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  1. Police Scotland OBFA submission

    So to be clear on this. If that lot tell us to go home (ya h..) it's ok. But if we ask them (why don't you....) it is an offence!!
  2. Chances of securing 2nd?

    The scum will have a dilemma. Lie down to the sheep to stop us getting 2nd or to stay unbeaten
  3. ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***

    Maybe he wasn't in the Zidane mould but the Bayern Munich manager at the time we played them in the CL thought he was and singled him out. The 'world class' Mattheus couldn't get near him so faked a headbutt to get him sent off. Mind you the whole team were 1st class that night
  4. Best tackles on them

    Albertz-lambert all day long
  5. ***the Official Falkirk Vs Rangers Match Thread***

    Plastic pitch tonight which usually means we play shite by pumping long balls up to Boyd/Daly. I'd go with Clark and Miller and try to keep the ball on the deck like all the other 'plastic pitch' teams do.