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  1. Worth more than 1 like but I can only give 1
  2. folkestoneger

    ***The Official Spartak Moscow v Rangers Thread***

    But it still isn't the referees fault. The guy who raised the flag was to blame not the ref
  3. folkestoneger

    ***The Official Spartak Moscow v Rangers Thread***

    Exactly 12th game in Europe and our first defeat was down to a bad call from the linesman Not the actual disaster some think and we are still only 1 point off the top of the group
  4. folkestoneger

    ***The Official Spartak Moscow v Rangers Thread***

    One was a bad pass from Flannagan and the other a deflection. Cant blame the central defence for everything
  5. folkestoneger

    ***The Official Spartak Moscow v Rangers Thread***

    Wasn't a dive. Katic just caught him. Ref didn't give it because of first dive I reckon
  6. folkestoneger

    ***The Official Spartak Moscow v Rangers Thread***

    Wasn't that tight . He was a yard behind the Spartak player
  7. folkestoneger

    ***UEFA Champions League 18/19***

    Fucking klippety too smart for his own good yet again with changes to the team that were not needed. All 3 brought in have been shit with Sturridge going that extra mile with his fucking greediness when team mates are well positioned
  8. folkestoneger

    Daily Mail out the filth

    Not to forget the many brave Irishmen who volunteered to fight for the British army against the nazis in ww2. Neither should we forget the scum that governed Ireland persecuted these men for the rest of their life’s when they went home.
  9. folkestoneger

    Why did he go down?

    No it’s a nudge that the likes of Morelos would have shrugged off and scored
  10. folkestoneger

    Leicester City Helicopter Crash

    This touchy feely shit is going too far FFS Plenty of people die in accidents every day without the world stopping and who don't get 24hr news coverage If one of my bosses died nobody would be offered the choice of coming to work or not
  11. folkestoneger

    Why did he go down?

    I think he was barged by the sheep player and is simply too fucking skinny to stand up to a normal challenge so threw himself down hoping for a penalty. A player who wasn't built like an anorexic peter crouch would have shrugged off the little nudge and put the ball in the net
  12. folkestoneger

    ***Official English Football Thread***

    More people than blades of grass by the look of it. What a fucking disgrace for a match of this calibre
  13. folkestoneger

    Morelos, will he see the consequence of his actions

    Dissent. It’s not nothing it’s the rules.
  14. folkestoneger

    ***The Official Rangers V Aberdeen Match Thread***

    That’s what happens when your main forward gets himself banned for stupidity
  15. folkestoneger

    Glenn Hoddle

    One of the best footballers I have ever seen in person but a bit of an oddity in his weird views on some disabilities