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  1. Once you have installed it then right click on desktop icon and then click on properties. After this change the compatibility mode to windows xp service pack 3 and will work on windows 10
  2. Wouldn't disagree wit you in regards to Mane but just dont think Firminho is overrated.
  3. Anyone else that you rate so I can disagree with then?
  4. Pogba and a think Zlaten is a bit overrated as well
  5. If you think hes not overrated then it seems that would be the case. Venue?
  6. Did you charged 4 euro on top of tickets? If ye did thats for postage so aye
  7. A think its been limited to certain section's based on yer address but doesnae matter. Plenty off aw round there anyway.
  8. I am going to make what some may see as a wild claim however fuck it. We will beat celtic and get through against leverkusen however St Mirren will beat us. Games werw there is a battle are were we come unstuck. Game changed yesterday when arfield went off injured,after this they overran us in midfield. I think halliday shoulda been brought as at least has a bit of fight about him. Performances in europe show were not far away from being a good team. We need a different option upfront and a battler in middle
  9. Is it just me or are commentators overexagerating how good sancho has been?
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