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  1. They’ll win 3 or 4-1 if it goes to extra time, still funny the fact they’re struggling though.
  2. Official day trip for me, buzzing. On 2 points, just hope that will be enough.
  3. Does everyone think 2 points will be enough for a ticket? And how long does it take from registering interest to being updated on whether you have one or not? Thinking of booking sports options day trip as I doubt the club will run a day trip but don’t want to chance not getting a ticket.
  4. Would quite fancy going to Warsaw if we go through. Hopefully they do a day trip as I can’t afford much leave from work though.
  5. Sunday games are brutal but worth it to get into the group stages.
  6. Should be straight forward enough, we’ve came a long way since the last time we went there and lost.
  7. Gunna miss the first half an hour. What a shite kick off time.
  8. Genuinely feel like I’m never away from the shitehole that is Rugby park.
  9. Please let this be true. Would be carnage.
  10. I don’t really know any Rangers fans who actively support the national team as in go to all the games and travel abroad to watch them etc. Most of our support in my experience either don’t care, dislike them and like to see them get beat, or at best have a casual interest where they watch them on TV and like to see them winning, but aren’t too disheartened if they don’t.
  11. Shite but will probably still end up going to them all because I’ll think ‘why not’ nearer the time.
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