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  1. It would be his most brilliant triumph if he pulled it off. Probably get a nobel prize for inventing the time travelling machine too.
  2. Because IT HIT his arm. The law was always deliberate handball was the offence. The problem is they keep moving the goalposts on the guidance to the refs. Where was the arm meant to be?
  3. That’s just confused it more. He says absolutely correct then says not a penalty for him and hasn’t been over the years.
  4. I can’t see how they ruled that as arm too far from body or in an unnatural position though. Apparently it’s being changed to any handball next season. Won’t be long before forwards are blootering it straight at defenders hoping it will touch there arm.
  5. No chance. If his arm was horizontal I would maybe agree but it was nowhere near it.
  6. That’s why we need more ex players as refs. Where was the defender meant to put his arm? All that stuff about he didn’t take responsibility for where the ball might hit if he turned his back is absolute bollocks. Ferdinand put it perfectly when he pointed out you just can’t turn or move properly with your hands clamped by your side.
  7. I used to in the 1990s when my kids were young.
  8. Agreed. The offence is meant to be deliberately handling the ball. That was never deliberate and his arm was no further from his body than you would expect when spinning round. The fact 3 ex manic players say no penalty says it all.
  9. That’s cause they’re not that good a team. Bottle it every time the pressure is on. They were appalling for most of 5hat match
  10. Why the hell would we waste it by doing that?
  11. It wasn’t an overly violent act I would assume. Like Morelos at the sheep
  12. 1-1 draw with Motherwell in a league cup match around 1974 or 75. Big John Greig scored a screamer.
  13. Couldn't get a stream but bbc website doesn't have them with a single on target attempt
  14. Pretty much the same on Wednesday. Making subs to draw games instead of win them. Will get better with experience
  15. FFS McGregor , like many other goalkeepers, has gotten away with murder for years with the protecting themselves shit. It was clearly a studs up straight leg dangerous tackle. If that was committed against our forward I’d want the guy done for it so no point pretending it wasn’t dangerous because our player did it
  16. Wishy loyal are In agreement with this West End Bar and the Cecil were good bluenose pubs back in the day. Used to get our bus from the Cecil
  17. The triple backflip continued into the box. Not sure the foul did
  18. Nothing to do with it I’m the same age as McCoist and was around for every minute of his career. The fact that he was an absolute legend and supposedly one of our own is what makes his behaviour even more unforgivable. I could just about forgive his utter refusal to accept he was just fucking incompetent as a manager but the way he clung on to milk every last penny out of a skint club that made him a millionaire was disgusting. I want to vomit when I see him begging it up as a pundit , criticising other managers , when he was a complete failure himself
  19. They have hardly been brilliant. Two fucking half decent efforts at goal. One should have been a routine save and the other was a fuck up beyond any expectation . We don’t help ourselves at times
  20. We have gifted them 2 goals which hasn’t helped. I don’t think mcgregor has done anything other than pick 2 out of the net. Its like we’re scared to go all in on this pitch
  21. The time out that was allowed to stop the first field goal was diabolical. In any other sport that type of deliberate gamesmanship would be banned as unsportsmanlike
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