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  1. the fa t this thread is one of the most popular ever on here speaks volumes.
  2. so your in the rst clique but still banned. smells fishy. mind you the rst talking its self up seems sensible.
  3. sure d&p might have a case for suing grier but grier is their colleague.
  4. its your club boss same as mine. your not the problem Im not going to argue this out with you any more. you know my views and no one hopes I am wrong more than me. to be clear I believe we will soon be unnecessarily liquidated because its what whyte and d&p always wanted.
  5. then I don't need to explain again.
  6. if you don't understand conflict of interest with your background I suggest you nip into one of those lawyers on your street in your lunch hour and get them to explain it. if we are liquidated by d&p it won't be because it was necessary it will be by design and its you me and the other rangers fans that will suffer. if your ok with that then that's fine. I am not.
  7. what grier knew and dindnt know is irrelevant to any conflict of interest. stop playing the fool. your not clever enough for it.
  8. yes if grier knew about ticketus he should be part of the court case. d&p cannot be trusted to make that decision. someone else has to be the one deciding. also if we are liquidated then legal action can't be taken against d&p. so their is a conflict of interest there as well. but you know this.
  9. what grier knew is irrelevant to this conflict of interest.
  10. and any other evidence is in the hands of his collegues at d&p. that's the conflict of interest.
  11. www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-18175731 grier needs investigated. d&p should be doing that. he works for d&p. if you can't see the issue your a moron.
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