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  1. Bit conflicted by this one, happy to let few younger lads get a game but for once this season I’d also accept getting beat..... purely so the sheep miss out on chance of Europe. Frign hate Sheep scum I work with so nice to provide extra joy to Monday! Its only time I’ll say this though.
  2. Mmm, think Poster also trying hard to invent a problem!!
  3. Think I’m the only one here that couldn’t stick him. To be fair it wasn’t so much him as the BBC’s love affair with him. Always referred to as ‘Andy Murray’ not just Andy or just Murray and as for his mother.....ahh just makes me seethe for some reason. Ah feel better now ...
  4. This includes King ? Yes know he’s not perfect by any shade but if he helps delivers the title ( still hoping but not expecting) this year then he’d be frign hero in my eyes.
  5. Alleged empty bottle ‘missed’ child by few meters reported all over news and papers, bear stabbed by scum gang... SFA. Yup that’s current media we’re dealing with !
  6. Was in hospital this time last week with bleeding on brain. Got away with it but watching that game dam near put me back in! Tough going but delighted
  7. No way would play Morelos on Sunday, great talent but too hot headed to rely on. Really pissed at him for this.
  8. I trust SG like no one since Sir Walter, if he thinks big Kyle is a good move then ok with me no matter what. Now is what matters
  9. Might have some big money offers for him based on last couple games, he’s been superb. He’d be 50 mil + if played in different colours !
  10. Not going to go down well but think he gave everything for the club, genuinely loved playing for Gers and the bust up after the game showed his anger at the pathetic efforts of some players giving up. Didnt deserve to go that way. DS
  11. Soooooo want a win tomorrow, pleeeeeease !!! Shut up the sheep I work with. Reason we have a good chance... Bates. Without the young lad the back line scares me.
  12. Wallace stuck with us through the bad times and was our captain. Think some people here for get this fact. He’s a Rangers man through and though and yet some think he’s a Tim by way he gets these comments.
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