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  1. David edgar needn't worry about ratings
  2. Did exactly the same last year I think if Leeds could play for draws .They would be fine .WBA astonish me .There is not one player would look out of place ,in our worst side 6/7 years ago .They are clueless and gutless The guy sawyer looks the worst
  3. With all the positivity after our Old firm win Why are people keeping this abortion of a thread going .Slagging off fellow bears going to watch their side .Since I started watching football 40 years ago .Fans have left games early .Deal with it ffs
  4. great mind mate You spotted it too . How the fuck are they top man . They are honking , there attitude is honking .Powderpuff pansies running around with absolutely no inspiration whatsoever . Passing the ball around fine . No cunt ever makes a challenge . This mob are a disgrace to the game
  5. There surely can't me a more dreadful shower of pussies masquerading as footballers , than West brom . I have watched these useless fucks a few times . How the fuck , are this shower top of their league .
  6. The irony . It's the numpties , that don't go to any of the games
  7. Get this thread to fuck It is an embarrassment
  8. Don't be so harsh , the bbc need some sort of reward , for all the sterling work , they do for the compliance officer
  9. That’s not a bad shout .If we lose ,focus is completely on league .Win and double is possibility .Bring it on More than likely ,bheastville though
  10. Why the fuck does the BBC get to do the draw That means someone like Rod Stewart or some other manky taig loving bastards ,will be pulling the balls out I’m going to look stupid if I’m wrong I absolutely guarantee you ,we will not be playing at home
  11. yesterday mate . I went to see Rangers Friday Get back in your bed
  12. Won't effect you too much . As you don't go to the games
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