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  1. Just think. We should be going here on Thursday and a win would see us qualify. If we had beaten young boys. No pressure Yet if we get beaten now. I think we will have it all to do to qualify
  2. You are a good bear . I know that, but you did have us all going with the land deal stuff at bheastville A lot of that seemed optimistic
  3. You know me mate . I love a good one
  4. It's weird how we seemed to get them quite a few seasons, when we were going through some bad times . And now we don't get a sniff of them
  5. Me too tbh . Although I honestly think they will have enough to come up this season . Like you said . If you had a choice . A plastic pitch with zero quality in the match or playing this lot with all the hatred running through us . We will have to play them sooner or later I think .
  6. I don't think any bear is panicking . However if we are going to win this league . It will be fine margins . And we may well look back on these 2 cheap points thrown away, at end of the season .We got quite a few doggies chances last year and kept giving away points in the most pathetic ways . If we start doing this all over again , we can forget it . The bheasts won't and can't be as bad as they were last year IMO
  7. Bronzy I'm not going to slate you for being positive man . However I can assure you , If the scum get a ahead of us by some margin . We will not catch them with this group . I think that is why most of us are pissed off . We needed to apply the pressure and we blew it on a monumental scale Against a weakened Hearts side Another game , where we fucked up . And I'm including the bheasts game at Ibrox in that ,where they also had a weakened side .
  8. Think they will win the league this year sadly However it's about time we got them in matches , so we can wipe the floor with them . I would much rather play them , than say games against St Johnstone or Ross County . Teams that would get football stopped . They would get the juices flowing unlike these other 2 sides ..
  9. You do have a habit of giving us crums mate to be sensational. And it always seems to be very much an anti climax
  10. It's what i would expect you to get back from that vile lot Them and Holicom must be partners in crime now
  11. You aren't wrong Goldson has a very big game in front of him this Thursday He does not deal well with franetic pace in a match. Another stinker from him and we may have a problem
  12. Correct Seen nothing personal myself . The big fans of Tav can be a bit precious at times And every player gets criticism. It has to be expected when its consitantly poor form
  13. Top post it's all got a lot to do with experience players never sampling winning trophies or winning big games consistently The scum are laced with winners and more often than not ,that is passed on to the new recruits .The need to win at all costs At worst they take their struggling days to the wire . We didn't even look interested in busting a gut in final stages to win that today . We have players that are more accepting of days like today .Cause they have been there so often .And never really won anything I thought after the Killie game .We would see more of that .Instead recently we have Young boys debacle and today's shocking performance
  14. 😂😂😂😂no shit
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