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  1. Sorry their must be a better way of doing it and they will change it for next season.
  2. I don't care what you believe , and how many will be at the piggery who are at the final out the 800? As for coming across like a dick? The club know they have big problems and hopefully will rectify it and make the system fairer. Tell me how mearnsloyal can get no tickets with 4 season books ? Ffs you would expect 2 but to get none is brutal? So away you go and jog along
  3. Hey I'm grateful but I expected 1 out the 2 books , mearnsloyal got 0/4. That's shocking and the chances of that happening in a draw are very slim.
  4. Totally agree mate , I would have thought you would have got 2/4 , you could not grumble at that , but 0/4 that's brutal, the club are gonna change it all by next season some points system but why is it not already in place ? I would put a complaint in about it as the only way it will change
  5. He owns the 5 books all in his name.
  6. Doubt it ? I have been on to Greg who said it was quite possible, my mate has said I can use his name so putting in a complaint about how these tickets were allocated. He had something like a 14% chance getting them all out , 1 ticket is just over 70% chance and having 2 books then I would have slightly better chance of getting one. Also Greg said they are thinking about a one off payment of £45 to get priority to tickets and I said that was outrageous but he said the money goes to the club, but you and I know it won't go down well The draw was fucked up big time as before my mate went over yesterday to find out as he does not have email we agreed he would get all 5 or fuck all and that proved to be the case. As you said you doubt he got all 5 tickets and Greg's was like you have a ticket now so what's the problem? The problem is the tickets are not distributed fairly and I guarentee all them at the final will be at celtic park the next game. I cancelled all direct debits as I go to friendly s the lot always have , It league games for me now and I will pick and choose which games I wish to pay for now as enough is enough as they battered my account silly June/July / Aug and all that money could not get me one ticket with 2 books for the biggest game of the season. Thank fuck my mate got all 5 or I was watching on tv it's that simple.
  7. Glad to update you then, my mate got 5 tickets with his 5 season ticket books. So I've got one at least. It seems you got your full allocation or nothing as all as I've got 2 books and got here haw and I know other people this has happened with . His chances of getting all 5 tickets was a little over 14%, , So you tell me how they are dished ou? So glad to have made your night better yesterday as mine is certainly a lot better tonight.
  8. Well that money you talk about goes to the othef clubs not Rangers. Friendlies the money goes to Rangers
  9. I do know what the rules are , I have been on it for about odd 20 years easily for every home game, I just think it's shite as I never miss a final.
  10. So those who give to the club all of the money to the club in friendlies miss out for some cunt w ho thinks buying his season ticket is enough ? Its a fucking disgrace, as I said they took money from me including Europa qualifiers on Fuck knows how many o ccasions , at one time I had 6 tickets for 3 games and was like what the fuck. I know one thing my bank balance took a battering late July and August in friendlies alone and as I stated all that money went to Rangers and the biggest game of the season you get looke over 😫
  11. Well it's the first year I have ever missed out. Are all those in the ballot signed up to every home game thou ?
  12. There were many more than the Oxfird game
  13. Aye how many are signed up to every game thou? Not just league and cup games ? I paid for 2 season books all the friendlies , all Europa league qualifiers and both packages . Rangers have had a fortune off me this season yet the biggest game and it's fuck you now. How many with tickets where at all the friendlies at Ibrox this season?
  14. Not holding my breath the way they dish out the tickets now. It's time we knew in advance our league tickets at least the way we used too as it's bloody pot luck now.
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