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  1. I would be happy with that mate .I would love to meet them in this tournament this season .In all my OF games .It would be a first and unforgettable hopefully if we both get through
  2. You forget though . Winning this gets you into the Champions league now .
  3. I think I heard he is taking no salary but with bonuses on performance related That may have changed with this new contract .He deserves it and we know he won’t be greedy One thing that strikes me about SG .He doesn’t seem money motivated
  4. Pleeeeze No harm to him but we have too many other players that should be ahead for me . Easy
  5. Ivy bank is a good lad .And I also agree that there has to be a degree of caution .We haven’t won anything yet .Even although we know we have made some massive leaps from 3/4 years ago .Progression is the very least we should be expecting It must continue Happy days after last Sunday Roll on a really tough game on Sunday
  6. I would take 9 from 9 and take our chances at bheastville 😀
  7. True 52 .I was annoyed last night for about 30mins Then GEC posted the teams we could have faced if we won the group .I thought, lot of hard games in there .Then I looked at the others .Just the same .Not going to lie .I would happily get the easier tie if there is one at this stage but Ajax ,Inter ,Arsenal ,Seville or Man Utd don’t have get the juices flowing 😀
  8. Maybe so SD .Yet when we play our next tie in February .How we got there won’t matter
  9. Superb first half as of Sunday wasteful second half as of Sunday
  10. It made no difference in the end . All 32 teams will be a challenge with seeded and others being of similar difficulty .
  11. ok . He was very good tonight as he was on Sunday . Love that he has found his form . We will need him in coming weeks
  12. I'm booked in 2 places in Gdansk . Town centre if we get to the final . Beach up the road if we don't
  13. Sensible post of the night
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