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  1. Thanks mate, see you tomorrow
  2. Looking for a ticket. Can meet anywhere. Pm please. Cheers
  3. Haha cunts, the hookers cost extra, bring the mighty bears too,,its got a nice view of the casino
  4. A decade ago you were an embryo ffs
  5. My mind is now blown
  6. The man is a cunt with a posh west end accent, who even speaks like that?
  7. Stop being so reasonable ffs, can you not see common sense doesn't belong here
  8. Didn't know Ironside was a bear.
  9. This guy
  10. How big is yer telly?
  11. And signed Absolute Cunty instead
  12. Ah the old 48 hours
  13. So are we signing him or whit? Fuck Stoke and fuck Stokes anaw, we are Rangers ffs
  14. Scott Allan