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  1. Jim White & His Taig Scarf

    More tounge in cheek
  2. Jim White & His Taig Scarf

    In fairness to the celtic support they never seem to scrap or cause that much trouble with the locals...... Probably have to put it down to them being too busy leathering each other for that type of nonsense.
  3. Hearts vs Rangers - Premiership

    Looking 4 if anyone knows any buses etc with spares.
  4. No Friday Night Thread?

  5. Wee Vladimir

    That's the type of nonsense that the 'love me brigade' from the other side of the city would come out with. Sort it out.
  6. Scotland v Slovakia

    Fuck the lot of them.
  7. Scotland v Slovakia

    Booing Weiss. Bitter bastards the lot of them.
  8. Scotland v Slovakia

    Some dig
  9. Pedro: Time to go?

    Tbh I reckon we're saying the same thing but just looking at it from different angles. Enjoy your commiseration beers 🍻
  10. Pedro: Time to go?

    That makes no sense. The game would have changed 'if' we got and 'if' we scored that penalty. We might not have won, but it would have certainly changed the game. You might not be articulating your point very well but I'm genuinely struggling to understand how getting penalties or scoring goals is bad.
  11. Pedro: Time to go?

    You never said it, but it was certainly implied. We've beaten them on numerous occasions when they've been 'vastly superior to us in every department.' Penalties usally help with that.
  12. Pedro: Time to go?

    You've lost your mind. I forgot getting awarded penalties was bad.
  13. Pedro: Time to go?

    You're right mate. Probably best we didn't score. idiot.
  14. Pedro: Time to go?

    Up until the second went in they were in no way shape or form dominating the game. We get that penalty, Morelos stays onside and it's a different game.
  15. Pedro: Time to go?

    Yes he's had some horrific results. But we could easily have won that game today. We get a new manager in and the rebuilding starts again. Fuck that. Build on what we have.