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  1. cp9


    Hopefully he gets a red card in December so no cunts interested in January
  2. Really hard to tell tbh. You'd imagine it's unlikely but with a lot of travel plans now up in the air folk might just can it.
  3. How can it sell out when it's based on points and not first come first served?
  4. I'm living down here at the moment. You always catch quite a few people on the train etc that are going up to games but there's nothing official. Not sure the Stockport boys are going anymore. There is a bar called the Palatine in Salford but that's more of a Loyalist boozer than a Ranger's bar. Like @JC10 said the directors box is fine.
  5. cp9

    Jordan Jones

    This will have 0 impact on his Ranger's career.
  6. Why do you have your name tattooed on your arm?
  7. Fair point. Would obviously much rather go indy. But if going with TC guarantees a ticket I'm tempted to hold off and just miss the flight back. Shambles the way it's ran.
  8. Was something not said about them changing it? Might have made that up.
  9. If we get 2500 you would imagine 4 maybe even 3 would see you across the line?
  10. As pretty much everyone's saying it's shite and the guy that did it was a fanny. Shouting that to some guys face is out of order. But you know this has been blown out the water by the media because they couldn't find any naughty to report about after the game.
  11. His sister was 21 when she died from cancer. Arsehole or not it's pretty vile.
  12. Who would you have wanted us to sign?
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