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    Promising stat but would rather wait until the end of the season. The option to buy is not going anywhere.
  2. Court injunction in place stoping us using Hummel next year at present.
  3. We can’t use the Hummel kit next year
  4. Guarantee if you went onto any fans forum there would be people moaning about refereeing decisions against. Outside the old firm the rest will be complaining about the fact they rarely get decisions against us. Here was some of the comments before the last old firm game "Kevin Clancy the worst referee in Scotland gets to ref the Glasgow derby on Sunday absolute joke" ...."The same Kevin Clancy that denied 2 stone wall penalties at Easter Road.... Out of all the refs in Scotland he's probably the most consistently incompetent (and that's some achievement)." Having watched the highlights from Hearts v Hamilton I could not for the life of me figure out why it was red. Clancy like other referees in any league will make mistakes....think of the 4th goal scored by Morelos in Moscow that was chopped off last year for being offside when it was'nt
  5. He has managed 2 of the 3 games that they have dropped points in so I will imagine they also will not be pleased with him.
  6. gj923

    The split

    With 8 less games including up to 2 old firm visits most clubs would lose a significant sum in revenue from reduced season ticket prices, reduced tickets sold overall, hospitality, catering and old firm visits. For some clubs that would be a 7 figure loss and we would probably loss a few million from this at least. The league cup provides prize money along with gate money - that would no longer be there without the top 4 clubs in it. Again we would lose out on revenue from tickets and prize money Who exactly would we play friendlies with? Given that the majority of leagues are ongoing during ours?
  7. gj923

    The split

    They always have 2 or 3 clubs that do reasonably well each season is what matters. Take 2016/17 for example 3 of their clubs reached the last 16 of the Europa League which is not something you are going to remember but on that journey between the 3 teams they picked up 52.5 points. They do have bad years also sometimes. Added to that what makes it easier for them to stay there is the clubs are ranked reasonably high - Anderlecht 33, Brugge 37, Gent 51 and Genk 60 so it means they will be seeded for qualifying draws and in higher pots for the group stages.
  8. gj923

    The split

    8th top league in Europe
  9. Running the dunes was used as an example that the majority of fans included would not know the optimum training schedule for a professional footballer over the course of a season but that does'nt stop people from forming an opinion with facts to back it up. Playing the same amount and a stronger bench are two different points. The first was highlighting that there is another team having played the same amount of games as us so for the players that where here last year the amount of games should not make a difference. The strength of the bench is highlighting that they have a much better chance of impacting a game with subs
  10. We have had people advocating people running on the dunes before like Wallace used to have them........I trust the staff we have that the Dubai trip did not impact on their fitness and it was the right amount done unless someone actually provides some data behind that to say otherwise. The amount of games that we have will have an impact on some players that have not been used to playing many games which we saw before with the likes of Goldson last season. However the other team is playing the same amount of games as us with some of their players having done that for years. I think the main difference is that we have too many core players prepared to hide when it gets into the tough parts of the season. We had Hagi the other night just in the door trying to make things happen when really other players should be stepping up that have been there for years. If you then look at the respective benches generally the strength in depth is evident in theirs and lacking in ours. However the annoying thing is that we have the likes Jones and Stewart on the bench who have in the past scored/performed well against many of the teams we are struggling to break down.
  11. Was told by a mate that has watched the last few games that they have played that they are a good attacking team however opposition teams do get plenty of chances against them as well. The sheep come here with one aim in mind which is defend, defend, defend with a few boots left in. European football suits us more so yes it will be a tough game but we are more than capable of getting a result on Thursday....even over there the following week.
  12. He was dealing with personal problems which SG mentioned around Oct/Nov which had coincided with a dip in form then.
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