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  1. Probably boost their goal difference less than actually playing would
  2. We didn’t create chances because they hardly went up the park. We are better against teams who actually want to play attacking football against us
  3. And looked like he had a bit of pace that’s always welcome
  4. Comfortable win with us on top for the majority. Don’t think they had a single shot on target in the game. Considine tackle a disgrace and lucky Anfield not seriously injured. Typical sheep
  5. Problem is that if he is likely to leave we could lose him to injury and have no replacement the fee could bring. That would potentially cost us more points in the long run
  6. That pretty much applies to the whole fucking city in sheep land so probably best to agree wit( your point
  7. We did a fantastic player who was very well paid a shit manager who was very well paid an absent manager who was still fucking very well paid. He really did bring it on himself
  8. Of course we could have. The friendly matches we have played would have been halfway to finishing the season. Puting back the start of next season another few weeks to fit in the remainder of the games would hardly have been noticed either. But we didn’t so as I said earlier the best retort is to fuck it up them and win next season
  9. Judging by events in other leagues they should go for it
  10. If we can consistently perform like we did in the final and at the girodome it just might well be that easy. We have shown we can more than match them, now we need to carry that fight into other games. A lot of the points dropped in Jan / Feb were down to us not finishing off our chances and giving soft goals away when well on top not because we played complete shite.
  11. The mhanky mob across the city got handed the league on a plate with fuck all we can do about it so it’s time to shut up and concentrate on where we can hurt them most - by winning the title back this season They can have their “9” where we weren’t even there for 4 of them and they were gifted another. We know it wasn’t the same achievement and deep down so do they.
  12. In a word , no. Everbody is entitled to their opinion as long as it’s not abusive.
  13. Much as I don’t like the way he left us I think this goal is my favourite from that day. The speed of the move and the way he controlled and finished was superb
  14. Think you could get 13000 ish. Every second row empty. Every 2nd seat in open rows = about 25% allowed . Not sure 2m is enforced if sitting side by side not facing each other
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