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  1. If you want to support Scotland then knock yourself out,. As I said a went to a few games in the 80's with my auld man, in remember Souness getting sent off against Wales and we lost 1-0, McCoist scoring against Australia, Gougjh against England , I have even travelled to Wembley a mini bus of die hard Rangers fans I was 18'or something, at that time and it was the last home internationalis, but i don't feel that Scotland exists anymore. I had the 78 tracksuit and loved big Tam as a kid but did not know too much about the the World Cup but remember the games and beating Holland . Then 82, pumped New Zealand, David Narey had us in wonderland for a few minutes against a superb Brazil whomthen taught us how to play , then only for balls it up once again against the USSR, then 86 was the group of death played great against Denmark and West Germany only to lose 1-0 and 2-1 then those cheating cunts Uruguay, then 90 and Costa bloody Rica which just fucked us before we started I drifted away mid 90's but after our treatment in 2008! and then 2012 they just drove bears away,. If it's a bear in a Scotland shirt then I hope he has a good game, but can't bring myself to support any celtic player not now I would rather buy my son the three full kits just out and spent as much money I can afford on Rangers than hand a penny over to the SFA. I even begrudge playing at Hampden as they get a cut of the blue coin. As I say , feel free to support Scotland and remember the days with your grandpa as I do with my da,. Guys behind you singing the sash and the billy boys. Those certainly were the days.
  2. That the question that need answered? Any expert will tell you that the numbers at one club just does not add up, you are gonna get one here one there in all walks of life. , but fucking 7?
  3. They can't the world will be watching. The only way is to blame the old company that ran celtic, but then what about honours in that period ? And what about the Whyte's , Kellie's and McGinn's if this world as they covered it up and the owned celtic at the time. As I said we just state we were demoted for a legal tax loophole yet child abuse is not as punishable ? It will shut the SFA down ifgthey go down this route.
  4. I remember all that also, I also remember busting a cunts face for calling Gazza an orange bastard after he scored against Scotland , I bet you that Jacobite wished he kept his fucking sectarian remarks to himself. And u never knew you were a nationalist but things you talk about were in another life as they did it the SFA with the Rangers support and that's why we walked. So you enjoy your time with the tartan trannys mand did you boo GSTQ against England like the rest of the scum ? And ffs I had given up supporting Scotland as you were starting to support them and you try a lecture me ? Your grandad unfortunatly lived in a different era from now.
  5. It just gets worse and worse,. Any expert would tell you this is a very high percentage if child abusers within one club. You would expect one here and one there in every walks of life hut how 7? Once the police is finished then our FA need to hand out the toughest wpever punishments Are the SFA now saying a legal tax system at the time is worse than child abuse like John mason? The SFA won't survive if they take that view as UEFA will have to get involved as we as a club should then go public om the full state of our game and how the SFA are not fit for purpose. celtic have tried a separate entity and that did not wash the only thing is to say they are a new club after changing their name when McCann took over, but then why did a new club start at the top division ? celtic are now in damage limitations.
  6. Well why don't you wear a big SNP badge next season while at Ibrox and see how you like it petal? So less of the bullshit as you know fine well what would happen and it would not be very pleasent yet a bear gets abuse at a Scotland game and instead of condemning the filth who abused him you abuse the Rangers fan? Just typical SNP scum tactics that is Rangers fan my fucking arse m8, more like a glory hunter, If Souness had been nowhere near Ibrox then you would be supporting some cunt else and that's a fact is it not. Unlike dicks like you I followed my team when we wer shite under Greig then Wallace while staying a stone throw from the beggerdome. You can't be half in half out being a bear as you choose to do. It's all or nothing and SNPIRA have no place within Rangers and never will. Have a nice day now
  7. I have no problem with you or any bear working for the media and sticking up for us ,. If you don't fill the job then they just get another anti Rangers journalist. As you say it pays the bills and if you can get your message across even better πŸ‘πŸ», People forget and as much as I hate the paper the Daily record uncovered the child abuse at celtic park just a pity the never kept it going in the 90's thou.
  8. Where a big SNP badge next season somwe bears know who and what you are and see how you like it ? Petal
  9. Fuck off you nationlist cunt. You want to half this country in 2 like the rest of the filth and bigots in this country and you call me bitter? Do you not remember 2008? Do you not remember 2012 and the SFA ? Away and ask your juctice minister what he is gonna do about his beloved celtic? . Away and contact John Mason on tax abuse and sex abuse,? away and ask your great party why it's one rule for us one rule for them? Away and ask why evidence was destroyed over the effigies at parkhead which lead to no conviction. Now away and ask these questions then bring their answers back to us fellow bears as we would love to hear the spin they put on it. Will you ? Will you hell as like as you don't have the stomach for the bullshit they will tell you as you know we will ridicule you on here Now run along and ask your party these questions and why they hate Glasgow Rangers
  10. Aye all those players you spoke with played for them before the fucked us over, In fact they fucked Souness over while he was manager of us , then after 2012? Not for me and many many many others now, rather spend my money on all things Rangers now in football
  11. Ya mong? What sort of patter is that ? Away and annoy some cunt else as I can't be arsed with you
  12. Flap for an idiot like you ? πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»Very good
  13. They usually do as they think they are not getting a sniff of the England squad and that's what he did , I hope now they have capped him that his international career is now over.
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