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  1. John Beaton the ref for Saturday

    5 penalties to us over next few weeks then eh
  2. John Beaton the ref for Saturday

    There's shite and theirs biased shite though
  3. Ibrox Maintenance

    I was being sarcastic mate
  4. John Beaton the ref for Saturday

    There was quite a few like this one that day
  5. John Beaton the ref for Saturday

    It won't be Dallas or Madden or Mclean Choose from Clancy , Thompson or Collum ....................................................Or some other preferred cunt It most definitely won't be McDonald , Dallas snr , McCurrie or Calum Murray
  6. Ibrox Maintenance

    Hope your right mate . I will believe it when I see it though
  7. Ibrox Maintenance

    What's new . Maybe I missed something Has one of the usual suspects reported that the board are spending billions ?
  8. Ibrox Maintenance

    This is an old thread mate . We love them all now . We are winning on the park . That is of course what they were counting on
  9. Ibrox Maintenance

    52 . You know I like to exaggerate on occasions ;-) Just noticed I already answered you on that one . At least I'm consistent . Gave you the same excuse first time
  10. Russell Martin

    So far Bates and Martin, although not always convincing. Have played in games where the team has been competitive in most if not all the games . I don't think they will ever come near Kiernan and the pish we once had as a defence . Martin is not strong in the air which is a big worry . Bates lacks the experience .They are still the best 2 for me
  11. A message to our greatest fanboys

    Won't be many then 😄 Well done ..I would have done the same if I could have got on
  12. Spot on .And rest assured .They will spend next season Still not over but thinking about 2/3 out of about 8 failed opportunities to put easy points on the board 😞
  13. A message to our greatest fanboys

    No mate ..I disagree I have faith in the bears on here that they would have been slagging off the scum before fellow bears .At that point Certainly not to the extent I seen
  14. A message to our greatest fanboys

    Like I said .What kind of bear would be like that .Fucking sad bastards
  15. A message to our greatest fanboys

    Checked out some of the comments today on Follow Follow Would make you weep .Some of the so called Rangers fans that were slaughtering RM and fellow bears before having a go at the Scum I would say these guys are no Rangers fans