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  1. King and Murray are now to blame for me .They are everything that's bad about our club and the direction it takes Wasn't at game today so I can't comment on the performance I don't feel he is as bad as MW but I'm not going to argue with the majority on this occasion What could I back it up with All the good records we have have fallen under him and humiliating results The sad thing is .We have been seeing and saying the same garbage for last 6 years King and the piece of shite Murray takes the blame for me
  2. 3 words .You can't count 🤤
  3. Who cares how all our ex players did .They proved they were losers and there is no going back from that
  4. Not depending Pedro but let's remember the absolute garbage MW bought to our club .Wasted years under him and Ally imo Pedro is under massive pressure if we lose next OF no matter what happens here
  5. You way off that for me .I honestly just don't get you most of the time
  6. Haha. .If only you knew Soze 😄
  7. Glad I made you happy mate .Was really any need to post it .Who gives a fuck what our players did .We all seen what we needed to see .It was biased refereeing or rank incompetent all day long
  8. Yes its pathetic .All the ones ,I told to get to fuck or made neggy comments .Your all holding hands now .Like a shower of girls .Big girls blouses 😂
  9. What has happened to this place while I dodge vans in Barcelona .Its become a nuthouse of bitching
  10. That's rich coming from you 😉
  11. You 2 are like the resident sweetie wives 😀
  12. And the rest mate polis saying he hasn't heard of our fans club So many things .His arrogance is reeking out of him It seems he has stepped it quite a few notches
  13. I think he speaks now with the knowledge ,he is protected It's as simple as that
  14. That is sickening posting this shite on here Get this to fuck Fucking what age are you man
  15. What bolloks Concentrate on attacking the real enemies Fans like you are a disgrace imo
  16. Great post and 100% on the money It had worked a blinder these last 20/30 years but certainly last 6 and the refs strike
  17. My statement would be something like "Rangers emplore you scum loving mutants at the Sfa never to give us the idiot of a ref ever again Or else
  18. Sorry mate . That is just bravado . Just words . Appreciate you being positive though . They are very average but they don't need to be anything else sadly
  19. All these things and everything off the park does not matter , if you don't have the right men at the very top . And we definitely don't
  20. I honestly think it's a long long way back for us . To ever get this sort of luck in the European Qualifying ties . Even if we manager to win the league , which is miles off for me .We would never get the luck ,these bastards get . We would never be seeded . And that's having to contend with stuff like Saturday that will probably make it years before we even get a sniff . There is no point in painting a rosy picture .It is terrible times watching these bastards get to the group stages without as much as a challenge . My para head said , there is more to it . In all honesty , we are playing catch up that may take as much as a decade . All thanks to DM , Our present board / old board same thing and CW I would gladly take a prison sentence if I was standing next to any of them
  21. Anyone would think these cunts were content to lose . How the fuck, did this lot of shite ' knock out Legia
  22. Can you ever remember any team that we have played in Europe , ever missing a point blank header like these fuckers did . Or playing so pish and still being 2-0 up in a CL Qualifying tie This is finishing tonight . It makes you fucking sick Every season , they get this unbelievable spawn in some shape or form
  23. Another bye into the Champions league . How do these cunts, always get teams that are powder puff and toothless There is no way Astana are knocking these bastards out
  24. Not only are they the biggest hypocrites in this game we love ./ They are the most corrupt . They have used every avenue possible to get control of everything in Scottish football . They would even love our trophies with the same tried and tested corruption . I would not be the least bit surprised if they were bribing many of the officials in this Country
  25. Cowardly cocksockets every one