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  1. End of the day someone’s gonna be pis.ed what ever decisions are, let’s just hope it’s Lego and the mob for a change.
  2. Perhaps just bad timing but has not everything gone to shit since last big AGM when King made clear his intentions to leave us in which then was our highest point. Since then it’s gone rapidly downhill.
  3. Not wrong, come Sat night our season could be over .
  4. I’d be very surprised if something doesn’t happen next week however getting Alfie and Tav back will be like 2 significant additions after last few games.
  5. No pleasing some folk, Wallace stayed on to captain us through darks days and still gets stick.. Would have been easier for him to leave like so many others at the time. Has my respect.
  6. Docspawn


    Wouldn’t say MOM but did have a good game, think his workload is often over looked. Deserves place in current squad.
  7. This beggars belief, the guy reputation has to be on its arse now. Can’t hold his position within FARE and word must spread about his University.
  8. The guy in question should get removed from any position within FARE as no way he can be seen as impartial with the organisation.
  9. Lads at my work are convinced there are an impartial organisation with no agenda. If this is genuine (presumably is) then can’t get away with this.
  10. Think winning 55 this season would beat year of the helicopter. There would be a timplosion for sure and I’d love it.
  11. Said from day one that thought King was here to bring back Rangers FC to where it belongs. MANY castigated him but no one can watch the AGM and say he shouldn’t be applauded for what he’s done. Well done, a true Rangers man and I’ll say might yet be remembered as a legend that stopped scum 9 in a row.
  12. Mate if you’re looking for IPTV search for GERSIP55TVon Twitter

    He has a great service, full VOD latest movies and Adult stuff

    It’s not expensive £60 for a year £35 six months when I joined.

    He does free trials

    I thought Hamie had given up btw.

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