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  1. Nice to see craig levein back in employment tho
  2. Is it just me or are commentators overexagerating how good sancho has been?
  3. To be fair tho, we will sell our seats tho which is more of the point.
  4. Is it just me or is anfields atmosphere as overrated as the pedos?
  5. Al be honest here, tav offers a fair bit however he needs to be taken away fi corners n free kicks
  6. Right so am in Belfast airport, nae where to watch any streaming sites work on me phone?
  7. will he stay at chelsea til Jan then? seems odd to sign him now if ye canae play him til jan?
  8. To be fair, it wasnt the sub that done that. its was the daft mistake by Halliday, he should be getting rid of it instead of faffing about with a couple of their players round him which caused them to get a bit of confidence. Not tooo sure you can really blame the sub for that.
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