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  1. Seems pretty unreasonable. Very very rarely makes mistakes when the balls passed back to him and that's with him receiving the ball more than any keeper in the league.
  2. Is this on sky or is it a streaming job?
  3. I agree, regardless of who we have in a semi we'll sell out
  4. This only an issue because we've played them in 3(?) cup semis recently so naturally there's a higher demand for tickets.
  5. The yellow red hand with the Red Cross? That's the flag for all the Ulster counties, including the ones not in the North.
  6. Played better than Bruno imo
  7. Needs to have the offside rule explained to him
  8. Needs to have the offside rule explained to him
  9. Fabio has looked better than Alves
  10. Halliday scored on his debut.....
  11. I can see us making some real money off him. How long was his contract....?
  12. Are there still rubber ducks left?