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  1. Dundee Roll Call

    I'll be there, wee half day at work then pub before the bus. Looking forward to it.
  2. Scottish cup draw

    This is gunna be a cunt to get a ticket for if it doesn't get moved.
  3. Hibs emails out

    Since we've got the whole stand I'm hopeful of maybe getting one for this now. It being midweek might mean a lot of folk won't make it too, hopefully a few spares floating about. Know I've no chance for Aberdeen though.
  4. Hibs emails out

    I've had three so far so I'll be the exact same no doubt. Sums up how unfair this system really is.
  5. *** The Official Dundee V Rangers Match Thread ***

    Buzzing for this. Just not for the football....
  6. Hibs emails out

    Yup. Exact point I tried to make in a thread a few weeks back.
  7. Scottish cup draw

    Anyone have a list of all the teams we could potentially get?
  8. Aberdeen vs Rangers - Premiership

    Looking for one adult, know there’s no hope but worth a try.
  9. When Are The Aberdeen Emails Out?

    Me, I go on buses but I'm not a member of one that runs to away games if that counts. Aberdeen away looks like the first game this season that will be a struggle for me. Been quite close to missing out on a few though, got a Ross County away ticket the night before and got a Hamilton away one outside the ground.
  10. When Are The Aberdeen Emails Out?

    Definitely will be, Hibs emails will be out next week probably, following week at the latest.
  11. When Are The Aberdeen Emails Out?

    You'll almost be a certainty to get Hibs then mate.
  12. When Are The Aberdeen Emails Out?

    Fuck all as expected. Shite system.
  13. *** The Official Rangers V Hamilton Match Thread ***

    Thank fuck, feels like this international break has been going on forever. Quite fancy Rangers -2 at 11/5.
  14. When Are The Aberdeen Emails Out?

    A better way to do it would maybe be to start it fresh for the games that are harder to come by. For example you could have Aberdeen, Hibs and Hearts when they play at Tynecastle, the games that are harder to come by. The ballot starts fresh for the first game against those three, then you could take out those allocated for the next game. The way they do piggery tickets seems fine, everyone gets one of the two games, the remainder get balloted, that’s fine. Then you could use the current system for the rest of the games. Because in theory right now someone could have Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs, while someone else could have Hamilton, St Johnstone and Partick but it’s seen as fair because it’s the same amount of games when it’s really not. This way everyone would get roughly the same amount of the bigger games and the same amount of the lesser games.
  15. When Are The Aberdeen Emails Out?

    That’s not what I’m saying at all.