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  1. Looking like a matter of time now.
  2. Naismith can get so far to fuck.
  3. Just keep things the way they are. Diving is part of the game and it always will be regardless of what they do IMO.
  4. One of the few players I'd keep. He shouldn't be playing as a winger though, he should be the number 10. Has a good shot on him and can pick out a pass.
  5. I want Inverness to stay up. One of the best away trips in the league.
  6. Probably the best Ibrox atmosphere I can think of that hasn't been against them or on a European night.
  7. The game yesterday.
  8. How did the travel club even work? I was never a member.
  9. They're selling directly to Rangers fans over the phone. 01738 455000.
  10. Draw, win, loss, draw. No chance we are taking all 12 points. Nothing to play for anyway, securing third is the best we can do as bad as that sounds.
  11. I'm really sick of getting beat off these cunts.
  12. Rossiter will still be 7-10 days away.
  13. Just a heads up for anyone who is interested in going. Phoned up and got mine today. Number is 01738 455000.
  14. Folk are saying we can't fill it right now, but tickets sell out for just about every home game. Only reason attendance is sometimes a bit short of capacity is usually due to a poor away support, and maybe people who already have tickets not turning up. I think if we had a bigger ground we would get bigger crowds. I'm not saying we would fill it every game, but in the bigger games we definitely would and I think in the long run it would probably benefit us financially.
  15. I don't know why, but I have a good feeling about this game. Can see us winning by a goal.