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  1. I have tears in my eyes reading some of the lovely words people are saying about him. A genuine good guy and gone to soon. RIP
  2. Terrible news, a young man with his life in front of him. All best wishes and condolences to his family and friends.
  3. Good - really pleased about this
  4. Tore Andre Flo noticed me recognising him in Asda Newton Mearns and asked me where he could buy some fancy type of cured ham - I pointed him in the direction of M&S He was really nice and polite
  5. Hmm, one guy dives, his manager admits it and the player accepts the punishment, no appeal from his club so end of story. Another guy puts in a dirty tackle, receives a red, his manager "doesn't have a problem with the sending off" however his club appeal meanwhile deliberately manipulating the system to ensure the player can play against their biggest rivals. Both players made a mistake but who comes out of it with the most dignity?
  6. Its all that matters at the end of the day 💙
  7. I would have thought more of him if he'd stayed quiet. I've called him dignified in the past, this isn't.
  8. Said he was going for a sleep. Sounds like he needed it
  9. Sing Joe Dodoo to the same tune 😉
  10. anyone would think it's deliberate...but I'm one of those paranoid Protestants 🙄
  11. Worst cnt
  12. Can't be real! No one has that much of a brass neck surely
  13. According to the ET they are appealing. The comments under the article are just incredible. As usual all about us.
  14. That'll be in the Sun by the morning 😒