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  1. They are due a doing from us and have had a pretty indifferent start to the season.
  2. They only have a small tie up where they book some of their flights and holidays - the vast majority with TUI are not impacted.
  3. True inspiration the way he battled against his disease whilst still raising money to fund research into it. Great player but even better off the field the way he lived his life. All the best to his family.
  4. All the players on the B list are free and we can have 25 other players of which 4 have to be club trained and 4 association trained. We have 22 players on the A list as only McGregor qualifies as club trained which means we are 3 players short. Given that Kent was signed someone had to make way for him which is why Jones might have made more sense as both him and Flanagan are injured but perhaps the latter will be back sooner No idea why Rudden is still there though as pointed out....maybe they just dont check that list that much.
  5. If he is out for the season there is a chance he never gets back in if the rest do well and we sign players next season
  6. Good luck to him and hope he bangs the goals in before getting a chance back here next season.
  7. Getting a payoff it looks like
  8. UEFA will deal with this in a meeting tomorrow - wonder when we will find out
  9. Don’t know if it was as Legia fans uploaded a video with singing at the end of it which I think was then shared on twitter
  10. They are an average team and whilst its true they have not conceded many goals they also have not scored many. They have made hard work getting to this round already whilst we have pretty much coasted it.# Confident for the victory....3 nil
  11. Lets not have a score draw as that would be us out as no goals in the away tie
  12. No idea if its a case of UEFA have started stricter this season it falls into a different category
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