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  1. I also despise that JT is picking up a wage for doing Sweet fuck all
  2. Not any sweeter with him without mate All the bravado in the world doesn't make it less corrupt
  3. At this point I only get angry with our club and the bastards that run it We are just pathetic nowadays with this continuing silence on everything
  4. That is the most nauseating part of our team .Cowards
  5. A few said I was taking paranoid shite when I said last week .The beggars would not be allowed to lose until end of season and so far ,nothing convinces me otherwise I said a month ago the refs would be Bought and paid for Collum and Thompson Could I yet be wrong ?
  6. Astonishing but no surprise Anyone that calls another para on here needs to wake to fuck up Rhodent cunt Criag swan was even siting Halidays challenge last week as evidence to get him off This will continue until we have proper Rangers men with balls running out club
  7. We should tell them to stick it
  8. This cunt is like the Godfather here in Scotland with all his pawns sucking him off .media ,legal ,politicians,council There are all in the bag with this bastard I'm not so sure if anything would bring this cunt down
  9. BBC just did and it was watered down push ,trying to rope us into the scandal Hardly anything new that we didn't know about ,regards the bheasts Only confirming Big Jock definitely Know
  10. Glasgow and Scotland best ever corrupt Cover up continues . When will anyone have the balls to stand up to this bheastly disgusting club
  11. Selective reporting by the scum rhodents in media .Shower of reprehensible scumbags Oh yeah bears don't do paranoia .It is beneath us right
  12. I agree mate .We have sunk so low with the dross we have .It would appear like signing Henry .Still dislike the prick but he does evoke memories of Helicopter Sunday's
  13. That is a protected species I'm afraid
  14. If you really like MW the footballer .Then you can sum up the malaise that has set in amongst our support . Our owner and former Manager seen to it. That they have convinced so many to lower our standards The guy is dreadful and was saying this ,the night he scored 2 against the mighty Hamilton
  15. I have absolutely no doubts obout this one
  16. Yes mate ..He may be just in the door Surely he is not beyond criticism Thought exactly the same and it was clear ,taking off the empty shirt that was our striker ,Garner ffs and played an extra midfielder had to be the way We were absolutely getting roasted and the game was over before we could get a foothold in the game Whatever you say about Brenda .He sees these things and makes changes pronto I like our Manager and want to love him But he has to develop a mean streak or he will be eaten up ,just like our previous 2 managers
  17. Only works when the players are superior and we have dross
  18. Usually by your good self so it's a surprise your not involved 😝
  19. Yes he would have been laughing later at the karaoke 🎤
  20. It's early days but the smiling at the end of the game is something no manager should be doing after an OF loss .Especially the way we lost
  21. I like this but it may leave us short physically in this game
  22. Come ahead .I'm in a portal cabin 😄
  23. Must be the most unexcited ive ever been about a old firm game One thing I can see .One of these beggar cunts doing what Messi did yesterday and holding their shirt up to our supporters And going unchecked Players into fans .Unchecked It will be like the day they won in 2001 Can't see it unfolding any other way with this shower of shite Incredibly I bought my ST on Friday too