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  1. I can see us playing with 3 at the back on a few occasions this season. Goldson and Helander will Probably be our main 2 in a back 4 but I think they'll all play quite a lot this season.
  2. I thought he played well, linked up play and always looks dangerous in and around the box. He'll be a good squad player for us this season.
  3. If that was Ryan Jack it would be a minimum of a yellow card. Also Mcgregor took out Kent without so much as a warning!
  4. Halliday on for Barisic and McCrorie on for Jack because both have been honking so far.
  5. Cheers lads, was using my phone so it wasn't showing properly. Can see it now on my laptop.
  6. Had a look on the website and can't see when these go on sale, does anyone know? Cheers!
  7. He completely changed the game when he came on. His link up play and movement was top notch!
  8. Shearer


    I don't see him getting back into the team but he could be a decent option off the bench against a team that's hard to break down. He had a knack of finding a yard of space and he's a good finished. He would need to be in far better shape before Gerrard would consider letting him near the first team.
  9. Passing feels good once you get the hang of it but there is something about it that I'm not enjoying. I feel like the shooting isn't great and the keepers are a bit strange. I'll probably stick to Fifa but I might pick it up if there's a cheap deal on.
  10. Selling a ticket for the Cribs at King Tuts next Wednesday for £25 if anyone's interested?
  11. Impressive showing so far, just need to be more clinical. Niko has been different class, can't wait to see him once he's got a few games under his belt. Jack looks good too, keeps it simple and his positioning is great. A massive step up from Halliday.
  12. Just stuck a £5 on Clint Hill first scorer 1-0 on at 350-1. Let's get stuck in to this mob!
  13. I had a free £1 download from the play store so ended up downloading it. Search your email for Google play and see if you have a code in there.
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