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  1. bikerblue

    Boss says we weren't fit enough last season

    Maybe he doesn't want to highlight how bad they are in the hope of attaining a decent fee where applicable
  2. bikerblue

    Nikola Katic Signs

    Credit where it's due, we seemed to have learned from past mistakes and are conducting our business quietly and professionally as well as hitting back at our enemies. Well done Rangers and welcome Niko
  3. bikerblue

    Vidal sassoon

    As long as Hairy Forrester isn't on the fringes of the team
  4. bikerblue

    RFC silver pendant for a chain

    Trophy centre
  5. bikerblue

    Dave king statement

    With Gerrard starting on Friday King knows we will have the all the English media looking in. Clever boy
  6. bikerblue

    Ben Woodburn and Ryan Kent (Liverpool)

    Aye but you get to pay for the bench weekly
  7. bikerblue

    Fernando Torres (Atl Madrid)

    Me and a few others
  8. bikerblue

    ***Rumours thread***

    Was worth the recognition
  9. bikerblue

    ***Rumours thread***

    I will like it on yer behalf
  10. bikerblue

    *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    Welcome aboard the Rangers Rollercoaster bears. No wonder I have grey hair
  11. bikerblue

    Return of the McKay?

    Ricky Foster?
  12. bikerblue

    Return of the McKay?

  13. bikerblue

    Return of the McKay?

    He's a poor mans Weiss
  14. bikerblue

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    It's my understanding that beasts hurt kids
  15. bikerblue

    Murty Sacked - Confirmed

    I'm not saying the board are blameless here, far from it , the thing he loved was that mob from the east end