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  1. Windass

    I mind watching him in his 1st pre season game last season I thought he looked like he could been good player for us but I never seen him play that good until last couple of games.Fingers crossed he be key player for us this season.
  2. Lafferty showing how we all feel.

    He going leave either way
  3. Lafferty showing how we all feel.

    He was going get boot anyway he fell out with ally so his day where numbered .
  4. Did we dodge a bullet with Cathro

    Proves I was right about cathro the most hyped thing in football for years .
  5. Pedro Caxinha: Stay or go?

    Who would we get to replace him?
  6. I see the striker, he looks like a monster

    You beat me to it.
  7. New Training Top

    I like look of the black tracksuits they where wearing today does anyone know when they go on sale at megastore?
  8. Gregg Wylde - Halliday on Thursday.

    Greg Wylde I forgot he even existed that shows how good he was for us .
  9. **Peña to paper official**

    I got good feeling about him think he be a cracker player for us.
  10. Qualifying ticket prices

    What day do they go on sale?
  11. Qualifying ticket prices

    When do they go on sale?
  12. Forrester sent away from Auchenhowie

    Hopefully Warburton takes him of our hands.
  13. Warburton to sign Cummings

    He would been in Rangers shirt if hibs fans never caused carry on on Scottish Cup final. I would rather him playing for us than against us.
  14. Lafferty spotted at Glasgow Airport.

    Which 1 he been married like three times
  15. Josh Windass

    When he 1st signed I thought he would be cracking player for us but how wrong I was. That what we get signing players from lower leagues in England. Rangers to big club for him.