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  1. That a pretty good post TMB and accurate
  2. Under no circumstances ,do I want them in Europe in coming months .You should know the reasons .And please spare the” there for the taking nonsense .Domestic takes priority over Europe for me .We had better not get turfed out against Hearts .Or it will be a another miserable Summer
  3. I’m willing to bet it’s the biggest priority for SG and our club ,without admitting it
  4. If it’s unbearable .Why not just step away and not let it bother you Honestly too many snowflakes on here .Every single bear is entitled to there opinion .And most of us ,even if many aren’t big enough to admit it .Talk shite on plenty of occasions .
  5. I don’t think we have a good enough squad or team in the main tbh That has been proved since Christmas .In a one off game .We could take our levels higher .Yet more often than not .The same players are being found wanting in many levels .
  6. You can’t be sure we beat Hearts the way we are playing .And SG will be here for next 2 seasons at least .No matter what happens Sometimes it just doesn’t look like it’s hurting him as much as I’d like to think .Ajd that is my concern .Our Euro record is fine ,so that makes the domestic results seem fine
  7. And you are saying I’m talking shite .The fucking irony 👍
  8. Killie away was the only time he has won a header and scored .Most of the time he totally mistimes and misses sitters It’s maybe one of the reasons I never like your posts also .Touché
  9. It’s football ya numpty .Every football team has the same stuff when their team aren’t doing well I was at Chelsea at the weekend and before the game .They are wanting Lampard sacked and Chelsea have blown a CL spot 🤔😄 Yes that’s an example of fickle .It is not exclusive to us .Never will be
  10. eejay the dj


    The real Alfredo hasn’t yet scored against the scum ,Struggles against Sheep and Hivs .Out biggest games .He is absolutely shite on one on ones .A major part of any decent strikers game .It is sheer bollocks to say Alfie was the sole reason we were doing great in the league before Christmas .So many others were also playing well He is a vital player but only cause SG plays him up top on his own .Easy remedy .He plays 2 and I don’t want any more shite excuses Alfredo can’t do that .If he can’t he is no use to us in the long term
  11. 100% Goldson was shocking during the week .By all accounts the day also .Yet our manager and many on here will happily make excuses for him We need a centre half that can win a challenged ball in the air .Actually jump and win a duel more often than not .He can’t do this .And that’s shameful in the Scottish game .He is also little or no threat in the opposition box .Powderpuf centre half He is one Id punt in the summer .And I’m not for changing my mind on him now
  12. He is here for next season .That is the end of the matter for me No matter what .No point in anyone moaning about it Yet his domestic record for Rangers isn’t nearly good enough against 5 or 6 of the sides in our league If he keeps what I regard as the losers .The guys that have plagued us last few years .Then we won’t be winning anything next season either We need 11 winners and a winning captain out on that pitch I would suggest ,we are lucky if we have about 3 at this moment
  13. I haven’t seen it mate Some questions ? How many big decisions did Collum cost us ? How many sitters or one on ones did Alfredo miss How many commanding headers in a challenge did Goldson win ? Finally what players get pass marks on today’s performance ? cheers in advance
  14. No composure Alfredo .He is instinctive .And that is the difference from having a good striker to a very good one
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