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  1. Motherwell vs Rangers - Premiership

    Still looking for one ticket, ideally someone who can post it out.
  2. Morelos

    Said it at the time, but we should’ve bit the hand off for £8-10 million or whatever it was.
  3. Motherwell vs Rangers - Premiership

    Will take mate.
  4. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Had a late night yesterday and been knackered all day. Been fighting it so hopefully sleep tonight for once before an OF game....
  5. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Foderingham Tavernier Martin Bates John Candieas Goss Docherty Murphy Windass Cummings That’d be my team. Would definitely drop Morelos for Cummings after Sunday. Can’t play both either IMO, needs to be one or the other.
  6. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Holt at LB.
  7. Sean Goss considering playing for NI

    Would make sense. Doubt he would ever get a game for England but would probably end up being a regular in the NI team.
  8. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    I think back to those chances at the piggery, the chances on Sunday, etc. In a game where we are going to have to take our chances I’d go with Cummings. Morelos seems to let his head go down when he misses chances aswell.
  9. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    After Sunday Cummings has got to start over Morelos. Any chances we get we need to take, and if I’m honest I don’t have confidence in Morelos to do that.
  10. ***Official Rangers Vs Falkirk thread***

    -2 @ 6/4 -3 @ 7/2 Thinking of putting a good few quid on each.
  11. UPDATE: the remotest chance of winning the league this season.

    Only way we have any chance is to win every game from now until the end of the season, including both games against them. Can maybe afford one slip up at a push. Too big an ask IMO.
  12. Motherwell vs Rangers - Premiership

    Looking for one or two tickets if anyone can help.
  13. St Johnstone tickets available for people on away cccs

    Got one. 👍
  14. ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Thread***

    Not even going to predict a score as our home form is that inconsistent. With them having Zenit on Thursday and then sheep away on Sunday, this is a must win as I think there's a decent chance of them dropping points.
  15. Candeias title talk

    When I read the title of the thread I initially thought fuck sake keep your mouth shut, but he doesn’t actually say anything wrong. I think the sudden hope people have of us winning the title this season is a bit false though in all honesty. We need to focus on making Ibrox a fortress before we will have a realistic chance. Sort our home form out, and go for the title next season.