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  1. gj923

    Europa League

    Efe Ambrose has a work permit - dont think we need to say anymore. They will not be an issue
  2. gj923

    Europa League

    dont think its an issue for either of them
  3. gj923

    Europa League

    Waiting on fitness according to the last SG communication - they are 7-9 days behind everyone else
  4. gj923

    Greg Docherty to go out on loan

    anyone know where he is going? Although he would get game time in another SPL team no chance of them buying him.
  5. gj923

    Where Will We Finish in the 2018/9 Season?

    2nd as we seemed to have bolstered our defence although don't know what the sheep will be like. Should the bheasts have a season like last it could be close however if they have one like their first their could be a big points gap.
  6. gj923

    Club statement

    King is the man giving the finger to the authorities and other people that want to keep or club down..........or at least that is the consensus over at follow follow which is why he will remain. I can only hope that he is dealt with on Friday and he realises he needs to let someone else take the reins. Too many of our support still view him as the 2nd coming
  7. gj923

    Second Qualifying Round Ticket Info

    Very fair prices
  8. gj923

    Harry Forrester gone

    mental move
  9. gj923

    Club statement

    So we have spunked most of the season ticket money so no more players. What money have we actually spent on the stadium apart from some painting and cleaning? Doesn’t the pitch get relaid every year or two? Judging by the huge divot it was a pretty shite job. i see he is still lying about TOP and blaming everyone but himself. As for the contract with SD you signed it Dave. Guy is a bellend and rather than building up for the season he releases a idiotic statement which will be lapped up by other fans.
  10. gj923

    Harry Forrester gone

    Good riddance
  11. gj923

    Registering players

    What like an able bodied person to point him in the direction of the goals so he can score.
  12. gj923


    He has scored 7 goals in 2018 - 2 of them against Ayr Utd and 1 against bury.....he has been utter pish since January and if he continues to be played as a lone striker we will struggle to win games in the league
  13. gj923

    *****Official Shkupi vs Rangers thread*****

    Job done and I think people need to remember its the 17th July and not conceded in an away tie in Europe. If we are still brutal come August then questions should be asked.
  14. gj923


    He did not even feature in the TNS game when we played 2 different teams. Just checked so bugger knows if he is injured or just playing FIFA in the house. Either way he is a waster.
  15. gj923


    He not at loan at Blackpool or something? Could be wrong and can’t be bothered looking at transfer forum for in/outs