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  1. If Waghorn is around by the league season starting . That will negate all the good feeling built up with these new signings . We need to get him to fuck or he will hover around like a bad smell until our next big match . And........... fuck it up for us
  2. Not liking that one bit Orange and blue on collars may have wound up the enemy much more
  3. She is disabled though mate
  4. Yeah .I really want this guy to sign . Possibly few other Scottish players Very disappointed we have not signed any more yet
  5. You and Robbo have the night off . You fingers must be numb
  6. Your avatar upsets me as I see her ugly trumpet every other week floating around telling everyone about the beggars . Now stop talking shite as well . I honestly don't think you don't get it 69 . They will be laughing at you
  7. I do hate when we have to clarify shite like this . The scum will sing for the next 50/100 years that we are a new club . No matter what now That ammunition or humiliation if you feel inclined was given to the rodents by Whyte and DM . We know who we are so why bother what these cunts think . Really . Are we going to have to justify ourselves to them for the next whatever years
  8. Am I missing something last few weeks . We just signed players we badly needed . Unproven as yet . Optimistic maybe . Creaming over the close season . Naw Let's all cool the jets and see what unfolds
  9. Lets walk before we can talk is always my way of thinking . 1-5 was only last month . We have signed " some " new faces . I have never really seen any of them playing . We have signed 1 Scottish player in amongst that . I'm far from convinced we are even going to compete ,never mind win a league
  10. I put BP9 on ignore Only kidding . Shower of sweetie wives you shower . I would never ignore you mate .You are too sensible sometimes although I get BDs passion .And I love that in a bluenose
  11. Finally someone telling me, what actually was said . Legend Bobby Must admit though 52s post was funny .No like him
  12. What was the part at the end .When DK said ," we wouldn't be successful with" ?? Couldn't hear the guy interviewing him
  13. It will be Rangers fans that will get it here mate . Linfield may even get a mention
  14. I would imagine he wants back here for the limelight