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  1. ab4113

    Edmiston Drive

    what was Tams full name, I met a big guy Tam, think he stayed up fraserburgh way or peterhead , had a season book in govan front,
  2. ab4113

    Pubs for Old Firm

    Nae problem😁
  3. ab4113

    Pubs for Old Firm

    The Sash (Stonefield Tavarn) in Blantyre for me
  4. ab4113

    UFA Game On TV?

    Got it wrong. It was on Rangers TV, and available in the UK as well,
  5. ab4113

    UFA Game On TV?

    Yes, I will be a sell out again, so Rangers will sell it to Premier sports
  6. ab4113

    Ashley gone?

    FF posts whatever dingwallet allows
  7. ab4113

    Ashley gone?

    needs them to splatter over House of Fraser stores
  8. ab4113

    RTV Tonite

    Games on RTV tonite even in the UK for £5.99
  9. ab4113

    Beer Mats

  10. ab4113

    Beer Mats

    You can get what you want on them, come like ours squarish or round
  11. ab4113

    Beer Mats

    A company in germany made them for us
  12. ab4113

    Beer Mats

    Our Supporters Club, got Beer Mats made, just to piss off the tarriers, we leave some everywhere we go Funny as fcuk, seeing some looks we they notice them😂😂
  13. ab4113

    Imperial Bears

    It was down getting some maintenance done, is back online now
  14. ab4113


    No, because they seem to be going down the EPL route of masses of black and south americans, and quite a lot are gash, instead of there tried and trusted, german spine of a team that won them loads, and also won germany loads.