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  1. Tut, you cheat. Choice is Gazza or Laudrup. Decide
  2. What's this rumour about Rangers seemingly getting £12M from UEFA campaign, allegedly? Couldn't find a thread on here to write this on and not starting a thread about it. Just read some people on Facebook discussing it on a page.
  3. Hard to decide. Laudrup was a brilliant gentleman on the pitch. Gazza had the bad ass attitude that could easily get us out of bad situations. We really need this now. But in honesty we need players like Laudrup as well.
  4. 49 years old and still climbing fences? Jailbait.
  5. Really enjoyed listening to fans stories about their experience tonight:)
  6. Started if you want something to listen to whilst having your dinner ;)
  7. For those new to this radio show Join Here Once in the lobby, scroll down and press play where the black arrow points on screen shot here. or go to YouTube They also have a Facebook Page you can join. As well as Twitter It's not everyone's cup of tea and opinions vary (like they do everywhere), however you do get the chance to call in and have your say. If you have Skype you can also call in that way as well as converse with fellow bears. You can also email them at rangersradio@gmail.com if there is something specific (Rangers related only)you would like discussed. You get to hear some cracking stories.
  8. I'm off tonight so see you there. Next season will probably end up being 2021/22 at this rate.
  9. Without feedback, issues can't be resolved.
  10. Nice to see you're at least opposing the SLO about these issues. More need to do it.
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