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  1. Junkies vs Rangers

  2. Anywhere to watch Hibs game in Moscow?

    Go to the Loudenski, ask for Comrade Marshall
  3. Jack right back

    B&Q must be doing a sale on glue
  4. Jack sending off

    Yes we were shite but broadfoot is a fkn snake
  5. Sell it to Craig whyte hopefully and run it into the ground
  6. Classless but Expected

    Not sure what it's about but it's bad for the club and the bears. More ammunition for cunts. Delete this shite or move it where only members can see if they really feel the need to get their petticoats in a knot. Life is hard enough without looking for drama
  7. Went to school with alec Cleland and boab Malcolm was from same area, grew up with his uncles etc
  8. Impartial mhedia experts!

    I only read that because you have tits
  9. The taig game.

    Send her over when yer finished. They cunts are due a doing
  10. The taig game.

    Brown getting sent off. 2-1 to the famous
  11. Ally is getting on ma tits, fat cunt sounds like he's on jellies
  12. Questionable to say the least I'd say

    Paige and a butcher's shop in the same paragraph was never going to end well
  13. Ibrox Bar Tenerife

    Haha cunts, the hookers cost extra, bring the mighty bears too,,its got a nice view of the casino