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  1. Hopefully get shinnie in future
  2. Which 1 he been married like three times
  3. But still give us players so they still dealt with us more than any other club spfl give us. They also give us Wallace and Templeton aswell.
  4. They give us holt and king on loan in past
  5. Sure I read article couple of years ago he wanted end his playing career with us.
  6. Who do you recommend then? Also he scored 18 goals for motherwell this season so if that pish would be interesting see what you call good.
  7. Hopefully we can pull this one of.
  8. I am sorry lafferty is shit he would only play in last six games of season and rest time he either play like headless chicken or he would cause trouble on or of the pitch. Seen lot people shouting for him on fb think they have short memories next people shouting for boardfoot come back.
  9. With Mciness and Pedro falling out can we see Mciness wanting sell players to Pedro? Reckon if we going sign him be on pre contract I hope I am wrong. I am hoping be in summer we sign him in summer though.
  10. When he 1st signed I thought he would be cracking player for us but how wrong I was. That what we get signing players from lower leagues in England. Rangers to big club for him.
  11. I would hope so
  12. He only motherwell player we should be signing.
  13. If we are going signing anyone from motherwell it should be Louis Moult.
  14. There that to but he even left there no way come to us. Whoever suggested it of there head.
  15. Lol he will sign them Kiernan and forrester I reckon