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  1. Hated them since The Battle of Old Trafford, in 1974/75 season, when we played them in a friendly. 

    their support was full of Irish tri colours. There was fighting before, during, and after the game, it was madness. It was my first game following Rangers out of Scotland. It was a friendly too, but there was nothing friendly about their fans, they were animals, and the cops just kept batton  charging our support when it was them lot that started it all.

    I met a couple of City fans, who were at the game, and they said that it was the Utd fans from outside Manchester that caused all the trouble, like the Cockney Reds.  They also have a strong Irish following who were there in numbers that day.

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  2. 8 hours ago, GOAT said:

    Tomorrow’s a big night for us, sheep just pumped Hamilton, so even a point for hearts at the piggery takes them off the bottom of the league.  No matter what though we need to do the business.  I’ve got a feeling hearts will get that point. 


    8 hours ago, Essandoh said:

    Would be peak title race stuff if we got 3 points away to Kilmarnock while they dropped points at home to bottom of the league Hearts.

    Here’s hoping.

    I thought that Hearts were going to field a weakened team against the taigs  as they want to keep their best players, Naismith? For games they've got a chance in getting full 3 points. Or maybe it was wishful thinking from the taig-friendly media in Scotland??🙄🙄

  3. When the EPL  started was the end of the FA  Cup as a great tournament.

    Sky money made it harder for teams to compete. Staying in the league was far more, financially, important than a " good cup run".

    The FA  CUP is still good for the smaller clubs, although getting a big team in the draw doesn't keep them going for as long as it used to. I'm sure that I heard one chairman saying that 20 years ago, a home tie against a top team could keep them, financially, going for a couple of seasons. Now? It's more like a couple of months.

    I think that it needs to be a one game only cup, where there's extra time, and penalties, if required, to keep the interest going.

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  4. 5 hours ago, magic8ball said:

    I never said I believed in the NWO ,I just highlighted that by the NWO conspiracy theory somebody like her would be used to unite people across the world ,The NWO is meant to have been thought up over 200 years ago ,but then why would people think of something that they would never be around to benefit from ,Another NWO theory is a fake alien invasion to unite the planet ,but that was meant to happen last year ,’

    before you have a pop back it’s actually a good thing to keep an eye on conspiracies,some of them do happen and others like flat earth and NWO are quite amusing to say the least ,



    So the NWO, is really the OWO  now?

    if I was 200 years old I doubt it I'd get away with calling myself NEW. 

    or do they call it NWO because it's replacing the OWO?  🙄🙄

  5. My main memory of Barcelona '72 was me being in an awful bad mood because, my 2 big brothers got to go, and I didn't. I was still at school, and both my brothers were working, was one of the many, many, excuses my parents used for not letting me go. I think that I might've been in the middle of exams at school, although it never stopped my mate from going. 

  6. 5 hours ago, 72barca said:

    It seems that anyone who believes in that horrible cult and also supports that shameless, evil club are beyond normal logic and reasoning.
    They are beyond the ken of an average Presbyterian!! ...

    The noun ken means "range of vision or comprehension." If quantum mechanics is beyond your ken, you don't understand it, or it is beyond your scope of knowledge. Ken is rarely used today outside of the phrase, "beyond one's ken."

    Go to Edinburgh mate and you'll hear it used all the time, ken  whit ah mean?

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