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  1. He was part of our golden years, all the best to him 🙂
  2. I'd rather lose 5 - 1 to them than have that traitor back in my team, that's extreme but it's how I feel.
  3. Well said! Considered, factual and direct. It reflects what has been said by many people on here before so no one should take any issue with it. As for a Press Release - yes that would have been good - but most of the ghouls mentioned in the statement read this forum in detail for their stories (Hi Keith! ) so it will hit the intended targets.
  4. That's brilliant. Is there a way to read this if I haven't got an account?
  5. Partial to the odd knock off shell suit (allegedly)
  6. I await the usual Scottish media put down 'Rangers sign veteran defender from lowly Cagliari'
  7. Me too. Cheating bastards.
  8. Can you imagine the furore in England if he had said "thinks he owns our country " about Mourinho/Wenger/etc It is a xenophobic comment with connotations of 'coming over here, taking our jobs' kind of UKIP rhetoric and he should be hauled over the coals for it. I'm sick of the open season on anything or anybody connected to Rangers just being accepted. As far as Pedro goes, this has been the season from hell, not all his fault, but I really hope that next season he can pull it out the hat and shut these knobs up.
  9. Actually, me too
  10. Am I unreasonable in wishing he was a bit younger
  11. I thought him and Bates played well together, were on the same wavelength
  12. Always on his heels, not good enough at all. And the cheek to make a gesture to us after he done the one good thing the whole game. He can go.
  13. Came on to say just that. just back from the game and in a season from hell maybe these boys are a light at the end of the tunnel
  14. If you sign an Accrington Stanley get an Accrington Stanley player. I didn't like his gesture to us after he set up Waghorn for the goal, he isn't good enough to be making gestures to the fans because we were on his back.
  15. Welcome to Scotland and Ranger Pedro. A country where many of your peers are lining up to put the boot in publicly.