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  1. If we miraculously find ourselves in that position .Expect the red cards tripling and pens against increasing at alarming rate
  2. I agree sadly .Co vid has ultimately cost us signing better players and being left with the losers from last season .It is never going to be enough .Our board will be content with second and the ST money
  3. This Country is little Ireland nowadays .Corrupt with bheast lovers in control ,through all avenues of our existence Just watched series of Epstein on holiday .40 plus years, this cunt went unchecked because of his influence and power .What does that remind us of The bheast was ultimately killed after doing a deal with the government previously .Clearly so he wouldn’t name names Scotland is awash with vermin protecting vermin It will take some very very brave media people to highlight whats going on .Not from these shores
  4. And Sky giving Doncaster the platform .Watch out for more of this shite this coming season from them .Despise Sky now
  5. That could almost certainly been a statement agreed with Puedo Pete being the backer .This club are back in bed with the bheasts .I have no doubts
  6. Yeah it’s the random computer 🤣🤣so predictable it would make you weep
  7. One of the better posters on here for me 👍
  8. So does this mean they can change the rules to suit every time they need too .Seems like this is the vagueness that the judge referred too
  9. Did he not walk mate ? Or maybe that’s just his appeasing version
  10. What’s this article 9 ,the Jambos are getting excited about bears ? taking bets on first 2 to respond 😄😄
  11. eejay the dj


    It’s usually guys 16stone plus too😄
  12. You would think BRus .As we have seen though through recent years .Loading the decks for favourable decisions isn’t a problem for that shower
  13. eejay the dj


    Sorry Dan .I never see you as serious man .Always pulling chains .I happen to agree but got slaughtered for it a month back . I took the refund to pay for something I don’t agree with .We all deserve to be in running for semis and finals if we buy a Season ticket By the way .Not a word on the voucher or refund yet from the club
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