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  1. I think that is pretty accurate . We can't prove it but i believe it . Most young ones nowadays believe all the negative headlines we get in the red tops . The last 8 years have been very damaging with all the young supporters of other clubs . Not that it really matters . It's what matters in their boardrooms .And i firmly believe Slanty eyes will have sussed them all out by now and have the necessary ones fall into line
  2. Even when we say it's all over . I don't think there is a diehard fan of any club, truly accepts that , until it's mathematically impossible . It's why we all love football
  3. He gets bears arguing with each other over him mate with his constant rebuttals . Good bears fall out over him and that's the saddest thing i see
  4. Hundreds of them now mate . They dress it up with some sort of higher intelligence , bigger than everyone else thought process . That is what the last 8 years have done to our support
  5. No chance of that happening . Too many people think they know everything on here . he stimulates their egos
  6. I was harsh after reading your post again mate . I think i know what you meant . Yet i can't accept that . If we accept this . Then we accept that no shocks , no come backs , no surprises can happen on the field of sport . And we should never then accept that a league is over before it's completely over .
  7. Jesus man .So many just accepting .That is the mess of the average bear .Really sad as I absolutely guarantee you If it was other way round .No bheast ,none .Zero would be accepting it .They would be outside Hampden park ,virus or no virus hurling abuse at any cunt they could see .Applying their usual type of pressure but giving a fuck
  8. That’s true and how fucked up this corrupt backwater has become .When every real bear can see this .And yet we have the apathetic or apologetic ones who try to dress it up using all sorts of garbage to excuse our enemies . Maybe it’s just too far gone corrupt that Rangers can do anything about it .
  9. Both 2008 and 2012 should be years, every Real bear have on their minds when comparing this farce .It might not be like comparing oranges with oranges , yet it’s the principle of the whole thing .They are now capable of changing the rules to suit any agenda that’s suits 1 club .No matter how any clever dick spins it .That has nothing to do with Sporting Integrity that they so loudly proclaimed back then .It’s just fucking cheating
  10. Very surprised we’ve had no ex Rangers players or even people like Mccoist or Walter not even mentioning this I guess they are like most normal people .Concerned with the Pandemic before getting involved with this charade
  11. I hope you right as that’s the only news I want to see from coming on here
  12. Noise him up .Don’t debate any footballing issues with him ..It’s the same stuff all the time .The opposite view of any bear he is debating with .It’s getting beyond a joke now Thankfully at least one mod politely thinks he is a hard on .
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