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  1. I agree that it doesn't mate, I can see both sides of the argument.
  2. I'm the exact same mate. Hate that feeling when you're watching it on the tele but can't really enjoy it all that much cause you're just wishing you were there haha.
  3. In a way I do admire folk like this, but my love for Rangers is greater than my hatred for any of the other clubs. More important to support Rangers at these games than it is to "starve" the other clubs of money. Especially when you aren't really doing that because the reality is, we sell out our away allocation ever game, so if you don't go, another bear goes in your place.
  4. Probably a bit of a push, but still looking for another 2 if possible. I'm sorted thanks to Rfc52 but trying to sort my brother and a mate.
  5. Yes mate. PM'd.
  6. Due to being unsuccessful on CCCS, ideally looking for two tickets.
  7. Well I got fuck all. What a shite system this is.
  8. Wit?...
  9. Weren't we allocated the whole stand which holds nearly 9,500 anyway? Only 4,000 went on sale plus the supporters club allocations, so I don't understand why it's even up for debate whether or not we are getting more? I thought we had already been allocated the whole stand?
  10. Aye, there's been a real lack of communication. Should've been dealt with before they went on general sale so that the supporters clubs knew where they stood with who needed tickets and who didn't. Fingers crossed should still be fine though, 4,000 was it that went on general sale in that first batch apparently?
  11. Fuck sake, that's shite. Think I'll just buy one when the next general sale starts to be sure.
  12. Probably need to book at least a couple of half days for the Friday night games, but it is what it is.
  13. Surely they've got to tell supporters clubs how much they've got before they put another batch on general sale?
  14. That answers the question with regards to the supporters club allocations then.
  15. Either way it's extremely harsh to fine us for it.