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  1. 55 before them? Heaven help us, our aim should be to win every league title and not allow them to close the gap
  2. And that lies with the board.
  3. You don't like the truth do you. We need investment and not just a million or 2 or sit back and watch them do at least 12. Going back to bed a cheering up will not change those facts and I don't like them any more than you 👍, if I won £150m on the lottery tomorrow then it would be game on and the billy boys would be back and if you were offended by it you would be advised not to enter the ground.
  4. And how do you get rid of them? They are by far the largest shareholders the club 1872 are so far up their arse, you know the same fans who said King had £30million while our rivals pull so far into the distance we are talking about the league being over already, or if it's not it will be by the time we meet them in the league.
  5. For a million? At least
  6. Because we got a yes man no cunt had heard off and give him a budget but not a great budget then circulate lies saying we spent £3.5million on Pena and every cunt believes it, no fucking way would you pay that for a player in his condition. Our board just talk shite while we play 2nd fiddle and will continue to do so until they are changed
  7. I would really like to know what went on with him and the board, as something was not right and that's when he decided enough and engineered a move away. Dave King and the board need to back whoever with hard cash and that's not gonna happen anytime soon.
  8. I could finish second in that league manager of Rangers. I want 1st and that takes investment that we don't have and the board refuse to do a damn thing about it. And McInnes would cost a million in compenastation, where would that come from while paying Pedro and his staff the remaining 2 and a half years or there contract. The board won't sack Pedro as he is a nice yes man and the cheaper option, they will sack him when they have no choice and by then it's too late.
  9. He did not have to, when he signing players like Holt, Forrester Hodgson, Waghorn, Traviner, and the centre half who,was fucking useless, etc they were signed mainly because they were cheap and no cunt else wanted them
  10. We need two full backs that can defend 2 wingers and a target man, and then we are hoping what we have are a success , As for foundations? How much to complete the team? They are the bloody finished article and in the champions league so playing a higher standard of football , where we are untested in Europe as we got our arses felt. If you and others think we are just gonna take the league of them then you are mistaken, the board won't stump up and all any cunt will ever get ismthe season book money, meanwhile they have a second year in the champions league and looking at £7million from the Van Dijk sale, ffs what I would do for us to have even the £7million to,spend. Your full post is utter pish as you put it , as unless we get new buyers and soon or the board get real investment in the club then 2nd is what we can expect for a right good few seasons.
  11. He is a good manager and I wish him all the best, as the board should have backed him,and who knows we might still be in Europe
  12. I don't know as I have never been in them 👍
  13. Again what the hell has he done. Was it not Bristol city that he was before there? And what happened there ? Again all I see is second and lost 4 finals. We need older safer hands and a British manager is a must , if Nigel Pearson was still around when we are looking he would be on my list for a chat, because he was amazing at Leicester and I was suprised they sacked him after him producing a miracle by keeping them up. We had Warburton who was a better manager than McInnes will ever be but the board would not back him and he was not a yes man like Pedro seems to be. And how much would the sheep want in compensation? Again we can't afford the sort of figures they want. It's not only a new manager we need, we need investment and a board who will back him.. I don't believe for one minute Pedro has spent what everyone is saying he has spent, the truth being the board a selling us short and it will be manager after manager unlessmthe change their attitude The truth being do you think McInnes would come playing second fiddle for years to come? Because unless this board invest or get a buyer you could put Mourinho in there and he would not make a diffrence.
  14. Who else is gonna pay for it? These things don't come for free, Safe standing is a very long way away,as,ifbthe club said okay we fans would like to know where the money is coming from when we need a right back,winger and a target man for starters. We simply can't afford it just now as the manager fucked up any European income which would have relived a bit of the pressure on us.
  15. Might well have been but we never saw a penny if it