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  1. Maybe we need some other way to highlight this thread. Personally I don't really notice the pinned threads that much.
  2. Got a 3 ball Texas Scrammble at my local this afternoon. Should be good fun despite the rain and it is for a fantastic cause http://www.starforharris.co.uk/
  3. It's not as if we have been played of off the park. Utd have had most of the play but we have gifted all 3 goals. Ffs we are losing it now.
  4. I can't see any change making a real difference. We seem to be lacking direction and I don't see a personnel change changing that. I hope I'm wrong and Ally is able to put some fire in their bellies with his ht talk because at the moment there is nothing more than an ember there.
  5. The hooper price tag will likely include his remaining wages that would be saved as per the norm from the shettlestons
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