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  1. I'm waiting to renew my books as soon as the club send out the forms. I don't care if the season does not start till December and we play 20 games but what I and thousands of other bears will never let Rangers go to the walll.
  2. The guy was a disaster between the sticks, came in when Goram was injured and gave away a lot of goals Goram would have saved easily. Never liked him as a reserve keeper then and certainly don't rate him now
  3. Book a trip to USA for the day after the last league fixture was due to be played. Play those cunts at their own game.
  4. They were 7pts ahead in 2005 with 4 games to go and we finished a point above them. So who says the are gonna win the league for certain? As they are talking shite as no one will ever know.. League must be void and this should be our legal argument that what happened in 2005 proves it is far from impossible as we have 9 games and 27pts to play for , they have 8 games and 24 points , we pump them twice win our game in hand and the pressure is all on them
  5. Reduce the price of the kids kits if you show your smart-card next season, the price of a full kids kit is over £80 (well for a LB size anyway) get the full kit down to about £60 for kids so we can see them everywhere . As others have mentioned we don't want a bean back but let me buy my son all 3 kits next season for under £200. As for adults? Fuck us charge top dollar 🤣
  6. They were 7pts ahead when they beat us after the break in 2005 with only 4 games to go and we still won it that season with room to spare as it is you can say they are 10pts ahead of us right now if we beat St Johnstone with 24 pts still to play for and 2 of them against them when we have played them off the park the last two times we have met. The league must be finished in the set time we were told before a ball has been kicked , if not sporting integrity is out the window. As to say it is impossible to catch them is just celtic media lies as they forget the 2005 season when Bellamy scored at Ibrox they thought the league was over like most bears only to be proved wrong. That should be our legal position if they dare hand the kiddy fiddlers the title on a plate. Or if they fancy a 2 legger home and away behind closed doors winner takes all, let's see if they have the bottle , even give the cunts a goal a start
  7. Just threaten them with legal action then , as why should we pay all season for the SPFL just to hand them the title? As big Marvin said Keep believing
  8. Their can be no extension whatsoever were the cries in 2008, They never told us unless we have a world crisis then their will be a delay. Scrapping the league this year would be juctice as we can survive as no cunt will want a penny off the Glasgow Rangers for games we can't see . Karma is a bitch and if they even attempt to hand them the title then threaten legal action.
  9. We need to book a trip to Japan for the day after the league season finishes. Their can be no extension what so ever in sporting intergrity and all that.
  10. Maybe contact Nike and get a bumpa kit deal. Adidas gear was yesteryear now, Adidas is doing its brand no good by getting into bed with them.
  11. You can only charge teams €45 which is about £39 The rules but nothing against home fans ticket pricing. That's why we are more expensive.
  12. So they dumped the boys club and need praised ? I grew up across from where they used to train in the 70's and 80's and believe me the boys club and celtic where as one , I could look out my bedroom window and watch them train if I wished too ffs.
  13. celtic need to be asked why Torbett has been convicted twice now ? Why was he let back in to continue his abuse after being booted out for abusing kids in the first place by Big Jock who was told by his employers to keep celtic's name clean. Why was allowed back in to reabuse? To cover up abuse and then let him back in to me means the celtic board are just as bad as Torbett, And what compensation for all those kids he abused when let back in when it could so easily have been avoided ? It's called doing the moral and decent thing expecially when kids are involved Fuck the football aspect on all this as if those board members at the time if still alive also need to be charged ..
  14. What a left peg, never used the right, Why? No need too as the left was that good..
  15. Gerrard has also had a small fortune to spend as well remember. He is not looking around the same bargain bins as let say Warburton was. He has spent £8.5m on 3 centre halfs alone then the £7m for Kent, that's over £15m already, when we keep dropping points to the lesser teams in the division then the are problems as we have found out once again to our cost.
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