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  1. If Kent was playing as well as Jones has in the last two games folk would be jizzing all over it. Jones has consistently been one of our best players when he's been on the park.
  2. cp9


    It's a long way to Gdansk. Big man will probably need a wee rest. Not a bad option being able to replace a £20m CB with a £4m CB.
  3. Danish mob looked like they were blowing in that last 10. They won't be able to hack this pace in the closing stages.
  4. Looks like Arsenal have? Be interesting to see if he passes the medical.
  5. Find it bizzare how so many people across Scotland can have an opinion on something they weren't involved in. Regardless of a crush occuring which includes us, selik or sheep fans the issue should be taken seriously and questions should be asked. The safety of fans goes above any rivalry or agenda. No one should go to a game and not return home.
  6. Certainly not a gimme but we need to take this opportunity. It's only a matter of time before we draw a 'top' team in European qualifiers and inevitably get put out.
  7. TBF the pitch looked extremely narrow
  8. No he isn't. We now need 1 player in those positions. But at the start of the transfer window we only had 2 CBs so that absolutely had to be the priority position. Aribo is signed to fill that CM position and has been pretty solid. Same with ojo at RW (granted was pish today) Agree we need a LB but to say the transfer window has been botched is just over reacting.
  9. Bit of a panic merchant post
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