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  1. More pompous puffery Fuck off Mark
  2. @govanblue doesn't like this
  3. "This is Celtic's 11th punishment in six years relating to misconduct from supporters during European ties." Yet the punishments are getting lighter. I wonder why?
  4. Separated at birth... For you youngsters it's Benny Hill btw
  5. Mostly the threads are laughing at their obsession with us. They deserve it. 'Paranoia: unjustified suspicion and mistrust of other people.' Recent events prove we are justified in our suspicion and mistrust of them, therefore not paranoid - you really can't see that??
  6. Re 'appeasement ' This latest Doncaster statement about meeting with fans groups to hear their complaints - are we included in this invitation?
  7. Let them waste their money, morons
  8. Good for us to give them recognition within our club but that's as far as it should go.
  9. I wonder who asked that question?
  10. Someone's sent me this - apparently their board are hypocrites as they've used the same imagery as the Gb did. Unbelievable
  11. I was really hoping it would run longer. What a riddy for the ET
  12. Never met one. Some are nicey nicey to your face but under their skin are all lizards