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  1. cp9

    Jamie MacLaren

    Might have happened, might not have happened. Really couldn't care.
  2. cp9

    3 points for Vienna ticket

    Didn't realise it was three. Pretty poor tbh
  3. cp9

    3 points for Vienna ticket

    If that's true very frustrating having gone to Progres and Macedonia and not getting this one when big groups on 0 have managed it through Thomas Cook. If it was made clear that I would have got a ticket through Thomas Cook I would have done that.
  4. What was the 'Motherwell Grasses' banner at half time about?
  5. cp9

    With the hysterics

    With the way the league's shaping up we're two bad results away from 8th. Just need a run of games and we'll be in good shape.
  6. What does Grezda actually do?
  7. cp9

    Europa Group G Table

    Makes no difference to me whether the other 3 teams aren't taking this seriously. I would imagine they saw us as being a team that was only there to make up the numbers in the group. If we continue playing the way we've performed in Europe I can't see any team wanting to face us now.
  8. cp9

    Acting like tarriers

    Tbf I was in the south stand and had no idea what had happened. Thought Alfredo was gonna get sent off for something. Was only when I left the game that I realised the linesman had been skelped.
  9. cp9

    Kilmarnock 1 Rangers 5 May 2011

    Hahaha they sold champagne?! Was some boozer. Shame to see it gone.
  10. cp9

    Kilmarnock 1 Rangers 5 May 2011

    Watched it in the old Hayburn (GBNF). Absolute chaos, don't think anyone managed to get any drink down their throat in those 15 minutes. Was fucking drenched. Amazing day.
  11. Rossiter hasn't played enough football to be considered anything but a new signing - regardless of how good or bad he is.
  12. cp9

    Group Stage Package

    Don't think the pricing is too bad, I'd imagine most folk would buy all three individually. Unacceptable though for the club to be demanding that amount of money in one go though. Would have made far more sense to take it on the 30th considering most folk will have paid off their season books this month.
  13. cp9

    Return of the Nerves

    More nervous about Baku
  14. Decent. Gonna somehow have to find some cash for these 3.