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  1. Holicom have played a blinder here. Sacrifice FARE for oor Broony
  2. What's the road that the glassy are picking up from?
  3. Thursday morning from Manchester. Can't wait for this one.
  4. Has there ever been issues with away fans in the home end at Ibrox for European games?
  5. What buses are running from Amsterdam to Rotterdam?
  6. What itinerary needs to be sent over? Screen shots of flights?
  7. Aye I get where you're coming from. I stay in Manchester so absolutely don't want to have to take a day off work to queue up outside Ibrox. But equally I still think it's fair for some folk to be frustrated when they play by the rules and others dont.
  8. Tbf though it is frustrating. The 3 points I've got progres (first time round), Skopje and Vienna (travelled and never got a ticket) have me sitting on the same 3 points as folk who could potentially have applied for tickets with no intention of going.
  9. Hoping 3 will be enough for this. Reckon it'll be tight.
  10. cp9


    Hopefully he gets a red card in December so no cunts interested in January
  11. Really hard to tell tbh. You'd imagine it's unlikely but with a lot of travel plans now up in the air folk might just can it.
  12. How can it sell out when it's based on points and not first come first served?
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