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  1. Moult or Herrera

    He really was pathetic today
  2. Moult or Herrera

    He is so pish he took 2/2 of his chances today Our whole forward line took 0 out of about 20
  3. Mr King v Our Club v Our Fans.

    Yes mate .Every clubs fans could say their atmosphere was shite on occasions Considering what we have had to put up with these last 6 years .I would suggest the bears still create a magnificent atmosphere for most of our games
  4. Mr King v Our Club v Our Fans.

    And a fraud .A liar and bullshitter to boot Yet he got power from Sfa without a whimper .I always ask why
  5. Moult or Herrera

    I would take him for any 3 of our players bar with exception of Morales
  6. Moult or Herrera

    Moult is pish
  7. ***Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Thread***

    Miracles do happen . The fans actually turn on King and Murray an smoke the fuckers out See to be honest . This will happen year after year until these bastards are smoked out
  8. Moult or Herrera

    Been banging the drum since last season and first game . Where I was shot down . He would make a massive difference to us in attack . As you say . We have no chance now . We just won't spend that kind of money in Scotland . Yet we don't have problem spending millions on Mexicans from nowhere
  9. Pedro out

    Post of the day for me .
  10. Just an absolute embarrassment of a club

    If Pedro is sacked . It takes the total heat of these two pieces of pussy beggar appeasing shite. King and Murray
  11. Mr King v Our Club v Our Fans.

    You love Mr KiNG don't YOU ?
  12. Mr King v Our Club v Our Fans.

    Terrible atmosphere jesus
  13. King and Murray fuck off

    If more pressure was applied .We would maybe find out Ww are sinking with these muppets in control
  14. Referee today

    He had no problem showing Lee mcculloch red 6years ago in a game that changed our season
  15. Referee today

    Yes all these ,but we bury our guilt edge chances and we wouldn't be have to worry about outside influences