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  1. Ojo for me, been saying it since I first saw the boy, Kent had a very slow start and came good the latter part of the season but I feel Ojo will play his part this season in a much stronger squad than last.
  2. She not that staunch obviously or she would not entertain the wee cunt I agree with you , kick the wee cunt up and doon, but wait till we pump them oot so you can slag him to fuck first ­čĹŹ­čĆ╗
  3. Those cunts have a cheek to talk about kids. They think it's bad now? It's gonna get a hell of a lot worse once the truth is fully out regarding their board covering up for Torbett the man now convicted twice as they let him back in once Stain left to reabuse knowing fine well what he was.
  4. Time to ban the cunts from Ibrox now. Leave the corner empty if need be when they come to get pumped if we can't put bears in it.
  5. celtic fans did it against us, in fact a cunt was on he park with a baby ,. Then we did it back when we beat them at Ibrox ,. So if any action is taking against us then we ask why when celtic first did it against us no action was taken. But people need to stay and celebrate in the stands , I have seen it all with Rangers and some really important goals in big big games and I don't recall any Rangers fans trying to get on the pitch.
  6. My sons arrived on Friday and I am still waiting. I suppose it's too much to ask that they could send both out togeather at the same address.
  7. They damaged property , endangered other fans,. You know they make it up as they go along with us,. The tables on the crowds a few years back proved we were arrested and picked on more than any cunt else by a country mile and nothing has changed in my eyes since then and you never ever see trouble at Ibrox The best of it is I think they were only late teenagers but they will throw the book at them because it's us. We could always use Rob Petries excuse when they won the Scottish cup and invaded the park thou as it work for Hibs and their fans.
  8. Well they will just get charged and convicted and a bloody banning order rammed up their arses and for what ? You know our haters will want them banned if convicted and the video evidence will not get lost or destroyed before this case. . Its just a suggesting as I don't want the poor cunts banned for something stupid as it was bloody stupid as they should never have been on it.
  9. Shut up? What for a fanny like you ? Learn some manners
  10. Spot on,. It's open season on us while the tarriers try to kill each other in the city centre before an old firm game they some how managed to link us , yet no cunt has ever printed the truth it was celtic fans amongst themselves with blades.
  11. I thought it was to be honest, would need to see it again , but I was going bonkers at the tv,. It would have been harsh after the first one but that's down to Collum fuxking up,in the first yellow and fuck all to do with us.
  12. Well I can guarantee you if they don't have who was up in the roof they will soon plaster their pictures everywhere and hunt them down like they always do when it's bears,. Cunts escape from jail and they don't give a fuck but if it's a Rangers fan then get at all costs.
  13. What about that wank broadfoot on big Wes in the first half , eyes on Wes and no cunt else , could have seriously injured him. I do not hate Rangers ex players but I hate this fucking Wank of a guy.
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