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  1. If this is the case it will take about 5mins into our 1st game of him missing to end the tavs pish club
  2. I hope they get rid of that family stand sign. That was terrible
  3. The level of training drills put on by the staff look top notch. The intensity looks good
  4. Will be interesting to see today what our team is like without tav. Think we will really miss him
  5. Stronger than I would have expected. I would have like to see grezda and Wallace starting with another youngster on the bench but can't complain
  6. What a wee fucking asshole. Get him fucking told in that changing room
  7. Niko has to come off I think. Not a lack of effort but his body is just fucked. We need to try and get our foot on the ball a little in there
  8. I'm driving through for the game after work. Anyone know any decent places to park
  9. We better put a performance in on Wednesday. We cannot afford to come away with anything else than a win.
  10. Just got a ticket from @Cedrick. Guy was spot on and i was able to pick ot up straight away. Cheers again mate?
  11. Like Stafford mention, pretty sure I posted before about him being reliable but just in case anytime i have sold tickets to him he has been spot on ?
  12. Probably said already but I thought he fucked up his tactics today. As soon as I seen they had a 3-5-2 I was worried. We were going to be outnumbered in the middle. That's the main reason 442 is hardly used now for the last 10 years in the pram league. I actually don't think we would have won the game with 11 players. He got his tactics half right 2nd half. He should have went 351 2nd half. But keeping the 2 up front(although brave) totally missed the reason we were struggling. We had to win the midfield battle which we could have done if we matched them. Imo crazy that we didn't
  13. I'd happily keep the same one as this year. Nobody is buying them anyway. Probably in the contract we need 2 new tops every year. Fucking stupid
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