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  1. Tony Pulis

    If we were linked with Ancelloti folk on here would go on about how he’s been sacked by Real Madrid and Chelsea
  2. Things you miss from the lower leagues

    Super Lee playing CB, CM and ST all in the same game. Shoulda given the big man a run in nets.
  3. Spectating with the Enemy

    Couldn’t pay me to walk into that midden if Rangers weren’t playing. Bizarre.
  4. Declan John or Lee wallace?

  5. Declan John or Lee wallace?

    He spent the years he should have been developing in the lower leagues and sacrificed the potential of an international career because he refused to turn his back on us when so many others did. Yes, as a player he has been found wanting but he is certainly not ‘the worst captain in our entire history.’ People have short memories.
  6. Derek McInnes

    That post offered literally nothing
  7. Derek McInnes

  8. David Moyes

    And so were the tenures of the managers that took on the job after said 2 clubs.
  9. David Moyes

    Not saying Moyes is the answer, but the amount of people on here who would rather a manager who has proven he can’t beat them over tried and tested premiership managers is ridiculous.
  10. They haven’t won a European Home game in 3 years. Why do they obsess over teams being scared coming to their midden. It’s a doddle.
  11. Derek McInnes

    Still not as rotten as this lot tbf
  12. Alan Pardew

    ‘He’s never managed in Scotland, how would he know Moult is the next Lukaku’
  13. Alan Pardew

    No idea how you can compare him to Warburton? He’s English?
  14. Alan Pardew

    Seems I’m in the minority here but I’d take Pardew. An established manager with bags of experience. His downfall always seemed to be that he spent all his money on very average foreign players. With the DoF that’s not going to be an issue.
  15. As away days go

    As atmospheres go Sheffield has to be up there for me. When you look at everything we’ve been through and the state we’re in atm having that amount fans travelling across the UK really is unbelievable. celtic had to close their top tier and we couldn’t get enough tickets for Elgin away. Madness.
  16. Rangers Statement on Compliance Officer

    For me, I get both sides for the away game boycott and the banning or reduction of their allocation at Ibrox. But tbh I only get to a handful of away games a season. I think the decision needs to be left to those that invest a huge amount of their time and money travelling away every second Saturday/Friday. I just don’t see what boycotting the Scottish Cup would actually do? Surely the best way to stick two fingers at the rest of Scottish football is to just win the fucking thing? Granted, easier said then done.
  17. Rangers Statement on Compliance Officer

    What would that achieve?
  18. Union Bears Statement

    Off the top of my head, previous violent or offensive incidents in Scottish Football motherwell fans vs Rangers in the play off hibs fans vs Rangers In the Scottish Cup celtic Banner vs Rangers ‘H** scum’ or something along those lines celtic banner vs Linfield champs league celtic fan attempting to attack PSG player in the champs league So unless the police were there for our protection I think they need to go do some homework. Edit: don’t get me wrong, I think celtic fans should be able to call us h*ns as often as they want. But equally Rangers fans shouldn’t be getting arrested for singing TBB
  19. Obviously done with their best interest at heart. However, some of the challenges on our players recently have been appalling. Anything that highlights this and actually let’s us play football isn’t a bad thing.
  20. Jim White & His Taig Scarf

    More tounge in cheek
  21. Jim White & His Taig Scarf

    In fairness to the celtic support they never seem to scrap or cause that much trouble with the locals...... Probably have to put it down to them being too busy leathering each other for that type of nonsense.
  22. No Friday Night Thread?

  23. Wee Vladimir

    That's the type of nonsense that the 'love me brigade' from the other side of the city would come out with. Sort it out.
  24. Scotland v Slovakia

    Fuck the lot of them.