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  1. eejay the dj

    Steven Gerrard

    It seems that way with your second point
  2. eejay the dj

    Steven Gerrard

    Aye right ye are Pinocchio
  3. eejay the dj

    Press Conference : Gerrard and Halliday

    We can not judge our manager on press conferences . He clearly has to box clever with these cunts . I will judge him with performances on the pitch .He has enough in the bank to say what he wants within reason in press conf for me . It can not be easy coming up with stuff to satisfy these fucking hating wolves and keep the fans happy all the time . And not giving the whole team and tactics away for the opposition .Has anyone every seen one of Saint Brenda's conferences ? Explain the difference
  4. eejay the dj

    Steven Gerrard

    Caught . FEAE telling porkies . Never
  5. eejay the dj

    Stewart Robertson has spoken

    I don't pay them a dime and never will again ,but sadly there have been decades of brainwashing the older generation from these bheast lovers . I honestly believe people still think the detector van is still outside their front driveway. Too many would be embarrassed by the supposed shame ,of some little scrotum trying to get his 20bucks commission by hounding you outside peoples front doors . I think all bears should tell them to get to fuck but it's a lot easier said than done so I agree with you . It won't stop payments sadly
  6. eejay the dj

    Steven Gerrard

    That's not true mate I know you don't like traitors and I hate Naismith just like you I honestly believe he would have been the player to play alongside Alfredo this season or at least scored the goals out of our 1000 missed chances
  7. eejay the dj

    Richard Gough

    This is nearly as bad as the Nealy pish 50 years cover up and it's all evened up by one man getting into our club before being found out quickly and booted out So Rangers have their own history says the Dim tims . That is why they are in denial . They just lie and lie to themselves
  8. eejay the dj

    Richard Gough

    Why post that . Jesus . are you hanging around with too many bheasts
  9. eejay the dj

    Stewart Robertson has spoken

    I'm the first to want them going on the attack mate . It isn't going to happen with this shower How the BBC get away with the non coverage astounds me
  10. eejay the dj

    Stewart Robertson has spoken

    Coming from that hating ,lying lunatic
  11. eejay the dj

    Stewart Robertson has spoken

    I think we are showing them up without being on the attack Canvassing allies if you like It's a start
  12. eejay the dj

    The Media Agenda

    Bbc are Vermin
  13. eejay the dj

    The Media Agenda

    Sky and Bt sport aren't far behind
  14. eejay the dj

    Stewart Robertson has spoken

    That's excellent for me And it's what we need Faces in front of cameras
  15. eejay the dj

    Gerrard's benchmark.

    Tbf . The scum never had a 7 year start on Souness SG is still the man . Has to be for the next 2/3 years . No matter how painful that is for some . We are getting closer . No doubts . I think that is down to them, not being as they were few years back Our management team, are not making the inroads I was hoping for though Our record domestically is still a disgrace .You can not deny this . The only crumb for me . We have won an OF league game for first time in 8 years and we beat the sheep recently at their place . Other than the Euro run , it has been very poor fair indeed .