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  1. A job outwith his expertise that he should never have been near although truth be told I don't really know exactly what he does
  2. His role seems to be telling the CC that the club have secured extra car parking elsewhere
  3. https://govancommunitycouncil.com/events/about-2/minutes/ November and December 2019 minutes - Craig Houston has been involved in some of this in his role with the club
  4. Even if they do what happens if there is a requirement to self isolate either in the country you land in or when you get back. You would hope Uefa would have taken on board the Spanish decision to stop Italian flights beforehand and the fall out from the Atalanta game. seems football administrators everywhere are idiots
  5. He only had 1 cap in a friendly for England so not exactly an international. The fee was pretty standard for then but yes like a lot of players we signed he had injury problems. There was also an appearance clause which kept him benched for a while once he came back from injury Looking at his stats over 15 years he averaged about 16 games a season so its clear he was reasonably talented but was just as likely to pick up an injury.
  6. gj923


    This is like Kent all over that despite him pretty average returns from his loan spell because he occasionally turned up we spent the best of 10m plus on the transfer fee along with his wages. I would say by all means look to get him on loan but he has not shown any consistency to justify a large outlay at this time.
  7. Congratulations and one positive from the current situation is that he can spend time with his new family.
  8. Plenty of other places have it as the same voting structure across the leagues as the previous vote
  9. its 75% of the SPL, 75% of the championship and 75% of the lower two leagues so 9 SPL teams needed, 9 championship teams needed and 15 lower league clubs. Anything below this in either of the 3 league groupings and it fails
  10. Will this be the same lawyers that have fucked up numerous trials the club has been involved in? We had stated we have evidence suddenly it is delay after delay The language has also changed as well down to mis or mal administration We are going to look like idiots when this is all done sadly
  11. The company had 1 Million in the bank last January, they have about 30 odd employees and suddenly people think they are signing a deal to give us 20million. Not happening in a million years A deal may well happen with them producing our strips but it will be a share of revenue the same as we have/had with hummel/Elite which brought in a few million per annum
  12. could give everyone slightly different copies and see who leaks first
  13. Which really should make anything else he says circumspect Just because you want to believe something doesnt make it true
  14. This not the same guy that last week gave the made up Dundee invoice?
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