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  1. Any form of contrition ,no matter what, will always be seen as "completely guilty " and fuck anything else by all our enemies Would the scum release a statement like this ? Answer .No chance And that tells you is winning the PR war As a club ,we let the gestapo walk all over us .And that is my belief for years
  2. I'm not Could almost have been completely written by Gestapo Scotland
  3. Sorry mate I was thinking it was a first being bypassed into 4th qualifying round after being turfed out of CL
  4. He just loves climbing up peoples arses No matter his comeback. Surely no1 sniveling little crawling weisel on here 😂
  5. Yeah the hypocrisy of this guy is outstanding
  6. When i start a thread It sure brings out the haters 😂 If BIB had posted exactly same. He would have about 20 like already Absolutely pitiful place here at times
  7. Calsberg don't do weeks but if they did, this one has been perfection 😊😂
  8. These stewards have been getting away with this for years I'd stick the head in the steward and say the cunt got in the road of my celebration
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