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  1. I’ve not booked up as I was hoping for a day trip but still fancy going, how long would it take to get there with this route and I take it this is just travel for £112 would still have to book a hotel for a night I’m guessing?
  2. Do we think it’s likely that we can sort a new travel partner in time for a day trip to Feyenoord?
  3. I’m in the travel club and didn’t even get that email...
  4. I'm guessing there will probably be no chance of us sorting a new travel partner and a trip in time for the Porto game?
  5. Anyone know if there is any pubs nearby the stadium to watch the game? Still don’t have a ticket but thinking of travelling without, should be okay to get one I’d imagine but just thinking worse case scenario wouldn’t want to miss the game completely.
  6. I got Villarreal on 0 and Vienna on 1 last year with Thomas Cook. Would probably be fine for Porto I reckon.
  7. Just thinking that because Villarreal was £429 in September last year iirc.
  8. I reckon it will be at least £399 excluding ticket.
  9. Two games on CCCS all season with one of them being Livingston, which you can easily get without being on the scheme usually. Not really beneficial being on CCCS anymore unless you get really lucky with the odd game which will probably happen 1 in every 5 season or something if that.
  10. Booked time off to do day trips for Porto and Feyenoord. Hopefully they are reasonably priced.
  11. To be fair l, having being there, it was as loud a home support as I have heard.
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