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  1. Wearethepeople72

    Motherwell Emails

    Exact same for me.
  2. Wearethepeople72

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Not over yet, heard Athens fielded an ineligible player.
  3. Wearethepeople72

    *** Official NK Maribor vs Rangers Match Thread***

    Jack and Coulibaly have to play in this game, rest them on Sunday if need be.
  4. Wearethepeople72

    Reserves v Falkirk - IRN BRU Cup

    Would have headed along to this if it was played at Ibrox, but Stirling is a bit of a pain to get to after work with no supporters buses etc.
  5. Wearethepeople72

    Coulibaly Vs Maribor

    We should pay whatever it takes to sign him permanently.
  6. Wearethepeople72

    ***The Official Rangers v NK Maribor Thread***

    The slo posted yesterday that there was 1500 tickets left. Probably much less than that by now.
  7. Wearethepeople72

    Barisic signs

    I think Tav will probably play over Flanagan against the shite teams, and they will both play in the harder games.
  8. Wearethepeople72

    Kilmarnock v Rangers

    Looking for 1.
  9. Wearethepeople72


  10. Wearethepeople72

    Allan McGregor

    Even tonight I didn’t either, same as if he did it against them. A few good performances certainly aren’t enough to make me forgive him considering all our club went through at that time.
  11. Wearethepeople72

    Allan McGregor

    No. He got subbed off in one of the friendlies everyone stood up and applauded him, I sat on my arse.
  12. Wearethepeople72

    Allan McGregor

    Will never forgive him, but he’s a Rangers player so at the same time I can’t hate him. Weird situation but I’ll never sing his songs or even applaud him, but hope he does well because he wears the badge.
  13. Wearethepeople72

    SportOptions To Maribor (If We Both Make It)

    So they run a day trip for round I can’t get off work. Typical.
  14. Wearethepeople72

    ***Betfred Cup Second Round Draw***

    Ross County or Inverness away please. Failing that QOTS away.
  15. Wearethepeople72

    Travel Club

    What date is the away leg if we get through.