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  1. Post of the week to be honest . And that kills me saying that
  2. The Roberts thing ,is as corrupt as fuck . Name me one club that loans a player out with a creditable value for 3 years in a row ?? If Man City weren't full of glory hunting fans . They would be up in arms about this . They are so cash rich with multi millionaire players . They just don't give a fuck about Roberts. However if they had any brains . They would be asking questions . We on the other hand . Know what's going down with Slanty eyes and his son
  3. 100% on the money
  4. Agreed . Mayweather lets boxing down and himself by taking this charade . Marciano's record is one of the most amazing in history and this guy insults his memory by taking this on . I thought he was better than this . Sadly , he is just a greedy bastard . It will be over in 2 rounds and hope he still cripples the Irish bastard . Having said that . A cut up is not out of he question ..... See greedy bastard in earlier text
  5. Superb 8th post
  6. See if I have fish on Friday . Am I acting all taig like . This obsession with comparing ourselves to the beggars behaviour has to stop . The banners are ok with me . The place needed a make over . It got one on the cheap . Having said that . The place needs gutted of KING AND MURRAY . Until this happens .Our club goes from one fuck up to another . And the only people who suffer are your amazing fans
  7. Total respect for you for that mate .
  8. THEY ARE GONE We need to end this fixation with ex players . That proved time and time again . For us . Were losers
  9. Hell of a good mate . Dare to be different
  10. They do that in Alloa mate . It's their party trick
  11. 49000 on Sat tells you are spot on with this one
  12. 👌this all day long And after another 2 shite managers ..This should never be forgotten
  13. Good post Cushy and good points
  14. Pedro still has until the Old firm game for me If we can get a positive result in that one .Then he will probably at least get until Christmas
  15. Dog shite ,Horses shite and not Portuguese shite Not a great deal of difference for me