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  1. gj923


    Long shot that he makes it back to us but hopefully we actually recoup the money instead of paying him off.
  2. gj923

    Oct/Nov TV games

    they really dont give a fuck about fans despite ticket money making the largest contribution to income for a lot of our clubs
  3. gj923

    45 Man Europa League Squad

    We can name 25 players on list A but 8 are reserved for locally trained players which are either club trained players (3 years between 16-21) or association trained players again between 16-21 but a maximum of 4 of these. This is why some squads can contain less that 25 players on the A list.
  4. can we renegotiate if he has a howler? According to transfermarket his last contract extension was back in Feb - vaguely remember him and Windass getting one and his deal is up till 2021. No need to give him a bump in salary as he is probably well paid already Simply tell his agent how much we would accept
  5. gj923

    McGregor Kept Us In It

    defence has improved and although I don't have stats for it pretty sure most fans would agree that watching us does not hold as much fear of us conceding.
  6. gj923


    it should be when can we announce he had been released. 6 appearances in 2 years
  7. gj923

    Bear Stabbed

    Why the hell is he shouting it at Arfield? is it the only word that he knows or something.
  8. gj923

    A Case For The Defence...

    Stop making sense and allow us to ready the pitchforks! People do forget where we were last April after the 2 games against them and I for one did not expect us to get to the group stages. This will allow us to invest in a few additions to the squad either in January or June.
  9. gj923

    Never winning the title this season

    Who knows but this time last year no one would have though we would be in the Europa Group stages or hearts would be top with 100% record. We are in Europe, still in 2 cups which involved beating a team that we struggled against last year and are 4 points behind in the league.
  10. gj923

    Dollar short, day late in the 'Couve

    It can be now but getting to the group stages was required for the extra funds.
  11. gj923

    Next Four Games

    I know that but the factor we never had last year was Euro games when we where talking about the next 3 or 4 games and how many points. Hearts will be difficult as there is a reason they are top.
  12. gj923

    Next Four Games

    We have Villarreal away before St J and Rapid Vienna at home before the hearts game
  13. gj923

    Mcgregor Kick

    Keepers normally treated differently with more leeway...should be nothing.
  14. gj923


    aye pay a few million to terminate SG contract and then 10m plus per year to attract Jose up here.
  15. gj923


    Kept us in a lot of games and will prove his worth over the season