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  1. Not really bothered about Aberdeen being the first game, everyone has to play everyone eventually. Embarrassing that they have made the old firm the last game of the first set of fixtures though. It is never that late, yet the minute they ask for it to be put back they make it as late as they possibly can.
  2. Exactly the same for me mate, I would personally rather no football until fans are allowed back.
  3. Actually just received my confirmation email about 5 minutes ago, quicker than expected.
  4. That would explain it then, just renewed yesterday.
  5. Did everyone receive a confirmation email when renewing in full? I have received an email for mygers but not for my ST however there is a PDF invoice which technically confirms the payment. Should I be getting an email aswell?
  6. When renewing your ST and paying in full do you need to go onto the link on the email or can you just do it via the website? When I go onto the link it’s saying my invoice is past due from May 1st and I’ve heard about some people’s renewals not going through so unsure what the correct method is if paying in full?
  7. Back then it worked, probably wouldn’t now with 7.5k due to more demand for season tickets, etc. As ForeverAndEver said works in Europe with 5% so no reason why it couldn’t in theory if that was a route we went down.
  8. Was it not the case that people were given the option to purchase ST’s with or without the tarrier games, then those who choose to purchase with were just relocated if necessary? Can’t be sure though as my ST has always been in the GR.
  9. I can see that point but due to segregation there isn’t really any other way they could do it in all honesty. I personally preferred it the way it was but since we committed to changing the allocations it’s not really something we can go back on now anyway. Maybe meet in the middle and give 2.5-3k each would be an option, that way they wouldn’t have a full stand but still allows for more away fans at both games but think it will stay the way it is now for the foreseeable.
  10. Same argument can be used when we play them away from home that 8000 of our fans are having to miss out...
  11. To be honest I don’t agree it gives as much of an advantage as people think. They beat us at Ibrox most games when we came back up because we were pish, not because of the allocations. Before we went down the divisions we beat them at Ibrox the vast majority of the time, there was never much complaining about it then.
  12. No, but having more of them there generates a better atmosphere in our end also as it becoming about drowning them out. When there’s only 800 of them and they can’t be heard at all, there is less singing from us and it just becomes like any other game where it’s only the UB singing for the majority of the game. Also hate the idea of going home and away but basically being guaranteed to miss out on the biggest away game of the season because of the reduced allocations. For me, the positives outweigh the negatives.
  13. Definitely preferred it the way it was when we both had 7.5k each, made for a far better atmosphere.
  14. Big difference for a 20 year old centre back to play at a club like Gillingham and do well with virtually no pressure, compared to coming to Rangers with the expectations of winning every single game. This scenario has happened countless times with players from lower league clubs down south coming to us or them and failing miserably.
  15. The club is obviously thinking from a financial point of view which is understandable, but as fans a lot of us are in the same boat. Many laid off, furloughed, etc not knowing if they’ll have jobs to go back to when this is over.
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