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  1. cp9

    ST renewal

    I know it's rubbish for those who want a season book and won't/can't get one. But this level of demand is really really positive for the club.
  2. Despite being incorrect you get 10/10 for staunchness
  3. Out of curiosity - do you thinks there's anyone in the Scottish media that doesn't have an agenda?
  4. More than a chance. This treble has killed any hope they had at 10 in a row now it's led to that mongo being in charge.
  5. That's not the same as saying they deserve it though is it?
  6. No one's said it was their fault though?
  7. cp9


    Excellent work rate which suits the high press we play. Delivery etc has a bit to be desired but as a squad player he'll do a job.
  8. cp9

    Best Euro Trip?

    Shkupi was class - couldn't spend your fucking money
  9. It probably was a red imo - which makes the whole thing all the more shambolic. Should never have been citied. But once citied shouldn't have got away with it. Systems a joke. No wonder fans have lost all faith in it.
  10. Flanagan probably should have been sent off. The issue for me is the whole re referring of games. When Porteous put in that challenge last December(easily the worst tackle of the season) and only received a yellow we were told the ref saw it so the decision couldn't be changed. What's changed now? I know the precedent was set with a hibs player a few months back. But why? Genuinely making the rules up as they go along.
  11. cp9

    Pre Season

    Apart from teachers do any other professions get 3 weeks off in one chunk?
  12. No apologies for not applauding someone tomorrow that condones the rape of children.
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