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  1. @Billy1984 got me sorted with a ticket for armed forces day. Means a lot mate. Thanks
  2. Sitting on the train on the way back from the game. Fk me Rangers, you know how to put us through the wringer. Went for a pie and they cunts got a penalty so don't know if it was a dive or what. We should be smashing teams like this ,especially at Ibrox ffs. Obviously happy with the result but all the tippy tappy shite does my head in sometimes. Just shoot ffs.
  3. That's all I'm asking from yooo
  4. As long as there's post match shower scenes
  5. I am looking for a ticket if anyone has any.
  6. He could replace Tav at right back
  7. @ritchieshearercaldow reckons it will be Defoe hehehe
  8. bikerblue

    Left back

    He canny play left back
  9. Ya fuckin cunt Happy to help But seriously, long may it continue
  10. Bitter cow, her not you obviously hehe
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