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  1. They expected him to send off the Livi player for another very bad tackle right at the end. It wouldn’t have affected the result but it could easily have been a red
  2. Looks like I was far too pessimistic. Good forecast from you, humble pie for me
  3. Your attitude might not but if SG has picked the team because he thinks the same it could. Let’s hope you’re right about Defoe
  4. My thinking exactly. Defoe could be brought on second half after Morelos has ran them ragged for 60 mins. That seems to have worked pretty well this season
  5. We’re going into an international break when he will probably play about 90 mins in 2 weeks. It’s not like playing today will wear him out. Thinking this is the easiest game we will play all season is completely the wrong approach and an attitude that causes dropped points. I think we will win but I don’t like to see changes for the sake of it
  6. Is jones in the EL squad ?
  7. Same as last year though. Throwing away games when we never should have lost.
  8. Apparently he didn’t stop tav fucking up twice
  9. 1.3 billion people and not a single decent football player
  10. To be fair to them people make mistakes. On first viewing I thought clash of heads. They got it wrong until they saw it properly then they made no effort to defend if
  11. The BT bastards are unanimous in saying it should have been a red for endangering an opponent
  12. In the end despite all the hammer throwing they never had a single shot on target. We were poor in finishing also but at least made their goalkeeper make some saves
  13. Helander looks unsuited to the type of game where people are throwing themselves about ( Scottish football basically) but what really worried me was his lack of pace. He only got into that position in the first half because he couldn’t beat a man to a ball despite having yards of a start.
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