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  1. A special invite to Liewell's next party may be winging it's way to the arsehole
  2. So did I the other night
  3. Got to be honest mate . That was one of the few nights ,I did want them to win . Things were different back then though
  4. Hell of a lot of children in our support then mate , I would say only a handful of grown ups eh
  5. It works both ways sir .I just don't get your ignorance .You may call it passion . Scottish football was torn apart 5 years ago when Scotlands premier club was sent to the lowest division The absolute cunts at Sfa knew, by going to the public.The answer they would get from them . In no other Country in the world .Would you have the Countries biggest club being put to lowest division ,other than maybe for corruption but not even sure that has been done .I'm thinking Juventus here . The only corruption was the scum benefiting from us being our of the way Now they run Scottish football .And let's not kid ourselves .They do .They run everything and when we get closer to the beggars .You will find this out .
  6. That's why your the Man GF .Good passionate ,bluenose posting .Get all this Jacobite /beggar riddled shower of shite to fuck I watched my first Scotland game in 1973 Broke my heart in 2 world cups and countless other big matches . The team and the selection is filled with bias .That is how I see it .Biased towards one club .It stinks to high heaven . I used to love my club more than my Country Now there is no comparison IMO Any bear that follows Scotland are mugs .Simples You are intitled to do what you want .I just wouldn't think myself much of a Rangers fan if I followed and supported a team and establishment that hate every single thing about the club I love
  7. Was that a yes then ?
  8. Not just lose ..Torn apart
  9. A certain team will possibly win, a soulless forgettable league Championship this weekend . Their win we know is pretty meaningless . They will celebrate it, like only beggars do . It has been won since Christmas, but that won't stop them kidding on ,it's all dramatic with their crocodiles tears One thing I love reminding the beggars . They will never have, what we have experienced these last 14 years .NEVER 4 glorious last day dramatic Sunday's . Done in style and never to be forgotten days, that we can all have in our hearts and heads for all time . Just thought it was appropriate, to remind the obsessed that venture on here . And make a few bears smile,over and over again . My good bluenose mate that originally done this video ,I'm certain won't mind me posting this . He may acknowledge, I possibly inspired him to do this work of beauty . When I see this . How can it get any better fellow bears???
  10. How any so called bear ,can even say they wanted Scotland to win under these circumstances ,should have a look at themselves .
  11. So you were wanting a team full of beggars to win that game ??
  12. Yes mate . I do agree with you there. To each their own . Of course . I was just saying ,from my experience . And like you ,I wouldn't trade my Peter lovenkrands and Stuart Adamson signed photos either
  13. My advise to any young bear .Stick to collecting match tickets .Don't even think about collecting programmes and other shite that costs you a small fortune . I did for decades when I was young boy .Had some valuable classics I thought .Nope ,just old paper and memories Also had every copy of Rangers news from beginning . Gave them to a guy that used to be on here .Probably gathering dust somewhere My framed tickets gives me all the satisfaction and pride nowadays and YouTube gives me the other visual side, watching back the vids
  14. That is a brilliant post mate .. I always think of my father at that one .He passed months before this game I wasn't lucky enough to get ticket .So I was in the Courtyard in Hamilton I was in the bookies toilet adjacent 5mins before the end of the games ,saying wee prayer to my Dad " Give us the miracle Dad" I was muttering Went back into bar and then all beautiful bedlam was kicking off . That is what this timeless video will do for many bears .Stirs all the great memories for us .
  15. You bet they will mate . For all the crap we have been through these last 5 years . What would you rather have ? 4 mind blowing Championship wins, including first to 50 .World Record Or there last 5 boring nothing default wins . They will jig around like it is an amazing feat at weekend We know better . Deep down ,they know they can't have, what we have experienced
  16. To be fair mate . That was a little before the Hivs attached themselves to liewells Rhodents And found a new found hatred towards us . You are right though . We didn't feel the need to say gifuy to the HIVS fans
  17. Classic mate . You do amazing stuff but this one was inspired . And it's out there forever. It is still well worth posting this once a year . There are always bears that have never seen it .
  18. Never believe that . As I just posted that last message .Message came in giving me the news I wanted to hear I'm in for the semi You beauty
  19. My pleasure . Can't take the credit away from our legend . What would be do without JS and his brilliant Vids He is a genius at them . I still think ,this one is unbeatable Maybe thrashing the scum in the semi may give him some new ideas
  20. x 4 mate
  21. I hope they keep em The whole place stinks Will just keep them going through the motions Don't want them galvanised for England games as I want his buoys thrashed in them
  22. "Gordon .We have decided to let you go as results haven't been good enough .Our. Boss Mr Liewell is just off the phone .We are to give you more time ,if you pick a side for the important games ,full of beggars .We don't give a fuck about friendlies or guys that deserve to be picked from other clubs .Just keep it all in house and pick our ,ahem I mean Peters club players .Ok you little scrotum ? Deal ?" Gordon "aye ok " These Jacobite mugs will buy into any other shite we throw at them anyway ..I mean they are all out buying these pink tops to match up with their skirts and timberlands
  23. Think these cunts are now taking the piss like Bt
  24. 7 beggar fucks 2 beggar supporters 2 others Does anyone actually support this shower
  25. What goes around comes around mate eh