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  1. This is obviously what counts as quality now.
  2. Not been sold yet and might not as Chelsea have transfer ban
  3. He is not eligible for a work permit in England so all this talk of EPL bids is nonsense. He will be here next season unless we don’t make the group stages and then he will go to the continent for an undisclosed fee.
  4. Apart from rabid bloggers I doubt anyone will give two fucks.
  5. gj923

    Myles Beerman

    good not the required standard and going on loan to the Maltese league was hardly going to improve him
  6. on holiday somewhere before coming back for 55
  7. Finland is ranked the same as Ireland neither of which are or have been at the same level as the Swedish league. The dutch league is far superior to ours. The whole comparing him to other players at 22 and how many they had scored was a joke as all of them...Henry, Suarez, Rooney, Zlatan and Ronaldo where playing at a much higher level years before Alfredo. I will say it again I expect him to stay and get close to 40 goals next season.
  8. Assuming you are talking about a new E class where the OTR is 38k plus both of us would be chased....although you at least might be offered one of the other models.
  9. Last bid was from Bordeaux which was 3.5m last August - that was the last concrete offer. I have stated several times on this thread that I want him to stay as I feel he will get more goals next season and irrespective of how much we where to spend on a new striker that is not guaranteed (30 plus goals) I would also want our players sold (if we have to) for the highest amount but that is different to what I think someone will actually go for which is what I am discussing. At the end of the day its simply my viewpoint. I have never been one of the fans that have just said sell him or rip up his contract after one of his sending offs - that is just plan mental especially the latter.
  10. No I am simply someone who pays attention to what happens and not what is said. Last bid was 3m and an enquiry from Frankurt whose top signing was 5-6m does not translate into what Robertson declared they wanted. I hope he stays as I think he will score more next season.
  11. Zlatan played for Malmo whose league is currently ranked 15 places higher than Finland - he then went to Ajax whose league are ranked about 10 places higher than Scotland normally. There is a reason that the likes of the golden shoe (as its now known) uses a ranking system with regards to goals as its more difficult to score in harder leagues. The fact he has scored 94 goals in 2 leagues ranked 20th and 38th in Europe is not really relevant to the majority of major teams. Robertson was playing to the gallery when he announced his valuation. As it stands he is more valuable in the team over the course of the season than us selling him.
  12. So has the likes of boyce, rooney, griffiths and boyd to name a few in last few years in this league. Scoring a lot of goals in the SPL means nothing. He is proven goalscorer at this level but stating that he has scored 100 goals faster than the likes of Mbappe who scored in a World cup final is irrelevant. He has played a few friendlies but was not named in the provisional copa squad where about 7 or 8 other strikers where I have no doubt if he stays here he will score the same if not more goals next season However the last bid was 3m and given he can't get an automatic work permit for England the markets for him are limited. His disciplinary record also will reduce his appeal however unmerited some of the cards where. I agree with the 6m figure although it might not happen this year.
  13. I think he will stay for another season.
  14. Europa League 2 kicks in from 2021/22 and the next cycle of the UCL is being discussed with the big clubs wanting some kind of closed shop or at least relegation/promotion allowing more of them to share in the pie continually. Even just now the likes of Holland ranked 14th will have their champions enter the champions path in the third qualifying round and the runners up enter in the 2nd qualifying round. This year saw PAOK v Basel and Ajax v Sturm Graz as runners up in leagues 12-15 with the losers then entering the Europa league 3rd qualfying round. Whilst we can have 2 or even more teams in the Europa league group stages I think the chances of having 2 teams in the UCL are firstly reliant on no changes (which is not going to happen) but all our teams competing well in Europe for the next 3-4 years which is pretty much impossible.
  15. gj923

    Pre Season

    Tav has 41st most games played in Europe with 57 games and over 5000 minutes of football.
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