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  1. Tony Pulis

    The type of manager we’re crying out for. He’ll make us hard to beat whilst creating a spine to the team. We’ve now had two managers who had footballing philosophies who have failed miserably. I’d take us winning every game 1-0 over losing and having 80% possession any day of the week.
  2. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

    It was in the post. Kidding ourselves that we had ‘grit’. Should have been beaten by hibs, lucky to win against County.
  3. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

  4. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

    I can’t find anything on sportsdevil... useally pretty reliable
  5. Walter behind the scenes?

    We’ve got an inexperienced manager at the helm who seems to be doing a good job at man managing. Would be stupid for him not to use all the support that Rangers can offer. Not many better to look to than Walter. The fact that he’s taking this help shows a lot about his desire to learn and improve the team. Couldn’t see MW or PC doing that.
  6. Who best for captain now

    Surprised no one has mentioned Wes
  7. Candeias

    His best ball came off his back last night
  8. Alves

    For me he did in the second half. But aye, he’s not been the rock we all expected him to be.
  9. Alves

    Are you steaming?
  10. Alves

    Clearly me and Alves both eh.
  11. Alves

    Imagine trying to lecture Bruno Alves on the theory of defending . The lads old fs. Can’t be be running after boys like McCrorie.
  12. Let’s End The Uncertainty

    Need to see how we’re sitting by Jan. Murty has got the boys playing well and is just focusing on football. Let this be a lesson to the board. We don’t need a salesman, we don’t need someone with the greatest footballing philosophy of all time. We just need a guy that ‘gets’ Scottish football and can man manage. Simple.
  13. Ross McCrorie

    Double post
  14. Ross McCrorie

    Guy is unbelievable. We would spend millions and millions down south to try and get someone of his calibre. Give him a 6 year contract with incremental salary increases
  15. Junkies vs Rangers

    Wrong. Worked exactly as planned