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  1. What annoys me is they are not taking any sort of orders or payment either online or in the megastore, I managed to get my son the home shirt long sleeve medium boys but still want 2 large long sleeve, 1 medium long sleeve and a baby kit 1-2 years. Now when I was in Saturday their should have been a till set up for orders only and then they can send the strips direct and more importantly they have my money. One thing is for sure , no matter what retail deal we do in the future that shop must come under Rangers control and never be let out JJB or sport direct.
  2. They Sat in part of the main stand above the west enclosure also, we also used to get part of the main stand at the piggery 👍. And fantastic thread lads , loved the pictures of Ibrox and the history behind the gates.
  3. Must be falling in hard times selling all these shares 🤣👍🏻, what I would like to know is why did Ashley letnus renegomtatite the a new deal,when the old one had us by the balls and let's not forget he sold us the stadium rights back for a £1, I never saw Ashley as the bad guy but as a business man and if anyone was to blame it was Charles Green. Anyway good work by the board as the kit deal is vital to our budget and we can walk away after a year. One thing is for sure Ashley and puma will get a shock at how many strips we shift this season. I have got one but will be purchasing another 4 home kits when in stock
  4. Taking my young son this season ( had a book since he was born) as he is 7, he is autistic but doing well at school and progressing , this season like the same age my late da starting taking me to Ibrox and it's also very special for that reason too. I had my son up the Govan for the ICT game Christmas Eve and he loved it but now he goes in the Copland and as that team run out at that moment money can never buy what bonds us and that moment and our future love of the Gers. Most things change, but taking your son to see the bears never changes, I and many others in here used to be that wee boy so know exactly how it felt .
  5. Split? I think we keep it all and they keep all their home gate
  6. I think Ashley is a shareholder in puma also, puma did not want involved in the dispute and wanted to remain neutral. Now it sorted they will want to make our kit for years to come as we do sell a shit load of kits.
  7. Aye if you can find one 😟
  8. No one deserves their place. They earn it and that's the problem at Rangers at the moment.
  9. They have done the women's version for years which sits much better than a normal guys top on them
  10. Give the fans what they want. It our club and our money, we want a Orange top with a touch of blue trim, , blue shorts with orange trim and blue socks also with orange trim. Now how hard is it to figure out, we need the money and that's the strip hat will sell more than any other, yet we pander to our haters who would never buy a Rangers top any way. THE FUTURE US BRIGHT THE FUTIRE IS ORANGE 👍🇬🇧, now please give the fans what they want.
  11. Who is the second biggest single share holder? Are you counting the 3 bears as one ? Or does one of them have more shares alone and not as a group than Ashley
  12. Who is gonna buyi his shares? Is he not the second largest single share holder ?
  13. A delighted bear who's 7 year old starts this season for real👍🏻, hopefully a new top,will be out soon as he needs to wear the blue of Rangers like his new heroes at Ibrox. That's what it's all about , getting strips on kids and letting them enjoy the football as we did as kids. Glad that Ashley did the right thing like he did with the stadium rights as he could have stuck to his guns, me I will be buying 5 or 6 strips as I also buy family in England. As some including myself have said there was enough money for all parties to be happy and make money. So time to buy with pride again and show your support to the club. I wonder if Ashley has his eye on Rangers now as there were rumours the Chinese were sniffing about Newcastle? Would not ne a disaster for us to be honest if it happened.
  14. No he was abusing the pain killers, that nothing to do with being fully fit, Selling him turned out to be a great bit of business as we recouped £3.45million and we had got the last out of him. Just a pity we could not get the 10, it was not that we could not pump the tarriers but inconsistency against lower teams that season that cost us the title.
  15. He was dropping painkillers like sweeties ffs, he fucked himself up going for 10 no one else