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  1. Alright guys, probably won't have any luck here but I'm trying to grow my rangers collection so I'm looking for bundle/ job lots of shirts/kit in adults sizes (ideally small or medium adults) from the admiral, adidas and Nike eras! Please let me know if yous are having a clear out of any suitable kit im also looking for goalie tops the same size from all seasons! WATP
  2. Alright guys, Got a bar72 season ticket for this season and I was just wondering what it's like, what's the food and drink prices like?atmosphere etc, can you wear a football shirt or is it more formal? Cheers guys
  3. Whens that happening? Thats great news, at the moment it looks like its the Celtic Commonwealth Games with the amount thats been spent over there
  4. Evening Bears, At the risk of rustling some feathers here i'm going to go on a wee bit at out our beloved Ibrox. Like all Rangers supporters I love everything about Ibrox, I love the amazing original main stand, I love the fact that our ground isn't a tin can, I love the fact that my name is like tens of thousands of other loyal fans etched into the brickwork and most of all I love the atmosphere that is unmistakable, no where else I have ever been to is like it. On a more sour note though it hurts to drive past it from the outside and see what years of neglect has done to our otherwise amazing ground! from the main roads the first thing that hits you is the Copland and Broomloan stands, although they are essentially fine and fit for purpose they are so neglected looking its not even funny, I mean come on we are Glasgow Rangers not some crap second rate team. The most frustrating thing for me is that having a job preparing and dealing with dilapidation schedules on a regular basis the reality is that significant improvements could be made for a reasonably small expenditure. Externally the two obvious things detracting from our home is the vast concrete sections of both stands and the translucent cladding that runs from the top of the stands down to the famous iron gates. It takes no professional to know that a relatively cheap sand blast would sort out the concrete sections and the yellowed cladding could be replaced very inexpensively, also why does one of our gates on both sides have a sheet of un-painted galvanised steel bolted to the inside of it? If there is a real need for it to be there surely it would be more appropriate to colour code it to the iron work on the gate and apply across them all to keep a sense of unity, after-all they are a focal point for TV crews who broadcast images of them across the globe. Moving inside the stadium the complete and utter shameful neglect is obvious everywhere you look, yeah its an amazing place but it seriously needs work done, notably the big screens, but in general its really just in need of a good smarten up. As for inside the suites and other areas of the ground there is mis-matched decor, worn through carpets, horrible fittings from the 70's that put you in mind of Phoenix Nights. I am extremely lucky in my job to regularly have the opportunity to book hospitality tickets for clients and staff meetings, I always spend the entire budget at Ibrox (which raises a few eyebrows in the office) The price of a ticket for the Thronton suite can cost upwards of £400 a head depending on the match, now the staff are great, the meals are great, the entrance into the stadium is breathtaking but then when your in the suite it really does look so 1980's its unbelievable, the Cooper suites are requiring a wee bit of work too but not to the same extent. Perhaps the most embarrassing thing is the "executive padded seating" which is faded, broken, burst and basically just done..... now come on these are £400 seats! Now I know there is so much money needing reinvested in the team and the playing staff but come on bears, surely I can not be the only person that gets so angry at what's happened to Ibrox over the past ten years or so? We have potentially the most amazing football ground in Britain, but on the face of it the place looks far worse than what it is purely because of the lack of up keep. I love Ibrox almost but obviously not quite as much as Rangers and I think the ground deserves to be looked after better, my frustration is that for not very much in the way of capital expenditure we could have something really smart and magnificent. I hope I have not annoyed any bears with this post but I just think something really needs done to the Ibrox everyone of us loves sooner rather than later, wouldnt it be great to have the place smartened up and show the passing world and the outsiders the sheer football muscle that we have. After all we are the pride of Scotland and anyone visiting us or passing by should be under no illusion of it :-)
  5. Lol that was the toothpaste top haha
  6. Just wondering how many rangers tops everyone has and what do they do with there old ones, I think I have arround 50
  7. Bumpin' bastard LOL remember it is 15 Shirts signed for delivery thats like 80p a top
  8. Evening all, I am not to sure if you are allowed to do this so i will keep it really brief and hope im not standing on anyones toes here (IM SURE ITS FINE) I have 15 cool adults rangers shirts on ebay at the moment as im sadly having to shirnk down my collection abit due to the lack of room. I dont know if any guys on here collect there old rangers shirts too or would like to start but i simply have too many so have decided to let the older ones go onto someone who may want them more than me/ have the room for them. Just dropping a post here as it would be much better if they went to a rangers fan instead of just some collector! Item number 180468820937 I hope these go to a good rangers household ;-) CHEERS GUYS
  11. Has anyone heard if we are getting umbro kits next season, im sure at some point someone had said we were at the end of our agreement with them and they were looking for a new manufacture, doesnt bother me anyway, i would still buy all the rangers kits even if they were made by bloody goala haha. I would love to see us getting a big company like adidas back or something to increase our overseas exposure, the JJB/ Umbro setup angers me, other than JJB its very difficult to get a rangers home shirt let alone the strip/ other gear, this is an area that celtic are very good at which annoys me greatly as I would love our gear to be sold world over to try and premote our club abit better. You know what its like if your buying a footie top of a overseas team for kicking about in, firstly you dont buy anything thats a conflict to being a rangers supporter but secondly its unlikley that you would buy a Umbro kit, far more likley nike, adidas etc. Add that to the fact that you simply dont get Rangers gear anymore unless you go to the megastore or JJB even then the JJB at Silverburn has more Celtic junk than Rangers stuff! whats that all about, arent they suppost to be our offical retail partner, would it be too much to expect them to perhaps get a corner of there scottish stores as a Rangers Concession? Rangers Fixtures perhaps, our badge above the gear? Just something to reconise the fact that they actually are our retail outlets? Come on JJB get it together, even Debinhams had a full Celtic thing going on a while back with a Celtic kinda Stand with the gear on it, there logo all down it! Come on we all support rangers and are loyal to them but we canny attract enough new fans, celtic have been doing it for years and look how many tim tops you see when they are doing well, granted they aint real fans but its still great to walk down the street and see loadsa folk wear your team latest shirt! Perhaps a company like adidas could put presure on JJB to actually start selling our merchandise through other channels than themselves and perhaps actually make it look like your in rangers retailing partners store instead of being confronted with the latest tic gear and a few supersize unsold rangers tops hanging on the end of a rail.
  12. have you got the shinzen one think thats a brilliant strip Nope thats one i really want, its a total cracker!
  13. Hey people, i currently have a collection of most rangers strips from the first nike one in 97 upto the brand new ones that are out just now, i still have some gaps though mostly away/ third nike and didora kits! if anyone has any old strips lying around they dont want could you let me know what you have if you are willing to let them go to a good home! I have trauled ebay but most of the ones on there are xxl and stuff which although i would consider i would prefer adults s,m or l. also would take shorts/ socks and other bits and bobs too Cheers lads, any questions feel free to email me