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  1. Played the other day, they seem to have slowed it down , scored an excellent free kick, usually put the fuckers over the bar 👍, I will be buying as per usual and like most years it's seems as thou it's been tweaked here and their. Ibrox and the beggerdome are great, nothing better than pumping them on their own patch.
  2. We've had bigger attendances at reserve games if you want to go down that road. I bet it was not £25 or £30 per ticket as their would be 3,000 if that was the case , it was probably £5 or £10 at the gate If they want women's leagues that's fine but let them fund there bloody selfs like any other team
  3. As long as they pay their own way. Only one team I care about winning the league.
  4. The Redskins do their normal, getting into a good lead at Philly just to implode, at 20-6 up they should be winning these types of games. Gonna be a long long long season and hoping for the playoffs and that's a big hope
  5. Yep been to every game and not one away or cup ticket, been on the cccs as long as I can remember so I would like to know how the club decide who gets the tickets We should know before a ball is kicked what away tickets we get as it seems like they re making it up as they go along.
  6. Been to every home game with my son so far this season, I think it's now 10 games at Ibrox on the CCCS, I have still to get one away ticket and we have now been to 20 games in total. We should know our games away before the season starts as we used before admin, getting hee haw now and it's a disgrace .
  7. My favourite all time Rangers manager, just won his second treble in 3 seasons and left Greig a team who almost won the treble in 1978-79 season which was my first full season . I would have him as manager of my favourite Rangers team. Show me a bear over 40 who does not like Jock Wallace , and I'll show you a non Rangers fan.
  8. I would rather I had a family member in for murder than child abuse , it's the lowest crime out there and if you can think of anything worse then please tell me. . No one expected over 100
  9. We must demand it from Msp' mp's,juctice minister etc, we bombarded the cunts with emails and don't rest until juctice is severed , as people still alive who covered it up.
  10. We all want to contact our Msp"sand Mp's along with the juctice minister regarding this , also UEFA should be notified about the cover up with Torbett and his 2 spells in jail. Ovef 100 kids abused is unacceptable in any walk of life amd for the club to say they did not know and no one knew is a lie as that many victims then some cunt knew. We all know they said it was fuck all to do with them, but they could and should have went to the police in the early 70's , we have been singing about it for well over a decade now yet know one knew at celtic park ? Aye right you are
  11. Ffs I remember when Hutton broke his leg at Ibrox against Kilmarnock years ago and it was Hutton who ducked up the tackle and was his own fault. But great news that Jones is only out for a month, Him one wing and Kent the other expecially at Ibrox and attack teams
  12. And Torbett convicted twice after they let him back in to reabuse. As for the SFA? They say clubs should apologise? Yes , but certain clubs like Hibs and celtic covered it up and saying sorry does not cut it. We need to see the toughest penalties ever handed out in Scottish football and show that covering up child abuse is not acceptable.. They all seem to forget celtic covered this up in the 70's which resulted in Torbetts 2 convictions and as for Neeley? Rangers should put all the blame on Hibs door and demand Hibs issue a public apology to us for not doing the right thing amd jailing him before we ever went for him.
  13. I like the Redskins myself, since the early 80's when the won the Super Bowl,. Fell away from it for years and been getting back into it the past couple of seasons as sky and the camera angles now is amazing., well better than the old channel 4👍🏻, I thought the redskins would make the play offs last season then they just died a depth. And the NFL winter hats are brilliant also £25
  14. A camera must have caught it. , no way did not one camera catch it.
  15. That cunt Julien ( There no2) should have been off, how the lineman , 4th official or tv camera never saw it is unbelievable,. I saw it clear as day, He had Morelos in a lock around the neck and threw him to the floor like that. It was dangerous play, very dangerous in fact,. If you did that to someone leaving the game you would be up at court this morning. 3 game ban all day long. As for Madden? Did he bring his fucking cards as his first half display was shocking, We shot ourselves in the foot as the first goal was a bloody disgrace , Goldstone ? What the fuck was he thinking and in the 2nd half a corner came in and that Julien had his hands around Katic,. Again a clear penalty ,. But what the fuck was Madden seeing ?
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