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  1. You can’t play that way anymore, if you look at tackles from that era most are red cards by today’s standards. I agree with the sentiment though - I think Crystal Palace’s fast, direct combative style is the modern equivilant and we should be aiming for something like that.
  2. Each to their own on whether to support the team or not. I think the closest I came to it was when the SFA were clearly trying to fuck us over, the tartan army were singing about hating Rangers, Rangers players were being booed for representing the country and there were numerous of our former 'traitors' turning out. That was definitely the lowest ebb. However, after a while I managed to balance it out. Sure the head guys at the SFA are both woeful at their job and actively tried to damage our club, but I didn't start hating rangers because Whyte or Green were in charge, or David Murray was running us with reckless abandon. Sure I don't like Naismith, Whittaker and McGregor for what they did or any of the Celtic players as a matter of principle, but I didn't like Diouf turning out for us and that didn't stop me supporting Rangers. Hell, I've even played in teams where i dislike some of the players but I didn't start wishing we would lose because of it. Sure some of the fans are embarrassing and hate Rangers, but plenty aren't. I've set next to folk at Ibrox who you couldn't pay me to spend time with and who's views I have found pretty disgusting, but again I didn't stop supporting Rangers because of it. I've supported Scotland since I was a wee kid, I find it almost impossible to turn my back on the team just because certain administrators, fans and players are involved - it's about the longer term and the bigger picture for me. Anyway, I don't particularly disagree with folk choosing not to support the team everyone is entitled to their opinion - just strikes me as odd to continually go on about something you claim to have no interest in.
  3. Always thought of him as more of Brendan Rodgers.
  4. This has classic Scotland capitulation written all over it, I'm going for 3-1 to Poland.
  5. It disrupts the momentum and you almost never get the time back fully. Fuck hibs and the greetin faced commentator.
  6. It was the fact he said he 'signed up' for it like it was some kind of after school club!
  7. Get someone who knows the Heimlich manouvre out there ASAP
  8. You would have to think he's just so stubborn/deluded that he thinks he can improve the team and be the right man for the job, rather than he's just thinking about money.
  9. Must be annoying, especially how well they played last season. However, they are almost set up for operating like this (bring in/through talent cheaply, sell for massive profit, repeat) which is realistically all a club of that size can expect. No doubt be at least 3/4 really promising players coming through this year, on top of the hefty amount of money they have made.
  10. Exactly, he's talking as if simply because one of the greatest managers ever was able to get his sides pushing on at the end of the season that he will be able to as well simply because they ar Man U. The mans becoming increasingly more deluded.
  11. The quality of football has never been all that great as long as I've watched us - most of what I remember has been far from 'winning in style' save from some stand out matches. And when the football has been more aesthetically pleasing, results and success haven't always followed (Later Advocaat and PLG spring to mind). There is nothing wrong with fans striving for more from the team and management, it's what keeps us at the top and stop complacency setting in, but to call for a managers head when he's won 100% of his league games and we're in November is ludicrous.
  12. What odds are the draw? Think it'll be tight, Englands bowlers don't look all that capable at the minute.
  13. What has happened to the Giants offence last 2 games?!
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