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  1. Wearethepeople72

    ***The Official Hamilton V Rangers Thread***

    Anyone else’s ticket say 2018 on it? Shat myself when I first noticed it as I thought I had been sold a ticket for last years game. Misprint by Hamilton though apparently.
  2. Wearethepeople72

    Hibs v Rangers

    Looking for one.
  3. Wearethepeople72

    Scottish Cup Quarter Final Schedule

    Can flip that. If Kilmarnock beat them it’s good because we have a chance to gain 3 points on the tarriers. If they don’t it could dent Kilmarnocks confidence ahead of Wednesday?
  4. Wearethepeople72

    Options for Away CCCS next year?

    This talking of paying to join the scheme is aload of pish. We pay enough money with the season ticket plus the price of the away and cup tickets too.
  5. Wearethepeople72

    Scottish Cup Quarter Final Schedule

    Knew this would happen, booked the Monday off anyway. Better get a fucking ticket.
  6. Wearethepeople72

    Scottish Cup Draw

    Is it confirmed as the 5.15 Saturday game?
  7. Wearethepeople72

    Scottish Cup Draw

    In previous cup ties at the piggery it was never that way though was it? We still got 7.5k.
  8. Wearethepeople72

    Scottish Cup Draw

    How would they have to give us 12k?
  9. Wearethepeople72

    No Kilmarnock ballot. Cccs members sale on Saturday

    I logged on at 9am and waited about an hour and 10 mins in the que, bit of a nightmare but got 2 in the end. £28 I believe, unfortunately I wasn’t allocated though. 😞
  10. Wearethepeople72

    Hamilton v Rangers

    Looking for one for this.
  11. Wearethepeople72

    No Kilmarnock ballot. Cccs members sale on Saturday

    I’m glad it’s being done this way as I’m on 3 tickets. Should hopefully be guaranteed at least one after the split now.
  12. Wearethepeople72

    ***The Official Rangers v St Mirren Thread***

    Buzzing for this, feels like the first Saturday 3pm game in ages.
  13. Wearethepeople72

    No Kilmarnock ballot. Cccs members sale on Saturday

    Is this confirmed mate?
  14. Wearethepeople72

    Emails For Games Up To The Split Out Tonight.

    Got fuck all.
  15. Wearethepeople72

    ***Feedback Thread***

    Thanks to @Wee Bud for sorting me with a Cowdenbeath ticket tonight, cheers mate.