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  1. Not even shocked anymore 🇬🇧
  2. More fool the guy fir resigning. The sack you for that they will lose the tribuniral.
  3. After the way Chris Sutton has spoke about us then why would I want BT sports?
  4. Same old story and I have no faith in the board who have appointed a manager we know very little about and after last week I at least expect a response and it's his job to make sure the players perform. Gonna be a long long pre season with bosmans and players worth no more than half a million arriving.
  5. The first 2 had no choice but as for singing sectarian lyrics? Get them to fucking prove it and deny everything as that's what they do and they always seem to walk.
  6. I always said I would never return if any them ever did come back. Honestly after Saturday ? We need to do what we need to do, we should try and sign Naismith and any cuny who can improve us as I don't want them doing 9 never mind 10 so we have 2 more seasons then we need to win it at all costs. So before I get slated , we all know how good Naismiths link up play is , and don't be suprised if the tarrier try and sign him so we need to be fast if we are gonna sign him.
  7. This squad and no squad in modern time has been beat by the filth 1-5 at Ibrox, so technically they have been beaten by the same score line this season but it's a hell of a difference between losing 5-1 away in their midden than losing 1-5 at Ibrox. As for Pedro ? Who is he? What has he done? Why was he the only man in the frame for the job ? The board should cut their losses at the end of the season and get a good British manager who knows our game inside out. I like many fans were bemused when he was appointed and let's be honest we have got worse under hiim and you can't blame the players for everything as the board would not allow the last manager to buy better as they gave him like they will give Pedro next to fuck all. You don't agree? We can't afford to gift the 7 in a row next season and it pains me to say with Pedro and this board it will be over by Christmas,, And I hope your buying a season book 👍🇬🇧
  8. I hate what is happening and I want Pedro gone the end of the season and I backed Warbs up until the final weeks, he certainly is not good enough. But I will be renewing my two season books as I am a Rangers fan long before any these imposters came and that includes the board and I give up my team for no cunt and that includes my wife as she would be divorced if she ever told me to stop attending Ibrox. Some of us have lived through the Greig years so know what misery is all about. What can we do? Apart from finding a sugar daddy then fuck all so we need every penny we can get. King needs hounded from Ibrox unless he digs very deep not us
  9. Is it April fools? He was known to be pissed down the gallowgate while he played for them. So no thanks
  10. The young boy was out his depth at Hampden, we all saw that after 15 mins and was booked early on. Any manager worth their salt would have subbed the boy a half Time incase he got sent off, then throws him in 6 days later and you all wonder why we threw the game away in the first few minutes? Any number of players could have played left back, traviner with Halliday or holt at right back would have been a better option. As I said any manager worth their salt would have acted differently as they are professionals and any number of players should be able to do a shift out of position when called upon. As for Waggy and McKay? Never been a lover of either , but McKay has been the one who has gladly proved me wrong a lot more than Waggy, in fact only once and that was at Celtic park 1-1 game I said just maybe he has got what it takes, but after yesterday? I would have gladly turned up with a coach after the game and took everyone of them away from Ibrox and the team we all love for good. Things are bad and will ge worse before they get better but how many more seasons do we have to endure the same shite from board after board?
  11. We aren't gonna win anything under Pedro , and as for left back Toral , Hodson for a start . McKay actually was okay when he came on at Hampden and much better than we had,. As for Waghorn ? Never ever Rangers class , in fact he has played well once for us and that was at the beggerdome . Never bought into he a great player etc like most last season. Not needs but better be moved on this summer
  12. Basically the League will be over by Christmas and King should pay him off out his own pocket as why should us season ticket holders or shareholders pick up there fuck up. Who wanted him? Who had heard of him? In modern day football not one cunt had heard of him that's how good he is. Want him gone atbthe end if this season not next
  13. In a moment of madness he now will never be allowed in Ibrox again. My heart goes out to the guy as they are lucky only one went at them as they goaded us then complained when someone took them up on their offer. As for the poor guy, he will get a heavy fine and probably banned for life from Ibrox.
  14. 1 year, Next season the league will be over by Christmas again, Is it Pedro's fault no it will be King and co for,not acting now and paying him out his own pocket since he is his fuck up and or are we season ticket holders to pay for even more mistakes.
  15. And he also,pumped them 4-0 going on 7, so your point is ? Pedro could not lace The little Generas shoes and to even mention them in the same sentence ? Advocatt took Holland to the semi's in the World Cup, Pedro took some South American team to the semi final of the Mexico league cup. Why even mention these two in the same breath?