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  1. Missed so many simple shots today, not something you can get away with vs Nadal.
  2. Federer has missed some easy shots today!
  3. :Alexander: :McMillan: :Bartley: :Papac: :Bedoya: :Hutton: :Wylde: :Fleck: :Healy: Not sure if Fleck/Hutton will be here for this game. Really hope people like Kerkar are moved on and they two stay.
  4. Yeah its hard to recover from! guess you can never really get over a loss of a loved one. Same mate, the weather makes you depressed after a while haha! probably not much mate, usual shite, bookies, football, few drinks haha about you ?

  5. Sorry to hear that mate. Had similar events happen at the start of the year when my gran passed away on new years eve. If I've been brutally honest I don't think I've recovered from it yet. I'm fine bud, just bored with this shitty weather. Hate winter! Doing much this weekend?

  6. Alright mate, how are things? Not seen you on much lately. :( Think I might take some time off this place in the next month, site is becoming boring at times. Will get worse with the transfer window and tax case!

  7. PSG, PSV, Ath. Bilbao, Sporting Lisbon, Anderlecht, Schalke, Twente. Stake: £2
  8. Stu1993

    GTA V

    Will be the same as every other one, some shitcunt of a guy who has no life what so ever, gets involved with some big gangster, after a while of doing jobs for him, he turns on you, you need to work for other people to get back at him in the end. Same story line every game, load of pish.
  9. McGregor, Whittaker, Goian, Bocanegra, Wallace: Naismith, Edu, Davis, Wylde: Lafferty, Jelavic... 4:0 Rangers: Jelavic (2) Naismith & Wylde.
  10. If we sign him tomorrow he should be allowed to play in cup games should he not, alot of people saying he has an Italian passport so no work permit issues... either way if he signs i look forward to seeing him.
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