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  1. eejay the dj

    Back Where We Belong

    Not starting a thread on them Found myself working today but mostly in the car driving .Listening to Bbc Scotland It is one begger fest Love in .Everyone of the pundits do there very best to NOT mention the R word .The cunts do everything discussing the league positions .Form of the teams .Who is league favourites etc Never heard any of them mention Rangers once in over 2 hours .Fucking unbelievable but expected from these haters
  2. eejay the dj

    St mirren

    No argument there but St Mirren are taking the piss with these prices for us In hindsight .I would rather a club with artificial surface went down Accies or Livvy
  3. eejay the dj

    St mirren

    Ticket office saying they are a shower of greedy bastards I hope the bastards go down this season
  4. eejay the dj

    Stevie G on Gazza

    Gazza never played in a losing side against the scum ,games he started in Superb record
  5. eejay the dj

    Kris Boyd on the Sheep.

    The block booking part is interesting For me now .There is going to be a big gap of empty seats .Rangers got 3000 out of 11000 back according to Boyd How does that work.They fucked this up like they do everything in the Scottish game
  6. eejay the dj

    Please take note Rangers in regards to our rancid media

    I admire it although it's completely different to our situation imo They are up there to be slaughtered as they are the best .The Champions league has created the imbalance of teams qualifying for that tournament .They are getting too rich and too powerful .In most leagues now Their critics are going for them out of jealousy With us .It's shear fucking hate for us and a love of all things bheast We have been shat on for over 7 years with lies and complete hate Absolutely no sympathy or help from any of the bastards in the media If we adopted Bayern stance .I would one happy bear . Yes it's churlish of Bayern but they are making a stand
  7. eejay the dj

    Vote Wisely Bears

    I believe in this Country .All beggars vote for the people that will help their cause And I believe most of our kind show the same apathy when voting as they do in supporting our club .They don't vote or don't give a fuck enough .Or get bogged down with political clap trap . We have diehard bears' so called 'that are confused politically .They spout their confusion on here .It is nauseating I have no political favourite but I know who the enemies are .And that's how I use my thought process
  8. eejay the dj

    CLUB 1872 statement on the fanzone

    To be honest Jinty .They are worse than the scumbags .Plenty on here that would make you sick
  9. eejay the dj

    Hamilton Presser: Gerrard and Halliday

    No cunt in this shower of cunts ,beggar lovers and haters will now take liberties with our manager SG makes you proud he is ours
  10. eejay the dj

    Killie game almost sold out

    I'm lost 🤔 What game against Killie ?
  11. eejay the dj

    Semi final allocation

    There is absolutely no doubts now This game will go ahead with many empty seats Because of the total incompetence of the SPFL and the greedy sheep bastards
  12. eejay the dj

    McCann sacked

    Fair point 👌
  13. eejay the dj

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    That's just redicuous statement tbh We haven't beat them in 11/12 .Just what makes people come out with " his bottle is crashing " I hope he is here when we do 55 Not wanting the beggars having any excuses
  14. eejay the dj

    McCann sacked

    They bastards done me for a superb 450 Acca at the weekend .I had thistle Hindsight I should have known they would up their game with new manager I think 4/1 on them winning it now is the bet sadly
  15. eejay the dj

    McCann sacked

    Why what has he done mate ? This guy always seems to get jobs yet is record is worse than shite Another beggar getting another big job .Thistle also going with Gary Caldwell You would think there was more ex bears out there that could fill these positions