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  1. I actually think the same dunno why I got feeling it be Brendan Rodgers rs that will sign him .
  2. Any Rangers bars in salou anyone knows about ?
  3. Think his wife died in car crash
  4. https://stv.tv/sport/football/1438529-david-turnbull-rejects-celtic-s-initial-contract-offer/
  5. Don’t tell me that John terry rumour again cos I did see that on some pages on fb .
  6. I would be happy with Kevin Thomson if he wasn't so injured prone for us he would been key player and captain. His own downfall is he mates with idiot Brown.
  7. Alex rae, novo and Kevin Thomson all linked for in today's daily record
  8. He did have some good moments like treble and cl last 16 but he also finished twice miles behind celtic in league . He no the answer for me and people forget the fans wanted him out .People have short memories .
  9. I think Aberdeen would make things hard and I can not see him leaving there but I hope I am wrong .
  10. The names that been announced are no really encouraging . Big Eck - He came 3rd in two horse race and fans demanded he was sacked. Predo Caixinha- Some guy was going be our no 2 if we beat Motherwell in playoff final Gary Monk - He has chance to take Leeds to playoffs and doubt he would leave Leeds for us Mcinnes - Doubt he would leave the sheep for us . Rowett -He sounds like other Warburton . Alex Neil - He is deccent manager but then fans will not want him cos he meant be a celtic fan .
  11. Once Barton fit enough play I reckon our defending will not be as much as worry .
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