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  1. That's the one ========================================================================================================================================== On the same page on the transfer section they are reporting on the EPL,s top 6 (inward and outward) Arsenal out is Kyle Bartley. ManC out is Vlad. I wondwe if we have been contacted by the clubs and offered first refusal. It,s just paper talk at the minute but you would imagine that the S T,s fotball reporters would have more reliable contacts and more likely to be true.
  2. Front page of the Sunday Times sports section says Rangers are talking to Espanol about a 23yr. old central defender. The article sounds positive about a deal. Rangers are meeting Espanol tomorrow to tie it up hopefully. If true, it means either that Cuellar is a non starter or Boughy is off and we have a new Spanish double act at the back. Heres hoping.
  3. [quote name='warden90' date='03 August Hope we get him. If Welcome impresses, should we sign them both? ============================================================== I like that idea. Welcome sounds like a big bustler of a player. Charging into defenders and generally causing disruption and panic while Jelavic and Miller/Lafferty(?) sniff for the chances. It sounds good on paper anyway.
  4. If anybodies interested in watching it, the game is on BBC ALBA tomorrow night at 10pm.
  5. The bad news is ,as someone pointed out in another post, ESPN are owned by Disney. I would imagine Celtic have that market cornered already. We,re fu**ed, I tell ye.
  6. Not the same as Setanta, I know, but RTE the Irish state tv is on the verge of bankruptcy. This story about Setanta could have legs
  7. Im afraid i'll have to disagree with your signature. :pipe:

  8. brilliant song mate. From looking at your recent topics on this page, it's clearly not the first one you've done either. Keep it up mate you're a credit to us:)

  9. Thompsons yellow card today picks up 3 penalty points. He will miss 3 games in April (I think) BAD NEWS.
  10. I see a lot of posters asking why Hutton would want to go to a "small" club like Spurs. Spurs are spending a lot of money just now and they,re not spending it for fun. If any club in EPL has the potential to break into the top 4 its Spurs. We can offer the guy (at best) possibly last 16. I imagine that the current Spurs team(without Hutton and Woodgate) might achieve that. Spurs are a smaller club but in a much bigger pool and playing at a much higher level.
  11. Who thinks we could maybe get the out-of-favour Jermain Defoe ? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Watched the Spurs game last night and the same thought occured to me. I know Defoe is not "world class" but then neither is Hutton. Hutton catches the eye going forward but defensively,he is not the greatest. We,re out of the CL so any new full back will be required for SPL. I think Smith/Whittaker would both be good enough to bring the league back home. Defoe certainly has pace and since our only challengers will be the scum try to imagine a strike force of Defoe/Darcheville/Novo/Naismith/Burke etc,. Not a bad second choice,is it? Another name to play with-----------Keane. That would really stick it to the moral degenerates. Again not top class but certainly good enough to score plenty in the SPL. All in all,if this is true,I think 8/10m is more good to us than Hutton.
  12. 'MuffGer' Doubt JCD will play, he's said himself that he does not want to risk injuring himself further as there is an OF game coming up and I wouldn't rsk him either. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My thoughts exactly. I doubt we,ll get anything from this match,with or without Darch,. My preference is to keep him back and concentrate on getting him fit. Beating Hibs and Tic is more important than getting a result in France.
  13. As someone pointed out in an earlier post,"we have moved on". That is my belief as well. would describe myself as a "royalist" with small r. What circumscribes my,and by defination,"our" belief system is-- anti Faschist rather than royalist/loyalist. It,s no coincidence that (was it McNee )who likened the Ibrox card display to the Nuremburg rally. The old Faschist tactic of "the bigger the lie etc,." The three most depraved Faschist regimes in modern world history (Franco.Nazis @ the Apartheid regime) have all,without exception, been supported and fought for by Irish republicans, whose fellow travellers from the east side of Glasgow, are the main source of the attacks on us. All three of those regimes had a basic belief system in which their culture was superior to all other cultures. All preached a doctine of racial/religous and cultural purity. Thats where I think we are loosing the battle. We are pushing our identity as unionist/royalist/colonial which is an unpopular and old fashioned concept. We should play the same game as our enemies by forgetting (or downplaying)the Protestant identity and promoting the political. Our enemies cannot complain if all our banners/songs (like theirs) are "political". I suggested some time ago,and some people on here objected, to my suggestion for a banner consisting of a swastika,but coloured green,white & orange. The banner reproduced as a traffic sign with the swastika inside a red circle with a red band through it. The idea,I think,was a bit too subtle for some people. All western religions are being abandoned in droves and our emphasis on a protestant identity leaves us looking a little bit foolish and out of date. I,m not suggesting we abandon our protesantism, but the Roman church is loosing the hearts and minds battle. Our persistence in attacking it is merely kicking down an open door.
  14. Maybe by then he can convince me he is worth the money being quoted - but i have a feeling that Killie are looking to cash in and he will go elsewhere in the not too distant future Let him go. I hope Rangers have made their final offer. Lets wait and see the queue form outside Rugby park of all the clubs desparate to sign him. If Celtic are the mystery bidders then lets see how much of a blue nose Naismith really is. IF he refuses to sign for Celtic, then Kilmarnock are stuck with him and their alternative buyer (Rangers) are not interested,then they are throwing away £1,5m potentially. IF he,s willing to sign for Celtic to be a squad player, then he,s not the man I thought he was,good riddance. This whole saga has been an embarrassment, and if these reports are true, then I for one,am glad to see Rangers FINALLY telling someone,anyone to get stuffed. Pray that finally the worm has turned.
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