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  1. Don't know if the board would be prepared to pay compensation to remove Pedro and a manager in a job may look for someone out of a job
  2. The board may be giving him the chance to win the league cup to justify their appointment with silverware regardless how we are doing in the league.
  3. He should have gone after Luxembourg fiasco along with the board.
  4. Aithough the SFA have got this one right it should come as no surprise to them that Liewell came out with a statement like this as he has practically been given free reign by both SFA & SPFL to run Scottish football.
  5. If we had issued a statement like this we would be fined demoted etc etc
  6. ciderman


    Strongbow influenced.
  7. ciderman


    Take your point but I don't think we can take the luxury of paying the money we did for him not to be physically or mentally ready.
  8. ciderman


    Don't buy this waiting for the right time to play him if he is match fit he should be able to start any game.
  9. Could get even more embarrassing the longer he stays.
  10. Can' see him resigning as his chances of another managerial position are diminishing with every poor result.
  11. Agree with most of the post but perhaps he is due at least until xmas and then see how we are before he blows the transfer budget.
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