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  1. Sorry, quoted wrong guy 😒
  2. This the one from Cult Kits? Managed to get one but fucking typical f that’s what’s happened.
  3. And then it would go back to Captain Tav’s fuck up in Switzerland which will have cost us.
  4. Arfield has been shite and has been dropped or rested a few times this season. What’s pissing everyone off is how unctouchable Tav is. It’s as if he could literally walk up the park and fire it past McGregor and still be the first name on the team sheet the next week.
  5. I’m sick of having to say to people how much I fucking hate this guy week in week out after he continually fucks up. If it stays the same, looking either goals conceded or decisive missed penalties, how many points has he and will he continue to lose us this season? I know it’s all ifs buts and maybes but the sooner we play it safe and give penalties to someone else and drop him to give him the kick up the arse he needs the better. The argument of ‘look at how many goals he scores’ is thankfully now fading so we can see, penalties aside, just what he bring to the team. Shite at crossing 8/10 games and cannot defend to save himself. Give me Polster any day 🇺🇸
  6. See this prick and these floaty shite free kicks. Fucking schoolboy pish - whip it the fucking box and hope someone gets a touch. Consistently useless every fucking week. Honestly hate the cunt. One of the most frustrating players I’ve ever had to watch. But he scores penalties so it’s all ok...
  7. The poppy badges are stunning - any chance of them coming back in stock?
  8. I’m in the same boat. PMd you but not sure if you’ve got it?
  9. I’ll take 32 + 50 if they’re still going please. If you can drop me the paypal address I’ll ping over ££s@govanblue.
  10. Has anyone got their new card yet or is it still paper tickets as far as we know?
  11. I thought Kent was shite for the first few games at the start of last season. Players need time to adapt and settle in - pointless trying to assess after one friendly.
  12. Breaks my heart to see the latest video. Genuinely didn’t think it could get any worse than it already had until I saw it. Not looking to have a go and say we care so much more but, just of curiosity, do Spurs and Newcastle fans have the same compassion and fear for him as we do? I don’t actually know any Spurs or Newcastle fans personally so never know if they still hold him in such high regard, regardless.
  13. Never hated an ex-player more.
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