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  1. The problem with bigger leagues is we just don’t have enough decent sides in Scotland to make them work. Anyone who is old enough (probably at least mid 50s) will be able to recall why we changed in the first place.
  2. Where in any of this does it say the scum don’t get this years title ?
  3. A poorish score of 5 . But at least I got the obvious one
  4. McLeod picked 3 Rangers players in his 78 World Cup squad and none from the piggery. Could argue the case for Cooper and maybe Russel and Smith though as we did win the treble
  5. Who can forget big bomber’s goal in injury time of the cup final against the sheep.
  6. Not in the slightest under rated though. At least not to my generation who watched him at his peak
  7. Let’s make sure he is injured first.
  8. Frankly if we were that much in front and the season was scrapped I would be demanding the title too.
  9. Now I’ve looked at it I’m pretty sure that doesn’t apply. It looks like you are only automatically declared level if it doesn’t affect things like who wins the title Also that section is about where teams are level on points not about where the league can’t be played
  10. ? Can’t read the bloody thing. Need to go look it up.
  11. I like him as a player too. Now watch the spoon burners hang on to him even though they don’t want him any more just to stop a move to us
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