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  1. Please let this be true. Would be carnage.
  2. I don’t really know any Rangers fans who actively support the national team as in go to all the games and travel abroad to watch them etc. Most of our support in my experience either don’t care, dislike them and like to see them get beat, or at best have a casual interest where they watch them on TV and like to see them winning, but aren’t too disheartened if they don’t.
  3. Shite but will probably still end up going to them all because I’ll think ‘why not’ nearer the time.
  4. Get to the group stages and I’ll be happy, quite fancy a few good away trips like Villarreal and Vienna last year.
  5. Met @Waggy1872 for a Killie ticket yesterday, no hassle cheers mate.
  6. Anyone who got a ticket that doesn’t want it I’ll take. 👍
  7. £697 for GR5, a bit on the pricey side but is what it is. Renewed online today.
  8. Met @Womble72 for a Motherwell ticket today no hassle cheers mate.
  9. Only taking half an hours lunch to get away at 4.30 and catch the bus, gunna be a long afternoon.
  10. How come people are buying tickets when the CCCS people haven’t even had emails yet?
  11. They’ll get 2k-3k my guess. Probably the corner, and 1 or 2 sections of BF.
  12. To have any hope we MUST beat them twice because we will drop more points aswell.
  13. Bay Horse will be open across the road from Spice.
  14. Anyone else’s ticket say 2018 on it? Shat myself when I first noticed it as I thought I had been sold a ticket for last years game. Misprint by Hamilton though apparently.
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