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  1. St Johnstone vs Rangers - Premiership

    Aye, I missed out on a good few because folk got in before me a few times before I eventually got one. All about luck really, being in the right place at the right time. That's why I prefer to be sorted before hand to avoid the stress haha.
  2. St Johnstone vs Rangers - Premiership

    Went down early and managed to get one where the buses park mate.
  3. St Johnstone vs Rangers - Premiership

    No mate, don’t have Twitter. Have heard it’s decent for tickets though.
  4. St Johnstone vs Rangers - Premiership

    Surely someone must have a spare? Thought this would be easy with it being mid week.
  5. Legends match - 24th March at Ibrox

    It’s an international weekend so thank fuck there’s something Rangers related on, I’ll be there.
  6. Hamilton vs Rangers - Premiership

    I live really near the stadium, so if anyone has a spare pop up last minute, let me know.
  7. Scottish Cup Draw - Falkirk (H)

    That is just fucking awful.
  8. St Johnstone vs Rangers - Premiership

    Also still looking for one.
  9. St Johnstone vs Rangers - Premiership

    Anyone know when St Johnstone start selling directly?
  10. ***Feedback Thread***

    Thanks to @eejay the dj for sorting me out with an Ayr ticket. Posted it out to me next day delivery after I transferred him the money. Would recommend.
  11. *** The Official Ayr United v Rangers Thread ***

    Would like to see us play with two strikers for this but don't see that being the case, I think it will always be one or the other. Morelos will probably start since he didn't on Tuesday. 4-1 Rangers.
  12. Ayr United vs Rangers - Scottish Cup

    Still looking for one if anyone can help.
  13. Ayr United vs Rangers - Scottish Cup

    PM sent.
  14. *** The Official Partick Thistle v Rangers Thread ***

    Canny even be fucked with this. Don’t often say that when going to an away game.
  15. Hamilton vs Rangers - Premiership

    Looking for one for this too.