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    Group Stage Package

    Don't think the pricing is too bad, I'd imagine most folk would buy all three individually. Unacceptable though for the club to be demanding that amount of money in one go though. Would have made far more sense to take it on the 30th considering most folk will have paid off their season books this month.
  2. cp9

    Return of the Nerves

    More nervous about Baku
  3. Decent. Gonna somehow have to find some cash for these 3.
  4. cp9

    Tav - Get used to it

    If we go off past examples of people calling each other out on here - the only winner will be RM.
  5. cp9

    Tav - Get used to it

    Defensively, up until yesterday, he's been solid. Him losing two men at set pieces has nothing to do with where he plays on the park. To say we wouldnt miss Tav is 'genuinely' ridiculous. 6 assists and 3 goals this season.The knee jerking in this place is laughable at times.
  6. cp9

    Tav - Get used to it

    3 goals and 6 assists already this season. It's never been claimed he's the greatest defender. But he's certainly one of our best players.
  7. cp9

    Tav - Get used to it

    To put two of the goals solely at Tav's door just doesn't mirror the reality of football.
  8. cp9

    Tav - Get used to it

    No one refuses to see or argues that Tav isnt defender. Don't know why folk get on such a high horse about it. The difference is that he'll create more goals for the team than he'll concede. A FAR better option than Flanagan.
  9. Find it bizzare that folk were talking about 3/4 goals before this game.
  10. cp9

    celtic Emails out

    No joy but was expected. It's a shame that the most recent game there could be my last for a while. Saying that, I would much rather Rangers fans who have dug into their pockets and bought season books are able to go to these games at Ibrox.
  11. cp9

    Can Dude defend this

    It's not really news that the areas around Ibrox aren't great.
  12. cp9

    Loaned Oot

    Holt is better than Fleetwood down imo
  13. Mind when folk thought Warburton would end up at Tottenham
  14. cp9

    Strongest team for big games

    He did though? Take it you're ok with that?
  15. cp9

    Farewell Josh Windass

    This is premature
  16. cp9

    RTV Tonite

    That spelling is terrifying
  17. cp9

    Morelos red rescinded

    How many is that in the past two seasons?
  18. cp9

    European away teams when they visit Ibrox

    Can you imagine if we were playing in Milan and instead of preparing for the game we went on a jolly around the San Siro?
  19. cp9

    *****Europa League Playoff Round draw*****

    Are any buses running to Baku?
  20. cp9

    *****Europa League Playoff Round draw*****

    I think it's the teams that lose their CL qualifier go on to play the winners of the teams drawn in the Europa... Maybe?
  21. cp9

    *****Europa League Playoff Round draw*****

    State of his 'shuffling'
  22. cp9

    *****Europa League Playoff Round draw*****

    Did any teams last season qualify for group stages from first round qualifying?
  23. You wouldn't know we were playing with 10 if you'd missed the sending off.