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  1. Who comes up with this pish. As if Pedro's gone up to journalist and given it 'aye, building the midfield around Niko for next season pal'
  2. He finished the season on the bench.
  3. If we could get Lafferty on loan for the last 5 games of the season I'd be up for that.
  4. That ball in the cup final to send jelavic through. Amazing.
  5. Wes

    Can't see us getting anyone better at this moment in time. GK is the least of our worries tbh
  6. Quite easily. We've gone backwards.
  7. How you can think it's going to get better under Pedro is beyond me. Tactically that first half was a fucking disgrace. As well as both games against the tims. He's out his depth and wasn't hired to recruit players - that was the DoFs job. Can't see it getting better anytime soon.
  8. Need to get some interview tips off the man. I could do with talking myself into massive job that I'm hugely under qualified for.
  9. Tbh for the last 20 we've been solid at the back considering. Our midfield is murder
  10. I wouldn't like him. Wouldn't sing songs about him. But considering how awful our squad is I don't think we're in a position to cut our nose of to spite our face. The guy is without doubt a cunt, but he's a good footballer and right now that's what we need. A real heart vs head this one.
  11. It certainly wasn't a shoe string but it was money well spent. Something we're desperately in need of. All our signings need to work and a few of them need to be absolute gems.
  12. I get what your saying, but he didn't have funds galore. Pretty sure he spent his entire £4m transfer budget on Jelavic. Walter knew the type of player he wanted/needed and he got them and they worked. Massive difference when you look at what MW did with the money available and the return we got from them this season: Rossiter, Barton, Crooks, Senderos, Kranjkar. A disgraceful use of funds.
  13. I'm underwhelmed by the fact that Pedro was brought in to manage and not recruit, and now he's talking about overhauling our entire squad with another set of players who will doubt be given c3 year contracts. We're trusting him to do the job our DoF was meant to do. it doesn't fill me with confidence