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  1. Scummy piece of filth Davie Cooper song

    Songs are just songs at the end of the day if it's kept on buses etc, that does go both ways, but to go to a memorial and video himself doing it is cunty.
  2. Beggars Allocation Cut

    Obviously there's pros and cons but I don't agree with it. If we had beat them at Ibrox last season, you can bet we wouldn't have done this. I don't think the atmosphere will be the same in these games at either ground now. It's the large away support that makes the majority of the noise at both grounds. I never missed one of these games this season, now I am pretty much all but guaranteed to be watching two on the telly next season as it will be near impossible to get a ticket. The vast majority of folk who are happy with this will be folk who don't go to away games anyway so it doesn't effect them.
  3. *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    Managed to source a ticket. Usual buses I get on for away games don’t seem to be running but due to lack of tickets. Anyone know of any running with space in the Lanarkshire area?
  4. Europe Guaranteed

    I take it we enter in the first qualifying round then? Was the preliminary round last year wasn’t it?

    Got a half day and going to this, working on Wednesday but so not looking forward to that... Better win, feel like every game we win up there these days I don’t get a ticket for, last time I was up there we lost 2-1 with a last minute free kick.
  6. **the official taigs v Rangers match thread**

    We are due a win against these cunts surely?
  7. ***Feedback Thread***

    Thanks to @bluewhitevanman met him before the game today as arranged for 3 piggery tickets.
  8. Aberdeen emails

    Got one, wee surprise that.
  9. Scum Tickets

    Never got one, hopefully means I'll get Hibs or Aberdeen. If anyone has a spare and doesn't fancy paying £49 to go to that shitehole I'll gladly take it off your hands...
  10. Where we all sitting next Sunday

    West. Last time I was in the west against them was the Jelavic 2-1 game, always been north or south against them recently.
  11. Any update on post split fixtures?

    Do the CCCS allocation emails usually tell you all the games you get until the end of the season again?
  12. Renewals Open

    Aye mate.
  13. Renewals Open

    £662. Dear as fuck but will renew as I would never give it up and don't particularly want to move to another seat.
  14. Should we play three at the back?

    We don't have 2 central defenders who are good enough never mind 3.