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  1. Worst I’ve felt too, due to the way the game panned out.
  2. Fuck all again, only had Livi in the cup so far.
  3. Looking for 1 for this if anyone can help.
  4. Do folk reckon it’ll be safe enough to explore Rotterdam during the day? Never like just staying in the one place all day for these trips.
  5. Never got one. If anyone did and can’t make it give me a shout. Still only had Livingston in the cup.
  6. I think folk are being a bit unrealistic as to what would be a good crowd for this as it is still a youth game at the end of the day. 5-10k would be a good crowd, expecting 20-30k is unrealistic IMO.
  7. Successful on the official trip. Happy days.
  8. Hope so, there’s nothing in my junk box and being on 3 points I was expecting to be alright for this.
  9. Still don’t have an email for the official flight. Anyone else in the same boat?
  10. Should be a good trip. Just hoping I manage to source a ticket.
  11. Anyone on here know anyone with details for the above?
  12. Southbank bus for Feyenoord is full now apparently. Anyone know if another supporters club in Glasgow/Lanarkshire is doing a similar thing with an overnight ferry that has space? Was hoping there would be a day trip for Feyenoord but not looking likely and still fancy going, flight prices are really expensive though...
  13. I’ve not booked up as I was hoping for a day trip but still fancy going, how long would it take to get there with this route and I take it this is just travel for £112 would still have to book a hotel for a night I’m guessing?
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