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  1. think I am right to say we have not been beaten at home in Europe apart from Bayer Leverkeusen last few years
  2. Never heard of him and judging by the comments there is a reason why
  3. Minus shagger who stays behind
  4. No but I had to go and look that up and now having a good chuckle
  5. So he has been given a desk job to oversee the conveyor belt of talent that makes it to the first team is what it sounds like.
  6. If it was not covered by the football bubble rule red imps would have to come up with a neutral ground We would never face quarantine Horrible rancid paper also
  7. He got it from Sports Direct so he was fine
  8. Its probably more to do with the fact he is a Scottish keeper and it will be good to have him round the squad training rather than pitching him in as number 1 at this point.
  9. Total shite that story.....been up the training ground this morning and there is Alfies car
  10. Castore like most companies have to use a courier company. I get loads delivered and Hermes is by far the worst. they are only responsible for delivery the quality is down to Castore
  11. From what I have read and heard so far he never confirmed a figure. The use of brackets when its a comment from another person is because you have amended what was originally said. I tried to find the interview online there as to the best of my knowledge its Jim coming in with "it was 16m" in reference to the Lopez confirming a bid was made In fairness it was not denied either
  12. Pretty sure White put that figure into the conversation....lopez never confirmed what the bid amount was
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