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  1. Rangers Alarm Clock

    Pretty sure I've got one in the loft somewhere
  2. Did It Annoy Anyone Else Today When...

    Was thinking the same when he said it
  3. Watch a game in New York?

    I watched the game against killie in November. Walking through the streets of New York at 6am on a Sunday morning to the boozer was pretty surreal. Some good guys watching it too
  4. It must've been so difficult to arrange a lift at a days notice. This is all about attitude whether he wants to admit it or not
  5. Ryan Hardie

    With him even just mentioning that result will fill the youngsters with confidence
  6. Souness speaking well on sky sports news
  7. Good appointment. We were crying out for something to be done. The board have acted in less than a week, let's hope it's enough for promotion.
  8. Jim White Talking To Dave King

    Jim was on the phone to the studio, no link sorry
  9. Not seen this posted, a couple of points mentioned After seeing a couple of drawn games, he is mindful of the need for whatever it takes to get promotion this season with the playing side needing a huge injection of energy. Jim thinks they are looking to change manager now. Met with Magath in which he offered his services to help rebuild the club He described Murray park as being absolutely soulless He said things cannot get any worse, the only way is up Massive amount to be done going through paperwork etc
  10. Sports App

    Pak India (for iphone)
  11. Ronaldinho when he played for PSG
  12. The Meeting Today

    McCoist still the gaffer, business as usual
  13. Game on iPhone

    Pak India had is a good app for iphone
  14. Subway/underground after match

    If you are getting the subway back make sure you have a return ticket. Sometimes there is a separate queue for tickets which is a lot slower!
  15. Breaking News on SSN

    Just been on, no real news on anything though