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  1. The pie story is in several papers and years ago someone got arrested and charged for launching a pie at one of our players. Several incidents last year involving objects being thrown at our players from various grounds made a good number of headlines.
  2. gj923


    We have not won anything since 2010/11 and since then the likes of St Mirren, Kilmarnock, Aberdeen, St Johnstone, Inverness have won silverware despite us having a budget way in excess of any of them. So until the team overcome that its right that their "bottle" or mental attitude are questioned whenever they drop points when the league is close or when their is a cup at stake.
  3. Would not be hard given that Murray bought us using BOS money and then proceeded to underwrite share issues using Murray group which ultimately owed hundreds of millions to the bank.
  4. I agree that he won a watch so to speak with the ban that Chelsea have. Heard lots of good things from the current crop that we have however we seem to have a real difficulty managing the transition from youths to first team. The rest of the league including them seem to give promising young players a chance and allow them time to develop in and around the first team. We really need to get better at it
  5. We have 22 players for Europe because we have not either developed or given a chance to our youth in the past. So let's give people the time is they have promise to sign a contract all parties are happy with so we may have the chance of them progressing to the first team.
  6. Why his agent? We have a pretty abysmal record compared to other teams in the league of developing and playing promising youth. I thought Gilmour made a terrible mistake but it looks right now like the right one.
  7. They have a specific department that deals solely with footballers.
  8. One game at a time and just as people crack up about people saying we need 12 points form the next 4 etc there is no need to say the next run of away games will be tough. A game at a time with a case of getting as many points if we can....if we slip up which at some point we will its a case of simply starting afresh and building up the winning ways again which we have been doing most of this season already.
  9. Maybe but he is a 20 year old who we paid a development fee for which is hardly breaking the bank. There is a chance that he will develop further and be an asset to ourselves. Not every player we buy at that age is going to be good enough for the club right away. Plenty take a number of years to develop.
  10. He tore up the 1st Division in England not the EPL or even the championship. Given that I think we just paid a development fee for him I am not going to argue he could not be sold for a profit. Hopefully we will see the best of him but it’s needs to be on a consistent basis where he changes games....not the odd one now and again.
  11. Problem you have in Scotland is that we are either the 2nd or 3rd highest league which rely's on income from fans via tickets. Hearts for example in 2017/18 had 43% of their turnover from gate receipts.......you reduce the 4 old firm games and 2 derbies and they could be 600-700k down easily. Motherwell whilst maybe not the best example reduced their ticket prices a good number of years ago with the hope it would encourage more fans to turn up....it never happened.
  12. Andy Robertson played for Queens Park against us then signed for Dundee Utd before going to the EPL......Hamilton themselves have had players move to much better clubs and make it before. Further afield its not like HJK Helsinki is exactly a top club to sign players from.
  13. They got beaten at home by Krasnodar in the champions league qualifying who in turn also ended up in the EL and have been gubbed 5 nil by Basel away and beaten 2-1 by Getafe in Russia. Based upon form in Europe this season Porto look a different beast since last year. A lot of our results in Europe last season surprised me so not writing this off.....could easily sneak a draw or even a win as we seem more suited to European football sometimes rather than 10 behind the ball SPL.
  14. Hopefully Sheep do something but more often than not they seem to lie down against them or even worse come out with some strange game plan which backfires massively.
  15. gj923


    Sure there was a report done on corners in the EPL over a number of years which showed only 3% lead to a goal. So I don't think its just us where it appears corners often come to nothing.
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