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  1. Interesting and maybe very convenient for Glasgow Corrupt Council
  2. JCD . Tell me more about the FOIs > How do they get around all this I would love to do one for protestant and catholic workers within the Glasgow City Council
  3. Sorry guys .I’m glad he is off .He was in goal, for some of the worst defeats watching Rangers in my life .After our 3-2 loss to the scum at Ibrox .I think Gerrard being in the stands, probably said to himself .We can’t be using him as our number 1 keeper . The scum have a collection of games, they probably jizz themselves over and rate him, in much the same way as we rated Andrews or McKnight, back in the late 80’s .What ever he has to say now, means very little to me .He wasn’t a lucky keeper at any point
  4. Post of the morning .The only bit I disagree with was “ taigs bottled it “ I think we played brilliantly in both games .We had to We were incredibly unlucky in the cup final .I prefer to give our team the credit on these occasions
  5. Politics bores me rigid .Never a winner .And racism is even worse as you are accused of racism, as much as fart in a black mans direction nowadays 😂 Anyway back to stuff we do know about .👍
  6. Apparently the Albion car park .Think it may be private .You will probably know that and that’s the purpose of your post ? Correct 😉
  7. Of course Peter will move it .They won’t shift STs knowing their first OF is going to be worthless in their books Fuck all the other teams and games though
  8. Not a dig at you mate .You are calm about things .I feel it differently
  9. The share issue will happen . 100% . they will getting fuck all, off me . Not going to fobbed off with any excuse until this shower address our real enemies
  10. eejay the dj


    The club give zero consideration .Absolutely nil .Unless it suits them
  11. Got to be asked .Who at Arsenal sanctions this when he was already injured .Absolutely mind blowing .Reminds me of the player we sign from Romania .Spent a fortune .He never played a game Heads should roll .These cunts also insult their own fans who pay much more than most supporters .Mind you .The Arsenal fans are the most gullible in the UK
  12. Arsenal were a disgrace with this .I said at the time .Something wasn’t quite right with this signing .I have went right off this club on account of this . I will guarantee he will be back at bheastville before year is out
  13. Can’t see it Kirk The Americans are in chaos at this minute with all the rioting .They could make Liewell president and and take the Scottish media with them .That’s the way to go in 2020
  14. Yeah he will attach himself to someone like Green or Laudrup
  15. See that’s another one of your poor jokes Don’t give up the day job young man 😄
  16. Disgusting tbh mate The cunts won’t be responsible when we are fucked over just the 30 times next season .The refs ,compliance officer .It will just all mount up I truly don’t think they give a fuck .they just want our money
  17. Yeah could be right .He was kidding on he was hardcore .Not right in the head .Sky changed all that
  18. Yet he said he did when we were going great in the 90s and had all the trophies and clout .Think there was even a comedy show with guests .He was telling everyone is team was Rangers back then .Hypocritical bheast lover
  19. And remember these cunts aren’t stupid .Very soon ,they will throw in a curve ball .Something they want but the SPFL will be seen to knock them back .As to appear fair and even handed 😂 This could even be it ,although I think it will take the form of something more trivial
  20. He celebrated with the scum players on the pitch after they won the title in 86 and SCF of 88 .This shouldn’t be forgotten ..It was always about himself and his career with this cunt .Despise him
  21. Usual seat mate 100% my last season there was only concerned changing it the now would be hassle If I did renew next season . it would be beside you
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