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  1. Wearethepeople72

    Osijek Away

    All with one or two stops by the looks of things, and you're looking at £400-500 for that so it's even more expensive. Bit of a cunt of a place to get to without spending a fortune tbh.
  2. Wearethepeople72

    Osijek Away

    No doubt, looking at £300 at least on flights alone to Budapest at the moment though aswell, so not going to be cheap either way I don’t imagine, and prices will probably get higher.
  3. Wearethepeople72

    Osijek Away

    Think I’ll wait until tomorrow before booking anything, hopefully the emails come out and they say whether or not they’re doing a day trip. If not I’ll book to Budapest if I can get a seat on the bus, hopefully flight prices to there don’t go up too much between now and tomorrow.
  4. Wearethepeople72

    Greg Docherty to go out on loan

    Was a pointless signing in the first place.
  5. Wearethepeople72

    Osijek Away

    Feel sorry for folk who’ve already booked right now. The thought that all that money could possibly be wasted, I could never do that until it’s set in stone.
  6. Wearethepeople72

    Osijek Away

    As I’ve said, I’m new to this Skyscanner, does the prices displayed not include fucking luggage or onboard baggage allowance?
  7. Wearethepeople72

    Osijek Away

    Aw for fuck sake what a pain in the arse, I ain’t booking anything until I know who we are playing and the arrangements, prices will no doubt be even higher by then. 😞
  8. Wearethepeople72

    Where Will We Finish in the 2018/9 Season?

    Heart says first, head says second.
  9. Wearethepeople72

    Osijek Away

    Looking at flight prices to Budapest, it seems to be over £300 in total to get there and back. Does that seem about right? I’m new to the whole Skyscanner and European away trips so want to make sure I don’t get ripped off if I do book...
  10. Wearethepeople72

    Osijek Away

    Aw well, I’ll see what happens tomorrow then hopefully I can get in touch with them somehow if I’m needing a seat on it.
  11. Wearethepeople72

    Osijek Away

    No mate, do they have a Facebook account?
  12. Wearethepeople72

    Osijek Away

    I’m not mate, what is the name of the supporters club anyway?
  13. Wearethepeople72

    Osijek Away

    I’m looking to go to this round as I’m off work for the week and if the travel club don’t put a flight on I’ll probably go via Budapest, do they have a page on anything so I could get in touch with someone to book a seat if I do go down that route?
  14. Wearethepeople72

    Osijek Away

    See when people say there’s buses running from Budapest, are we talking supporters buses?
  15. Wearethepeople72

    Aberdeen away

    Got the last Aberdeen game, makes me think I won’t get this one.