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  1. Much as I despise the fucker it’s hard to see past moneyweather as the best defensive boxer of recent decades
  2. Guy holding the pointy end must have been very sure it couldn’t accidentally go off
  3. He said Europe not EU. Europe will still be there
  4. And that was in th3 days when you had to do something really bad to get sent off. He would get a lifetime ban within a season these days
  5. Absolute guarantee barisic will go elsewhere and be a better player. You don’t get anywhere near a World Cup finalist team if you haven’t got some talent. Just not suited to our kick and rush though so he’ll have to go.
  6. He was pretty lenient on the majority of things during the match but Flanagan was a fucking idiot and could have ruined a top performance from the rest. We need to cut that shit out or it will cost us when it matters again.
  7. That raging he gets himself banned for their game through an act of utter stupidity. We have a top class goal scorer who can’t be trusted to stay on the pitch and now he’s joined by our best goalie. No fucking wonder we are not winning anything
  8. It won’t just be a one match ban either. Be prepared for him missing start of next season too. probably guarantees an opening trip to the sheep
  9. What an utter dickhead McGregor is for doing that .
  10. https://images.app.goo.gl/A2tv83D1fTW9GLBF9 He can take his pick to go with his green name 🤣
  11. And he would have been if he could actually control himself on the pitch
  12. Exactly. Alex Miller may not have been our best ever player but he hardly needs to be mistaken for this tool of a journalist 😀
  13. A very good side but too early to tell if they are good enough to win it I was impressed they beat juventus but Real Madrid are shite this year and spurs are no world beaters even with Kane and son. I think either Liverpool or Barcelona will be a different prospect if they get to the final
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