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  1. I don't think MW will go with somebody like Thompson in a game like this- think we're likely to see Law/Halliday/Holt in the midfield
  2. Forget where I saw it- but one of the Ligue 1 player rating systems had Origi down as one of the worst players in the league last year
  3. So that's Sturridge, Ings, Betenke, Borini, Lambert, Origi, and Balotelli up front- surely Balotelli, Lambert, and Borini will be headed out? Edit: Forget Firmino who they just signed too
  4. Nacho Novo actually plays for Carolina who are in the same division as Tampa- read a few weeks ago he was playing very well for them
  5. Freddy Adu leaves the dizzying heights of Finnish second division club Kufu-98 to sign with NASL club Tampa Bay. It's his 13th club and he's only 26!
  6. Anyone know if this Arda Turan back to Atletico story has any legs? Seems all of Barca's presidential candidates are pissed off at the deal. Would be insane if he transferred back!
  7. Abou Diaby is in talks about going to MLS with FC Dallas. Didn't realize he was still alive!
  8. Check out the article to the left - Van Dijk "best defender in Europe"
  9. Crazy he would give up playing in the CL to go to Newcastle! Must be the influence of the new Dutch manager
  10. Would be amazing, but I'm having a hard time seeing that- although maybe a clause could be put in his contract where he could leave if a head job in the Championship, etc. came up?
  11. Think at this stage it's a risk no matter who gets the job. That being said, Warburton & Weir offer both a way forward and a link to more successful times. Weir coming in as an assistant manager would be huge IMO...obviously his knowledge of the club will be helpful to Warburton getting used to both Rangers and Scotland. I don't think Warburton's (relative) lack of managerial experience is that big of a deal, I think more of the issue is the fact that expectations at Rangers are miles apart from what they are at Brentford. He'll be expected to hit the ground running and play attacking, attractive football and improving the youth/scouting systems whilst dealing with a new-ish board. That'll be tough.
  12. TexasGers


    This is the first time I've ever been called a massive walloper. I feel honored!
  13. Pretty sure it was into the 400s, with about 387 of those pages filled with people asking if he could 'plane in Europe'
  14. This thread is fucking epic Cheers for keeping me occupied at work on a Friday afternoon
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