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  1. cameron1873

    Murty talks about Sean Goss

    I agree with murtys evaluation of what we were lacking from the team. Hopefully this boy can help us with that
  2. cameron1873


    Had one of his best games for us today. Great performance
  3. cameron1873

    ***The Official Scum vs Rangers Thread***

    Niko has to come off I think. Not a lack of effort but his body is just fucked. We need to try and get our foot on the ball a little in there
  4. cameron1873

    Gary monk

    I really do find rangersmedia and social media in general a strange place. Most seem to be very keen on Monk but have offered no reasoning but seem to be assured that he is the correct man. I'm pretty sure very few will have seen his team's play or his style of management. So that could only leave what they read which seems to be sacked by two clubs and walk out on another which has striking parallels to us.
  5. cameron1873

    Mark Allen: Full transcript.

    Some of the comments on here are embarrassing. To call a guy who was working at a very high level for 7 years at city and credited with helping build their youth system to what it is today is clueless and a fraud is laughable. His past with city clearly shows the guy knows football probably more than the vast vast majority on here. On paper id imagine he blows anyone on here out the water. The fraud comment I don't get. If I was him and a fraud what would I do? 1. Stay at city on, no doubt very good money out the public eye developing youth and keeping a very good reputation or 2. Come to Rangers, put yourself in the spotlight, get a lot more grief and deal with the level of stupidity that is on here, social media and in the press plus working for a shambles of a board that will only take them a couple weeks to tarnish a reputation Now if i was a fraud who knew nothing about football, I know what's the easier option. If you don't like his football ideas or dof concept fair enough but some of the pish people are spouting is laughable
  6. cameron1873

    Chucking the season when THEY are playing shite

    It's a fucking sickening. We need to take these chances when they slip and we are chucking them away.
  7. cameron1873

    Junkies vs Rangers

    I'm driving through for the game after work. Anyone know any decent places to park
  8. cameron1873

    Junkies vs Rangers

    We better put a performance in on Wednesday. We cannot afford to come away with anything else than a win.
  9. cameron1873

    Ross McCrorie

    He has been impressive. Loved a slide tackle too. Still a centre back for me
  10. cameron1873


    I've liked candeias from the start. Good overall addition to the squad. And someone I would be happy to stay here for a few years and become a good squad player
  11. cameron1873

    Could this be the new home top next season

    Get those sent to somebody. They need made haha
  12. cameron1873

    Could this be the new home top next season

    Those tops are really smart. If only
  13. cameron1873

    Ross McCrorie

    What a performance. Definitely think he is cb in the making instead of cdm. Not because he can't play that position I just think he can make a v good cb. Hopefully he keeps up the hard work which I'm sure he will
  14. cameron1873

    Benfica v Development Squad

    Good team performance for me. Will be interesting to see if anyone makes the step up anytime soon. Anyone who was there ever get the name of the number 6 for benfica. He was a player
  15. cameron1873

    When Are The Aberdeen Emails Out?

    Got fuck all and only had 2 this season as well One was the thistle game and the other hearts that everybody got anyway