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  1. Well they should be, I can see this system benefiting the boycotters who seem to be more important these days than the fans who stood by the club.
  2. Sorry why should someone get a cup final ticket who did not pay say £100 for the pre season friendlies before someone who has went to them and pumped more money into the club ?
  3. Just give your card to someone as always someone wanting to go if you can't make it.
  4. Friendlies are part of our income just like cup games as we don't get a super bumper deal from sky. It may be holiday season but that's still no excuse for not ticking the friendlies box on ccs form as they take the money regardless with the majority of it going to the club. I think you should get more points for friendlies than away games as we earn fuck all from away games and if you have a away ticket these days it's a bonus
  5. I agree but why should the boycotters start off the same points as say me ? Why are the records not used before admin and then the real loyal fans will get more points than the ones who decided to boycott the club because they were told too by Dave?
  6. All money after expenses for that game went to the club. What di the club gain financially from away games ? I have been on ccs for donkey years including all cups and friendlies and I have never had so few away tickets , cup tickets as I have the last few seasons under Dave King and co. I would be happy if they only counted all home games and cup games as we get half the revenue Have we learned nothing since 2012? We should be lining our own clubs pockets as a priority. I don't care who the bears play at Ibrox as they will always get my money.
  7. Take it all the way Rangers as it's laughable, we pump them Christie gets done as he should have walked and they demand we are also charged with something. Well there you have it and Rangers should state this as surly we should have been charged the same time as Christie. We must now demand to know why they got an offside goal which was clear as day giving in the final , and why 3 players of theirs did not receive red cards in their midden as if it was us we would be charged with that also and not controlling the players Time for the board to grow a set as they are not slow when it's a directors son.
  8. Nah it was definitely New England patriots, talking about 1985
  9. I would stick the 800 cunts up the club deck in the corner if I could well away from the tv cameras like they do with us at their midden.
  10. In the mid 80's they wore the Miami Dolphin stuff and we wore New England Patriot stuff. Washington Redskin man myself thou.
  11. Worth £32 million a year? What do the winners get ? I can't see them paying that much to be honest but they have lost a lot of things to BT lately so who knows ?👍
  12. Given away, remember Lawell went down with Doncastor and got a great new deal that no cunt was ever told about the details
  13. But Bt will have Europa and champions league so the bastards still trap us needing both channels
  14. Does a new deal not start with SKY next season? I am sure sky have all the games next year but Bt will still have Europa and champions league.
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