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  1. cp9

    Europa league 1st qualifier draw

    So regardless of these fixtures there would two games going on at the same time - so not sure there would be any point in moving ours?
  2. cp9

    Mick O’Halleron away

    Ye.... I never got those vibes tbh
  3. cp9

    Gerrard's captain for the season.

    Mcgregor shouldn't have been given a contract let alone the captain's armbamd
  4. cp9

    SPFL needs the blue pound

    It's that catch 22 of bt ornsmy not wanting to pay big money for the Scottish league because of the poor quality. But the quality won't improve if we dont the get the money....
  5. cp9

    1st of June approaches

    Absolutely. But in all seriousness like yourself I travel for the game (living in Manchester at the moment.) Obviously its a good excuse to come up and meet the boys but it gets heavy depressing and a bit of a chore spending all that money and time to see gutless performances.
  6. cp9

    Wee boys and football tops

    Also taken my gf's nephew to the football twicethis seaaon. 5 years old and Rangers daft. For those two games it was sub zero and he never saw Rangers score. Still wants to come back. Not in a million years would he support celtic, regardless of their recent success.
  7. cp9

    Wee boys and football tops

    Good on you my man. Football always will be for father and son. Me and my pals sit in the in cub deck and have 4 seats in a row of 5. My mates boys 2 and he's gonna try buy out the guy that sit next to us next seasonso that we can get the full row for his son coming to the games. Really buzzing for it and can't wait for the wee man to join us. Saying that the pre old firm ritual might need some changes......
  8. cp9

    Three Cheers For The Red, White and Blue

  9. cp9

    Travel Club

    Agreed, and tbh it's worth getting the points up for the day when we get into the champs league. I think it's a pretty fair system. Apply for a ticket and you get a point, don't pick the ticket up you lose one. Folk who commit to travelling to the arse end of nowhere should have the first shout on tickets for potential 'glamour games'
  10. cp9

    Brandon Barker

    He played one good half of football against us, in a game his team ultimately lost. Massively uninspiring
  11. cp9

    Travel Club

    It would have been a nice gesture tbf. But at the end of the day I don't begrudge paying it again and then paying the costs of going away. Ye the game was fucking awful but half the buzz is getting away with your mates to a new city to watch the team you love.
  12. cp9

    Season Tickets

    Gotcha. Honestly, why should it be so difficult to give money to them...
  13. cp9

    Season Tickets

    I thought the first payment made at the time was the May payment?
  14. cp9

    Travel Club

    You also get a point if you apply but don't get a ticket
  15. cp9

    Season Tickets

    Whilst we're slagging the ticket office. I've had £20 taken out by the club. Assuming this is for the travel club. Would have been nice if they'd let me know or sent a confirtmation.