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  1. No doubt I’ll get allocated this and that’ll be me fucked for a game after the split.
  2. Fuck knows why they feel the need to show all the same highlights that was on last nights show.
  3. Just booked the day trip.
  4. Looking for 1 ticket for this.
  5. Not too confident tomorrow in all honesty, been too many disappointments against that lot recently. Would take a draw.
  6. Got Hearts, only livi in the cup and Hearts all season.
  7. Surely there will be an official trip also?
  8. Sports travel management ran the official flight, they done an overnight, I went.
  9. Pretty sure there will be, they done it for Feyenoord.
  10. Hopefully the official trip is an overnight again, a 5pm kick off is early so would make more sense.
  11. Worst I’ve felt too, due to the way the game panned out.
  12. Fuck all again, only had Livi in the cup so far.
  13. Do folk reckon it’ll be safe enough to explore Rotterdam during the day? Never like just staying in the one place all day for these trips.
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