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  1. With the amount of tops we sell we should be demanding this from all suppliers, Hummel could not believe the demand for tops, the will be better prepared this year and I can go into the town and buy it on launch with the wee man, Better experience for him but saying that he was jumping for joy when they had a sale as he wanted the orange top long sleeve home socks and short ps and away blue shorts.
  2. I bought my son the away blue shorts for the white top and he owns the home and orange top and they both go well with the blue shorts. 🇬🇧👍
  3. I know what you mean, but we would still buy them regardless , All it needs is our badge and 5 stars above it as the tops worth £3 but our badge is the other £57 or something 🤣👍
  4. Really like the black one , but let's be honest have Hummel even produced a bad Rangers top? Even McGregor's tops are crackers. Keep up the good work Hummel and I hope we stay with you for years to come
  5. Letting my brother know in England that it's on👍🇬🇧
  6. I hoped they would draw 4 and lose to us and we win all 5. Also hoping with McNeil dying they might have their eye off the ball this weekend then it's up to Aberdeen for them which won't be easy. We must just keep winning and if we fail get the gap down as we all know we threw the league away this season as they are fucking woeful A win at Ibrox is a must. No ifs or buts , no let's be friendly bullshit when they arrive, Show them the changing room then blank the fuckers and boot the cunts hard and get in there faces.
  7. Kyle beard did a 5 stretch already and he's only 25, said at the time it was fuck all to do with us as it would be a suicide mission. If he was one of us then time to step up or shut up and the club should take legal action against all media outlets who blatenly lied and threw our name in the mix just to get our name involved and sell papers. Time to ban these so called rags or the journalists from these rags from Ibrox and stop taking advertising money from them as we don't wish to see the Daily Record/ Sunday mail or The Sun advertised at Ibrox any more.
  8. We could just do a minutes applause then? We did the minutes silence for Stein at Kilbowie no problem and I think we will be forced to do something on Sunday as a mark of respect as the SFA will instruct all clubs in Scotland to do either a minutes silence or minutes applause , but after 2102 and Celtics antics ? Most bears don't give a fuck anymore as relationships between club and fans is the worst I have known since I started going in something like 1979 Remember the big banner Desmond Whyte sucks cocks in hell against the filth at the piggery ? 🤣👏🏻
  9. Am I missing something here? He has a great game against celtic as we all know but how many times has his final ball been lacking? How many times does he make the wrong choice of pass? How many times does he over do it ? Yes he is a good player but ffs he would still be cleaning someone like Laudrup's boots in his prime. The problem is Candieas is even bloody worse, well a lot worse if I'm honest and if we could sell Candieas and keep Kent on loan then I would be happy , but I am not sold on him completely , well not at £14m anyway as I would pay £3 to £4m tops for him as he has done nothing in football to date as coming second in a 2 horse title race does not count It just shows you how much we have been starved of success, Kent has grown this season with us and has got better as the season has went on but he needs to perform like the way he did at parkhead week in week out..
  10. Watched it when it started k believe me you did not miss much.
  11. Fucking class show, was pissing myself the first time I heard that. He feared no cunt and every cunt feared him yet as you say even he knows the fucking score. 👍
  12. And Manchester may not be big enough? Fucking understatement or what?👍
  13. Down there if ithey gets them 2 good seasons out of him and they stay up then it's a success, I agree about the age factor but nowadays players in their 30's go for millions. Me I can't get my head around players price tags , like £14m for Kent, as good as he is £14m? We all don't have big fancy sky deals , some of us still rely on season ticket money, cup games , Europe happy with group stages and merchandise for our main source of income. You could take many a player like Gough ,Gazza, McCall, Hateley, McCoist , Laudrup,Numan, Van bronckhorst, I could go on but how much would any of them be worrth in their prime at Rangers If Kent is worth £14m I would rather get very good bosmans and pay them the wages for 2 seasons than pay crazy prices like championship teams down south do. The truth is we can't compete money wise but who would not want to play against the taigs or a top European game at Ibrox ?
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