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  1. There is, but then they give you a list of who looks after my Ma. Being in the care sector I know the good companies to look after her that aren't on the list. I don't mind paying. She's my Ma. I have siblings who help as well where they're able. Thank you:)
  2. At the moment, my Ma is still relatively independent. She needs help with a few things and because I haven't been able to help due to my job(care sector) and covid restrictions, I have had to pay(using my inheritance) for carers to come in and help twice daily. When the restrictions drop, I will be there for her instead of carers apart from days I'm working. Had to make quite a few adjustments to her house as well, so she can get about easier. She walks using aids. I agree that it's awful watching the decline. Always thought MND was a guy thing. Was shocked when we found out my Ma had it. They initially thought it was FM then MS.
  3. I understand your reason. My Ma has MND. I will be reading it and already put money into the first charity you posted as well as RM Erskine Fund and MacMillan Cancer Support . I don't think it should discourage anyone from reading the book. I doubt it will be written in poor taste. It might be sad to read, but also give an interesting insight. It might be morbid curiosity, but I want to know from her prospective as his carer, as well as his wife. Plus...it would help her and their child financially I am guessing. If we class Fernando as one of our own, why not his child as well. Anyway, that is my reason.
  4. Thanks:) Don't want to depress you guys though.
  5. Yeah I genuinely expect it to be. Still find it hard to believe even though I am noticing the decline since being on lockdown:( Would like to talk about it more, but it's hard to do here. Anyway, enough of my doom and gloom. I'm sure it will be beautifully written regardless of the sadness.
  6. Fighting Spirit was a good book. I'll be reading it. Just interested in her side of things supporting her husband knowing what the outcome would be. For me, I will probably relate in years to come with my Ma.
  7. As written on Rangers.co.uk... Fernando Ricksen The Final Battle - Life With MND to be released 22nd June 2020 written by his wife and Vincent De Vries. Part of the proceeds will go to Rangers Charity Foundation.
  8. https://Rangers.co.uk/club/history/former-managers/william-wilton/ Drowned first day of holiday:(
  9. Jesus wept...this thread 👎
  10. Tut, you cheat. Choice is Gazza or Laudrup. Decide
  11. What's this rumour about Rangers seemingly getting £12M from UEFA campaign, allegedly? Couldn't find a thread on here to write this on and not starting a thread about it. Just read some people on Facebook discussing it on a page.
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