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  1. To be fair mate .I thought it was Sunday till a bird told me it was tomorrow 😀
  2. Been busy all week bears Go on shock me .Who is the ref ?
  3. That is where they have got us mate So many bears think they play the victims so it's not right we do Aw no .That is beggar behaviour that is I truly despair for that make up our apathetic support and much more ,our couldn't give a fuck about anyone but themselves board After the last 5 years and what we have been through I truly hate them
  4. This is down to the SS gestapo fuckpigs for me Our club are frightened of them Watch tomorrow how their fans are treated differently from any other club supporters in the Country Every time we go to scumdome .We are surrounded by these double standard scum fucks .Watch the Manchester derby and Man Utd's fans were surrounded . Watch tomorrow as only light amount of security guards stand at front with light amount of cops . This will result in them jumping off the park to celebrate their goals if scored with the fans Something that has zero chance of happening at scumdome Watch also for fans coming on to the pitch . Something that has zero chance of happening at the scumdome . Watch also the referee .Probably the bastard Thompson letting them get away with whatever they want as regards antagonising our support without any punishment . Something that has zero chance of happening at the scumdome If you are there and in the vicinity of the beggars end .Watch the saunter up the game without as much as One armoured fuckpig van stopping them from doing and going where they want . There will probably be no safety camera van watching every fan coming and going as they did with our last visit there Our club are the most pathetic bastards going right now What will they have to say when this all kicks off Nothing
  5. Kings silence has been bought
  6. What a lot of bears don't understand .The appeal process is done by using selected rodents to pass judgement on these decisions The whole of Scottish football is corrupt and our club haven't a word to say about it
  7. I also despise that JT is picking up a wage for doing Sweet fuck all
  8. Not any sweeter with him without mate All the bravado in the world doesn't make it less corrupt
  9. At this point I only get angry with our club and the bastards that run it We are just pathetic nowadays with this continuing silence on everything
  10. That is the most nauseating part of our team .Cowards
  11. A few said I was taking paranoid shite when I said last week .The beggars would not be allowed to lose until end of season and so far ,nothing convinces me otherwise I said a month ago the refs would be Bought and paid for Collum and Thompson Could I yet be wrong ?
  12. Astonishing but no surprise Anyone that calls another para on here needs to wake to fuck up Rhodent cunt Criag swan was even siting Halidays challenge last week as evidence to get him off This will continue until we have proper Rangers men with balls running out club
  13. We should tell them to stick it
  14. This cunt is like the Godfather here in Scotland with all his pawns sucking him off .media ,legal ,politicians,council There are all in the bag with this bastard I'm not so sure if anything would bring this cunt down
  15. BBC just did and it was watered down push ,trying to rope us into the scandal Hardly anything new that we didn't know about ,regards the bheasts Only confirming Big Jock definitely Know