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  1. The scum will have a dilemma. Lie down to the sheep to stop us getting 2nd or to stay unbeaten
  2. Maybe he wasn't in the Zidane mould but the Bayern Munich manager at the time we played them in the CL thought he was and singled him out. The 'world class' Mattheus couldn't get near him so faked a headbutt to get him sent off. Mind you the whole team were 1st class that night
  3. Albertz-lambert all day long
  4. It's torrential in Kirkcaldy just now. Raith's pitch doesn't normally stand up to it
  5. I always thought that if you dont take up your holiday allowance, then you lose it.some of the players mentioned definitely looked like they were on holiday.
  6. Plastic pitch tonight which usually means we play shite by pumping long balls up to Boyd/Daly. I'd go with Clark and Miller and try to keep the ball on the deck like all the other 'plastic pitch' teams do.
  7. I don't think you are allowed to recall them but Ashley does whatever he wants
  8. If the loan signings get fit and are of a similar standard to Vuckic and Streete I think we will piss the playoffs. The again if Ashley loses the EGM I think they all might develop mystery illnesses
  9. I'm pretty sure I read that Black had an option for another year. Does this mean we have to offer him something. Or can we just tell him to chase himself?
  10. Peralta and Mcausland are already away so there may be a little bit of money to play with!
  11. Don't really see temps as left midfield. More left sided as a three man attack but Ally likes Black and Law in middle and has to accommodate McLeod on the left which is also a bit of a waste