contract only to then offer a lower wage than the club he’s at. Also no way he is on 750k per year at Aberdeen.
  6. Probably a number of things rather than one specific reason but mostly he's got an easy gig up north with no pressure. Not everyone has the mentally to manage Rangers. Any manager worth his salt would rather train at world class facilities like Auchenhowie rather than a public park across from an abandoned hospital that Aberdeen train on.
  7. Well Chris Coleman who is a far bigger name than DM does not seem to have a problem so why should a relative unknown like DM have one? When you turn down thousands of pounds a week more in wages no matter what the circumstances what does it say about his small club mentality?
  8. If DM really thought he was a good enough manager he would welcome the challenge of restoring Rangers not run away from it. The chance to manage in front of 50,000 every other week rather than 10-11k would make up most good managers minds.
  9. He is not our manager cause he does not have the balls to take the job simple as that. He wants an easy time up north where if you win a game against Rangers it’s akin to them winning the World Cup. Twice now he’s turned down bigger jobs with a far bigger wage on offer.
  10. You really think an Aberdeen side that play in a ramshackle stadium that’s half full most weeks are a bigger draw than Rangers no matter what shape the club is in? Aberdeen have openly admitted they might go bust if they don’t get a new stadium and Milne can’t even afford a decent wig ffs. We also spent more money in the summer than they did in the last ten windows combined so how are they a much more stable club? Even on our worst day we are better than them so that’s no excuse.
  11. Seriously? Have some of our support been living in caves over the last 5-7 years? We had Bain running to 53 names giving him exclusive interviews about the BTC and an owner that dumped a massive tax debt on the club and that probably more than any single issue got us sent down to the 3rd division and the joys of having to suffer through the Whyte and Green eras?
  12. Indeed no matter who the manager was the January window would have seen 2 maybe 3 players signed it was never a case of major surgery cause the market is vastly inflated in the winter window. If he turned down the job cause he may have had to sign a couple of players recommended by the DOF in the January window then the snowflake is better staying at Aberdeen.
  13. What’s more disgusting is the amount we have been paying out each week for crap like Niko, Rossiter, Herrera,Pena,Garner,Senderos,Barton,MOH,Dodoo and others signed by the last two gaffers.
  14. Even if the story about DM being told who to sign is true it’s nothing particularly shocking considering we have a DOF and player recruitment is a large part of his remit. Considering we’ve seen about 5-6 million in fees and millions in wages being flushed down the toilet by the last two managers it’s probably not a shock and DM would have known this long before being approached.
  15. A good manager who knows what he is doing really should not need to splash tens of millions to turn things around especially in one of the worst leagues in Europe. Walter Smith took Rangers to a European final with guys like Christian Daily,Kirk Broadfoot,Neil Alexander and Lee Mcculloch in the team.
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