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  1. Does this mean Murty isn’t going to sign Oduwa?
  2. Still think his stats flatter him tbh, needs to stop disappearing in games etc. But if he keeps pinging them in then who am I to complain.
  3. Jamie Murphy - thoughts so far?

    Was superb yesterday. Played like the player we all thought we were getting.
  4. Fan base in Scotland.

    Agree. Recently moved down to Manchester and I do the journey up and down by train. Considering the investment in time and money I was genuinely shocked at the amount of other lads doing the same.
  5. Ye.... I don’t think anyone should do that
  6. No idea what Tav, fod etc are on. But giving Morelos £15k a week doesn’t seem unreasonable tbh
  7. Windass

    Look at the name of the author.
  8. ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    No he doesn’t. Despite all the excitement surrounding Cummings, he’s done nothing to merit a start in what has the potential to be tricky game for us.
  9. we were lucky to finish third last season with some of these embarrassments consistently starting games.
  10. No. He’s fuck embarrassing.
  11. Like watching paint dry
  12. Murty - defend the lead

    A draw at the piggery and a win at Dingwall have told you that Murty isn’t the man for the job? Any issues with our win against Aberdeen at Ibrox? Or having only conceded one goal in 4 games? Under Pedro or Warburton we would have got pumped in at least 2 of those games.
  13. Two Up Front

    Cummings himself said he was gassed after the 20 and needs some game time under his belt. 60 minutes on Wednesday will be a good start and we can move on from there.
  14. I quite like our style atm

    Unlike under warbuton or Pedro you can really see where this team could go. Was never in favour of Murty, but if can keep grinding out results then the jobs his
  15. Tav

    That part of his game has improved massively