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  1. If he isn't It will be groundhog day next season
  2. I have decided to end the animosity towards you . You are still one of the better posters on here On the condition , you will accept, I will always be the most paranoid bear on here bar a couple And that you are a RMs know it all condescending champ .......... on occasions I hope you can accept the olive branch
  3. He is made of glass and has the heart of a mouse
  4. 100% spot on . They are mere mice compared to this legend
  5. We won't win any title with any of the 2 of them anywhere near the first 11
  6. Pedro has got his hands in all the pies And I'm not kidding
  7. Clairetto and Pedro didn't know the play off fixtures at that point
  8. Last post on this subject If people give themselves a hard on , thinking Rangers have improved . Then good luck to them They have much lower standards of Rangers than myself . Our domestic record this season has been abysmal . And having SG as our Manager is not going to dress this up We keep the same losers from past few seasons and if we still relying on Alfredo up front next season . Then we are fucked and back having the same discussions next year Improvement all around the world in any football team can turn quickly the other way . We have seen that under our last 2 managers . It is a crock of shite defence of the Manager and our season It has quite simply been unacceptable . The past 8 years have just softened so many that it's went to their heads
  9. The scum game would be a possibility . Possibly get a few of the guys that played in helicopters 1 and 2 that we haven't seen for a while Prso. Big Marv Avaladze, Ronnie de boer , Nacho It would be the perfect way to get us all up for the Scum game and give these deserving players some gratitude for 2 of the most amazing years being Rangers supporters No matter what we feel of big Eck He gave me two of the best seasons and grandstand finishes supporting Rangers ever That soft spot I have for him resurfaces when I see the whole Scottish media kicking him today ,even when he is sacked the Bbc being typical cunts
  10. Yep it's just too bizarre . Sometimes I honestly think the SFA have something on King and that's why we are continually being shafted
  11. I may be in a minority but I which our club would maybe invite him back for one of our big games as a guest I think the big man needs some love from the bears
  12. He is the only person connected that I think the beastly station wouldn't go after tbh They will leave him out of criticism
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