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  1. Water of a ducks back mate sadly but your point is valid
  2. Protocol with these sort of things, I would imagine or just plain stalling from Sfa /spfl . I always put these 2 together as they are the same . Same shower of cabal so they both deserve equal criticism
  3. I genuinely hope he gets somewhere . The silence is deafening from the bheasts and friends . Shame on them Speaking to a few dims . They would rather point the finger than except any responsibility to any of this . Suppose it's been out there that long . They have had decades of getting their excuses and stories right .
  4. Must of missed that in all the excitement, of thinking about the football season starting again Train spotter comes to mind
  5. It's all gone quiet with the Adam Tomkins thing . When was he scheduled to meet the corrupt cabal ?
  6. There are fantastic posters on here . great guys and really interesting people that love the Rangers If there was a league table for personality . You would be right at the very bottom . In all the years I've been on here . I have yet to see a positive , interesting post from you . That says everything for me
  7. Rich coming from you Your not just a bitch. Your everyones bitch🙂 In saying that. It could be worse for you You could be James Doodles bitch 😊
  8. Id ban you as all you do is bitch to get your rep count up Like a few others mind
  9. You have him sussed early doors . James Doodles does rather likes to be centre of attention .
  10. Meanwhile no truth in the rumour Andy walker used the word bheasts to describe a certain club . Don't think this cunt will be having much issues with this little scrotum
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