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  1. That is one game I wish I was old enough to see. That was the end of Celtic's dominance and we were building a good team which would go on and win two trebles under Wallace.
  2. Oleg I would like us to wear a t shirt with a picture of the goal on it under the shirt on Sunday and when we score the player that scores lifts his shirt up over his head but not to take it off so he does not get booked for all the world to see. Who will ever forget that goal
  3. The big man scored one of the best goals I have saw against them, we were big underdogs that day big man scored a wonder over head kick and probably the best goal,he ever scored. Rest in peace big man as you were far to young to be taken away from us. I hope there is a minute silence on Sunday so we can show our respect. Rangers should arrange a game with Spurs or Villa pre season with all monies raised going to his wife and kid. Thats what we do at Rangers , we look after our own.
  4. I have a 7 year old with autism and he is going next year. He will be taught and brought up the way my da brought me up. Maybe the OP so concentrate on making sure his kids are Rangers through and through and the rest takes care of itself. We do not choose to support Rangers, Rangers choose us as it's in our DNA as no other team would ever do
  5. Why demolish the other 3 stands? They are built to last unlike stadiums built now
  6. And how much would that cost ?
  7. If nothing happens regarding this then our club should complain to UEFA.
  8. By a country mile 👍🏻
  9. That was how it was meant to be done, Murray showed this on the bluebells are blue video and said it would hold 60,000. I wish they had built it like this without those stupid screens which could go in the Copland and broomloan roofs like the beggers have. Stadium is outstanding otherwise, but as others have stated a good clean up , lick of paint and toilets sorted but I would move the bottom turnstiles back a few feet in the Copland , broomloan and Govan stands if possible to create more space for bigger toilets , disabled toilets etc. But a good clean is what's needed now as I love the stadium and very few clubs can match it
  10. Find new work mates , but seriously hope you find somewhere as I could not watch it with all them around me.
  11. Do you want a iPad 😡, the fucker can't spell thou.
  12. Fuck the lot of you, I'm off to get Negri's booK , queens highway will you get it signed 😂🇬🇧
  13. I won't be losing any sleep so no worries
  14. Again the iPad , glad your amused