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  1. LOL at Dublin, England
  2. 27, far too young, RIP
  3. Imagine celebrating a goal against your biggest rivals who had been boasting just a few days before about scoring 8
  4. The guy in grey bear-hugging his boy on the upper right of the photo is brilliant!
  5. Classy man
  6. Yes, I think we have a keeper Ive been going more years than I care to declare, I like the cut of this guys jib
  7. As a lady I shouldn't use such language..... what an utter fucking tit Im actually embarrassed for him,
  8. .

    That's dashed unfair imo
  10. I see they're now reporting that it's the victims fault ....for calling them names first.
  11. Funny how we all see things differently. I thought he was great, class act.
  12. Considering every so called neutral pundit, ex players, and even a Glasgow gangster was having a pop last week just for shit and giggles, and pontificating over (hoping for) record scores, we had a current cellic player predicting scoring four - don't piss on everyone's chips at coming away with a creditable point.
  13. I was wondering that, maybe talk between fellow 'professionals' expected to be kept between themselves and Brenda is away to his media mates squealing like a wee piggy.
  14. Ah damn, sorry missed it