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  1. Millers Agent

    Miller is finished and that is a fact
  2. ****Official NFL Thread.****

    Gutted on Sunday night for him . He is the one man that excites me more than any other . Packers fan but this guy is just unbelievable A very big loss Last week , I watched one of the most exciting games for years . It felt like a bears win against the beggars . It was that good . Then this happens . Hope he comes back real soon and ability not effected
  3. I hope Big Alex doesn't get it . Just in case we need him at Christmas. I want no legend of ours being Manager of that shower of begging loving , Rangers hating shower of scum .
  4. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    I hope we are tapping him up on Sunday
  5. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    Only time this year I will be wanting a Hivs win . Hate the bastards more than the sheep .And that is quite something Still want revenge for few years ago at place it happened Assuming we get there also
  6. Butcher

    It certainly seems that way for the oddest reason . Can not believe this was the same man that was absolutely gutted after the 1989 cup final . As all us bears were Still one of the biggest losses to take in my lifetime .
  7. Butcher

    Sutton has got his number . And has made him a crumbling wreck
  8. Messi might miss world cup

    I can get what your saying mate but I'm a big fan of Madrid I was there when they last beat Barca .What a night It's hard to argue with anyone over who the best is mate .Ronaldo has done just as much .Pele was before my time although a 1000 goals surely says something Messi is genius on a football pitch .No doubts but he is human .Seen him have stinkers like the best of them .Just not that many 😃
  9. Morelos interview, translated by Hernan

    The players I thought we were talking about
  10. Messi might miss world cup

    Certainly one of the best in last 25 years . The world cup will be a better place with him . He is class , deadly and although he gives beggars lip service . An unbelievably amazing footballer in all departments My support will always be for the great whites . However it would be churlish to say he wasn't a genius in football terms
  11. Morelos interview, translated by Hernan

    The most valuable asset we have . Bar none
  12. Pedros Presser

    Jane Lewis . Guess what team she loves and has did so since her Stv days sucking Delacunts cock
  13. Pedros Presser

    Seems a lot on here have already made up their minds These press interviews are like a 5-0 at the hands of the beggars to many . I respect most of people that want him gone . I just don't have that final feeling just yet
  14. Pedros Presser

    Jury is out on that one . Its the 11 angry men scenario . He has one life left and that one burns out if a league cup is not in the cabinet very soon .
  15. Pedros Presser

    He convinces me as a man " night " and "day" more than MW
  16. Hearts away

    Copland . I know what your saying mate . I am going so I can't be a hypocrite . The bastards will get a stand on us . That pisses me off sure but if it had been Hivs . I'm absolutely certain it would have been 50 notes plus
  17. Hearts away

    50 odd bucks at the scumdome being the exception
  18. If you thought Tynecastle's new stand looks bad....

    Makes you wonder what the beggars ground would be like if Scotland ever got a World Cup ? 100,000 completely new stadium most likely paid for by ............
  19. Wales v ROI

    Pity it wasn't Scotland in place of Slovakia .The extra suspence may have tipped many of the ghirlies over the edge
  20. Wales v ROI

    Northern Ireland will get Italy and the scum will get Denmark Shoe in
  21. Pedro Caixinha: Rangers have gone up a level

    He has to motivate the players and the support. 6 wins on the trot would be unheard of from us , these past few years . I would be very welcome though
  22. Open Goal - Kris Boyd interview

    Watched this video about Fergie May have to cut him a little more slack . But why does he give a fuck about what papers and no marks give him out of ten .
  23. Open Goal - Kris Boyd interview

    Hope not or I'm topping myself
  24. Wales v ROI

    Excuse yourself ya muppet
  25. Hearts vs Rangers - Premiership

    Got my confirmation today . To be honest , As it's at Murrayfield and it's a something I've never experienced in going to see Gers since 70s .I'm looking forward to this one . Got my Semi confirmation too . Superb