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  1. I hope they get rid of that family stand sign. That was terrible
  2. The level of training drills put on by the staff look top notch. The intensity looks good
  3. I've not really rated him since he has been here. Hopefully proved wrong
  4. Will be interesting to see today what our team is like without tav. Think we will really miss him
  5. im so happy he no longer plays for use. Weak in his performances as much as his mentality
  6. Fantastic performance. So did ejaria.
  7. Stronger than I would have expected. I would have like to see grezda and Wallace starting with another youngster on the bench but can't complain
  8. So that was going to be my next question. Are we happy with the level of investment and do we want more in January. I fully expect celtic to invest in Jan. We need to match that, not pound for pound but in improving our squad.
  9. Cheers mate. I checked that myself wasn't sure how accurate it was though
  10. Does anyone know the total amount of money spend and received this summer in transfers
  11. What a wee fucking asshole. Get him fucking told in that changing room
  12. Paid for the stream but the quality is terrible
  13. Niko has to come off I think. Not a lack of effort but his body is just fucked. We need to try and get our foot on the ball a little in there
  14. I'm driving through for the game after work. Anyone know any decent places to park
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