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  1. johnOban

    9 in a row sky review

    Have sat the last 3hrs watching the videos. Watp
  2. johnOban

    Kids at football

    Ive been taking my boy regularly since he 4. We're in the family section so theres plenty of keep him amused b4 the game starts. Loads of sweets n juice. Get some games for your fone if he needs more entertainent
  3. johnOban

    Club statement on Sfa nonsense.

    Tweeted already
  4. johnOban

    Busses getting pulled.

  5. johnOban

    Supporters bus from Gourock/Greenock.

    Thanks for the help. I'll pass it on.
  6. Looking for info. Is there a supporters bus that leaves Gourock/Greenock? Our boat is in garvel drydock and a couple of boys are looking to go a supporters bus on wed evening. Any info appreciated.
  7. johnOban

    A new low even for the daily record

    I emailed them and thats the reply i got
  8. johnOban

    A new low even for the daily record

    We thank you for your interest in UEFA.com and for taking the time to send us your feedback. Your comments and suggestions will help us to improve the website. Please refer to the link below for more information. Your feedback: Dear Sir/Madame I feel compelled to write in as was totally outraged by the blatant banners on show at Celtic Park last night supporting terrorist activity. In
  9. johnOban

    Houston hits back

    The silence is deafening. I reckon sonofwilliam is waiting for further instructions from ff