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  1. I can get my hands on two tickets if anyone is struggling now away
  2. ab4113

    Joe Aribo

    he was the one player i was desperate for us to sign, he will go in a few years for millions, he is a fantastic player with a great attitude
  3. ab4113

    Pubs Hamilton

    sorry cp9, i was out the loop by about 11 on sunday😁
  4. ab4113

    Pubs Hamilton

    Teddies is open (offically😎) from 11am
  5. ab4113

    Pubs Hamilton

    You know where i will be if you dont get a ticket
  6. ab4113

    Pubs Hamilton

    Our pub / supporters clubs beer mats
  7. ab4113

    Pubs Hamilton

    Stonefield Tavarn in Blantyre is only a few miles from Accies ground, 1 stop on train 😁 full Rangers pub, Home to my Supporters club - Blantyre RSC and another Auld Da Loyal , full tunes and Pictures on Walls and great tunes, pop in before or after game, good few buses now stop there before accies and some before motherwell, as well as the Blackpool bus who stop some saturdays before heading the other few miles to ibrox
  8. Naw, last minute chance, cheers for your prompt reply 😎
  9. Lads, got 1 cheers evefyone
  10. I know it's last minute, but anyone got a spare for today
  11. ab4113

    Blantyre RSC

    Chhers Lads, it will be a great nite
  12. ab4113

    Blantyre RSC

    Fuxsake we all must stay in some nice areas, after the comments above, if you are not interested thats fine, but you will miss my company😂
  13. If anyone is local and at a loose end tomorrow night, its our 25th year Anniversary Doo, in the Cemetery Hall in High Blantyre, £15 a ticket, Speaker , singer , DJ and Hot Buffet, but best of all, you get to buy me a drink😁
  14. I have two bud

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