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  1. Can take from that he wants to play football right now as opposed to in a few years, will certainly toughen him up. Fair play to the lad I say
  2. The point this pedo is trying to make is just insane. Whether a 14 year old is watching porn or not is irrelevant. Seems to me saying that 14 year olds watch porn therefore being a pedo is the kids fault. Creepy weirdo cunt needs locked up
  3. If only Andre Gomes had worked out fir ye
  4. A know mate, horrific thought
  5. That was only 1 game to be fair. I take it you think he would then?
  6. Do you think Messi would struggle in Scotland? Now before anyone says am not comparing Messi with fekir
  7. Just me that likes the grey training top then
  8. Always loved Bergkamps goal against Newcastle
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