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  1. It has but it takes a while for it to kick in...qualifying is based upon 2018 when Scotland was 26th and currently sitting 20th
  2. considering the 1st team wage bill is probably 20m plus now its all the ST revenue
  3. its the same smoke and mirrors when he says all the money goes into the first team....aye it does in salary etc not in 20m transfer kitty
  4. this is from a good while back?
  5. Yes and no Warburton had to go as he seemed to think being mediorce was acceptable Caxinha was a failed experiment who was stupidly backed by sanctioning the signing of Pena and herrara Gerrard has made us a better team against them and in Europe however he needs to learn how to beat the rest with the resources he has along with developing players.
  6. Hopefully he recovers quickly and if SG does not want he we get a few quid for him and he goes back down south.
  7. Take that article with a pinch of salt given that he came up here when he could have stayed down south at Burnley or picked another club. If we did get offered 3m for someone who will be 31 next season I would take it but I think the article is bullshit. Hope its not his agent looking for more money for him.
  8. We have closed the gap in regards to playing them it’s against the other 10 that Gerrard needs to do it against next year to win the league. We are better suited tactically to playing them. Losing Morelos may be a blessing in disguise.
  9. agree with that as i struggle to think of a single player who has benefited from a loan to hammer throwers in Scotland. Better if he does'nt make the squad that at least he is getting a game in the reserves with some senior pros along with talented youth where actual football is played.
  10. up there with the bottle throwing incidents against two of our young fans by people wearing green tops.
  11. Whatever happened with the coin throwing that hit Morelos at St Mirren.
  12. Not meaning that it’s just like when there is a corner for example there can be about 10 stewards and police facing the field of play. Why don’t they face the crowd to identify and even stop trouble. It’s like going back to school when the teachers back is turned you try stuff. Same with some people at a football match but it could be lessened with people actually paying attention to the crowd.
  13. Sheep fan at the final got 140 days so clearly they will still be the occasional nugget that gets full of it and runs on the pitch. People running on the pitch is not the problem its fat stewards doing fuck all when players are taking thrown in/corner when stuff rains down on them.
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