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  1. Folk are saying we can't fill it right now, but tickets sell out for just about every home game. Only reason attendance is sometimes a bit short of capacity is usually due to a poor away support, and maybe people who already have tickets not turning up. I think if we had a bigger ground we would get bigger crowds. I'm not saying we would fill it every game, but in the bigger games we definitely would and I think in the long run it would probably benefit us financially.
  2. I don't know why, but I have a good feeling about this game. Can see us winning by a goal.
  3. Disagree with folk saying this shouldn't be a priority. Atmosphere at Ibrox has been terrible for years now, and this would definitely help improve it.
  4. Foderingham Hodson Hill Wilson Beerman Tavernier Holt Hyndman Toral Miller Dodoo
  5. Who cares, no one deserves to be lifted for singing a song regardless of what it is.
  6. Thinking of moving from the GR to the Copland. Payed £630 for my season ticket this year and think it's worth saving a good £150, especially when the view in the Copland is decent enough.
  7. We can't get rid of them all because we won't be able to replace them all. For next season I'd keep, Foderingham, Wallace, Tavernier, Hodson, Wilson, Wallace, Holt, Miller, McKay, Garner and maybe one out of Forrester and Windass. Bring in two centre backs, a defensive midfielder who has a physical presence and can protect the back four, two creative midfielders to replace Hyndman and Toral, a striker who can put the ball in the net and maybe a winger aswell.
  8. Is that what they were? I fancied Monaco to win tonight after what happened with the Dortmund players yesterday, knew it would be difficult for them to get up for it after that. If I knew they were 5/1 I'd definitely have slapped a good few quid on them.
  9. Miller vs Inverness for me.
  10. I've went from £605 to £630 in the GR. Just renewed there but think I'm going to request a change in seat. The view is great, but it's not worth that amount extra to watch the same game of football in my view. Am I right in saying you have to write to Rangers to request a seat change then they'll refund the difference, anyone know?
  11. Not sure about that, but it's good that he's there to give Wallace competition for the left back spot. Will maybe give him a boot up the arse.
  12. One fan gets arrested when 1900 people are singing the same thing. Great logic...
  13. He's got to get given another year, it's a no brainer.
  14. I'm obviously delighted with the result mate. Was just really responding to the question in the thread by saying that I don't think today changes our problems as it could easily have went differently.
  15. Beerman looks good, could maybe makes the step up to being our first choice left-back in the future when Wallace leaves. Bates looked a bit shaky but not any worse than Kiernan IMO.