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  1. I really honestly do not give two hoots about what anyone is saying, ok thr is way of going about addressing things but it really is not worthy of the nonsense being spouted by fans on here. debates good but when it's always an attack on rangers people on this forum and I add green as one of those rangers people then it's basically a massive own goal. Some just don't want us progressing as we are or they are supporters of this underhand tactics used by so called rangers people who are all talk and want the best for rangers no matter how thr actions effect rangers.
  2. This will never end, now that the mhedia can see first hand we have eedjits who are against green and not just for any comments tbf as that glaringly obvious from a select few who jump on anything said by anyone. Playing right into the hands of the mhedia, taigs and those idiots who think it's ok to start smeer campaigns against people. Shameful antics
  3. Djbroxybear, your on a mission lately
  4. thinking I'll just leave it out thr
  5. you really believe that? Godfather defender of all, even tims
  6. Two seasons more in these leagues, hmmmm I think he may be of benefit
  7. You all are idiots jumping on this like it's a blow up doll. Some of you have criticized others for listening to papers but since it's this you lap it up. The same folks every night lol saddos
  8. some think they also would choose sectarianism over the good of rangers also
  9. recent event will ensure that never happens, don't you think.
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