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  1. Even better because when they got that penalty they thought they were back to winning it 😂
  2. When you consider they had won all 5 away games in Europe this season including winning at Spartak Moscow, Wolves and Besiktas it makes our comeback even more impressive. They also only drew 2 of their 3 home group games so we have a decent chance
  3. We didn’t get many. Their second goal came from a throw in that was never their ball.
  4. He was booked for mouthing off. It seems he will never ever learn .
  5. Too young to remember Sandy?
  6. It’s not. Back to play each other home and away twice and scrap the league cup
  7. Not only VAR is nonsense but the offside law too. I had no idea until this weekends latest VAR controversy that you could be offside if they ball was played backwards away from the opponents goal . How fucking ridiculous is that ?
  8. Never saw a single person saying we were cheated at hearts. When you are cheated it’s not embarrassing to point it out. Our performance and the referees mistakes are entirely different issues
  9. No easier than their man for the disallowed goal. Consistent refereeing would have meant one or the other going our way.
  10. I also agree with mutton that something is up with alfie. He just doesn’t look himself at the minute.
  11. I’m not. We would have ground out wins if not for bad refs. Points mean everything . Performance means nothing if you win
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