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  1. Bayern

    No, because they seem to be going down the EPL route of masses of black and south americans, and quite a lot are gash, instead of there tried and trusted, german spine of a team that won them loads, and also won germany loads.
  2. Bayern

    thought Bayern are a shadow of themselves, used to have 7-8 of the german national team in there ranks, looks as if the do not even have 7-8 whites in the whole of there team now, full of ethnics
  3. I have two bud

  4. Lee Rigby Memorial Cup rumours

    No i don't just post on here to defend stan, but as i know him and you don't know him , but are quite happy to brand him, I do not see how a post of (supposed) bank transfer payment, which anyone can rig up, is any proof, stan does a lot of work in raising cash, and he has been good for our club, by paying for race night and dj's for our club fund raising nights, so i think i am better positioned to comment on him, unlike you who just seem to post pish
  5. Lee Rigby Memorial Cup rumours

    Yip, I know Stan well, and he said months ago, he was having nothing to do with this game, so why has the 'organiser' been pulling him in on this? because Bomber is his pal, and he is posting bank transfers from last year? that money could have been for anything, maybe he and his girlfriend can post there bank transfers, let us all know how much they paid themselfs, as they seemed to be involved in a lot of these events, to me they are professional fundraisers, who will take a good wedge for themselves, but only my opinon
  6. Im a regular who drinks in Teddies, Stan has Fernando in to launch his new top for the game in Fleetwood, people can see the strip if they want on friday, when it will be online, others who want to attend ,can see it and neet Fernado, and others who will be there, you don't need to pay to get in, you can even buy a brink if you like, but it won't be forced on you to do so. any month our pub (me speaking as a regular) helps to keep it open, last week Graham Roberts was in, people came to see him and get there photos took, did not cost anyone a penny, unless they bought a drink, which is still one of the cheapest pubs in the Glasgow/Lanarkshire area to get a drink at £2.70 a pint, most weeks we have ex players popping in, three weeks ago we had Arthur Newman, a gent and great to see him and hear stories, all for fuck all, apart from a drink or two i bought. So some folk have to get real at times, Stan runs a Real Rangers boozer, with all the pictures flags and tunes😀 On daily, but any pub business now is getting squeezed out by the likes of Weatherspoons etc, we are trying and fighting every week to maintain our boozer, while some of our own critise someone for trying to do a good turn, and make out its all about his pub and profit. come in and see the pub anytime, and you will be most welcome, i might even buys yous a drink.......
  7. It is time the King was dethroned

    That was figures from us in the championship, we are now in the top league and earing more cash, through season nooks up a great deal, and sellouts practically every home game, so king will put fuck all in, he will ask the 'three bears' which is really only one that dips into his pocket George Letham, every other directors are thre to back slap and push through deals
  8. Craig Mulholland Interview

    Speaks really well, and you know he will b do everthing to make our young players better
  9. Louden tonight

    Aurther Numan is in oor boozer, Stonefield Tavarn in Blantyre tomorrow for a wee Q&A then a sash bash from 3
  10. Kiernan Cost Us 2 points

    Not saying he was the worst, but as he gets the arm band last night, he should have had an extra incentive to do better after being made the captain in the second half, but he lets us down time and time again. But overall most were poor last night, but this thread started about Kiernan, who i thought was shite at times, at least put the boot into those kunts, when most could not even be bothered.
  11. Kiernan Cost Us 2 points

    You must have been watching a different game, if yu think haliday, did fucking anything, as i said, he seems to have his wee love heros in our support
  12. Analyse this.

    The game was lost in the midfield, which we don't seem to have, ball just goes from defence to attackers, because we have nothing to hold or press in the centre.
  13. Kiernan Cost Us 2 points

    Kiernan, was poor but at least he was trying, what about the wee stand in captain haliday, total waste of a space for another player, this wee imposter gets a game every week, and does fuck all, but seems to be a poster boy for some of our fans
  14. Bank card found

    One of our guyd found an RBS debit card for William Dalzell if anyone knows him, were rattling his card ,( only kiddin)