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  1. I would have checked to see if there was any clubs in outer Siberia willing to take
  2. Aww ffs we still not got him yet We are miserable tight arse bastards
  3. The league championship or at least 1 trophy With all the season ticket money been spent .Seems we are now back to insulting clubs with derisory offers that have no chance of being accepted He has his work cut out
  4. Once a beggar lying thief mate .Always a beggar lying thief
  5. Which I could say I was . It was so bad it was good
  6. Different mate 😄
  7. He is a rent a quote beggar . Just like so many they use nowadays to give some sort of validation to any agenda .Usually anti Rangers Think it was scumbag mutton yesterday
  8. Wouldn't count on it mate sadly The rebel are lying scumbags and are unlikely to change with Liewell pulling the strings in this Country And then we have our board 😡
  9. It's the Daily Ranger mate The only thing is .5/7 days it's a negative story .The other 2 is usually playing to the mugs that still buy it ,by previewing or talking about the forthcoming match It's republican ,beggar loving filth appealing only to Rangers haters
  10. If he has apologised .That sums this cunt up Just when I though he was growing some balls .He gets a bit of pressure from the beggar loving media ,cleverly using ex bears that take their pound .And caves in This man is NOT what we need going forward
  11. That's the beggar minded cunt of a media up here in Scotland . These bastards are now being seen for what they are ,even now across the water
  12. It's a start but I stilll think we are well short We have to sign some quality Scottish players to keep our identity
  13. You only get small fine every time for the 109th occasion of a certain other repugnant club in Glasgow
  14. Yes mate .Fucking garbage to hear that .Wind the beggars up Dave all day long but don't insult our intelligence Worst day of my footballing life and there is no excuses ,even from Pedro or himself for that abortion of a performance from players to Management
  15. Your posts are usually long ones but this one truly hits the spot . Great post
  16. The rebel mate . Call it by it's more accurate name
  17. Subtle mate .Like your style
  18. It certainly is mate . That won't stop the scum from doing it . They have been freeloaders and leeches all their lives . Winning 4 titles in a one horse race won't bother them in the slightest . Winning titles in style and against creditable competition is what we do
  19. Great post
  20. She should be doing it all the time . In every way
  21. 5 posts and you come out with that See I knew it wouldn't take long for the beggars to take the bait
  22. Everyone knows I hate King but on this occasion . I like what he said about Beggars getting 10 It so winds them up and brings into focus how right he is. And how the scum have not won 6 against ourselves in a notorious 2 horse race . Just wish he would try it on so many other subjects
  23. He was a good finisher unlike a certain Waghorn
  24. I have met Ian on numerous occasions . He is a big bear . He was one of those players though that just couldn't make the step up . He was playing in a very average Rangers team but he just couldn't cut in the bigger games . He did score a winner in cup final .And of course a superb double versus Inter. No one can take that away from him