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  1. I hope they keep em The whole place stinks Will just keep them going through the motions Don't want them galvanised for England games as I want his buoys thrashed in them
  2. "Gordon .We have decided to let you go as results haven't been good enough .Our. Boss Mr Liewell is just off the phone .We are to give you more time ,if you pick a side for the important games ,full of beggars .We don't give a fuck about friendlies or guys that deserve to be picked from other clubs .Just keep it all in house and pick our ,ahem I mean Peters club players .Ok you little scrotum ? Deal ?" Gordon "aye ok " These Jacobite mugs will buy into any other shite we throw at them anyway ..I mean they are all out buying these pink tops to match up with their skirts and timberlands
  3. Think these cunts are now taking the piss like Bt
  4. 7 beggar fucks 2 beggar supporters 2 others Does anyone actually support this shower
  5. What goes around comes around mate eh
  6. This one will be even more orgasmic than last year .If we win
  7. Yes where is Goat 😐
  8. You just concentrate on your tie 😄
  9. For some bizarre reason ,the fuckwits get it right for an OF game but not when either of us play shitey clubs like Hivs That is just not right .That they get 50%
  10. I've met him and some of the abuse he takes on here . Unbelievable
  11. I'm really clutching at straws . I mean really clutching . It is not inconceivable ,he will spend lots of money after the tax case it out the way . yes I know
  12. Surprised she still works in that rancid building . She will be like the singer .Our very own yes voter and so called Rangers fan
  13. Not buying it . He is well rid
  14. No surprise from scum Bbc Scotland . Gordon was probably only doing what he was told from his beggar bosses