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  1. 5Beckenbauer

    Windass Meets Si Ferry

    Every time he says something he thinks is controversial or derogatory to Rangers he squirms and touches his elbow like a wee bitch. He'll be in his mid-30s and still have it in his mind teams like Arsenal or Liverpool are about to knock on his door begging him to play for them. Cunt.
  2. “Instead they joke and sing songs about what happened at celtic Boys Club because they think it’s funny.” Guys a fucking clueless, irrelevant loser. He’s actually trying to deflect the horrendous abuse subject to these victims by making up lies that people are making jokes about the situation.
  3. 5Beckenbauer

    Obscure Rangers Players Thread

    José-Karl Pierre-Fanfan
  4. 5Beckenbauer

    Official Scarves.

    Gran knitted it when I was 5 so it’s genuinely not even reaching my nips. First scarf in 25 years so keen to get a decent one that will last.
  5. 5Beckenbauer

    Official Scarves.

    Reality has sunk in that the scarf my gran gave me when I was a wee guy is now far too small to get away with wearing to matches anymore. Last time I was in the megastore it was a shambles with next to no choice. Where does everyone get their scarves? Are there any official ones kicking about and if so, anyone get any links to them?
  6. No problemo - snooze you lose!
  7. If the Div 3 medal is up for grabs I'll take it off your hands bud. PM me with whatever is easiest for you in terms of payment/delivery.
  8. 5Beckenbauer

    Renewals Open

    Anyone know the process for trying to change seats? Would love to be more central and a bit nearer the pitch but can't see anywhere online that mentions moving...
  9. 5Beckenbauer

    ** Ross County v Rangers Match Thread **

    “Jason Cummings baby...”
  10. 5Beckenbauer

    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Hi guys, I'm not a massive poster here but am on every day looking and catching up on news, updates, etc. Reason I'm saying that is I'm running a spot the ball promotion through work and am struggling for likes and interaction on our facebook page so don't want to appear to be a 'make an account then fuck off' type of guy. It's run in pubs up and down the country with the overall prize being an ipad and hospitality football tickets for matches of your choice but there are weekly branded prizes that are given away every Sunday. My plea is for anyone interested to go on and like my page please. I'm running a transfer deadline day updates from 9am this morning until an hour after the window closes at midnight so thought it'd be best to post in here first. Thanks guys, massive thanks to anyone who likes! https://www.facebook.com/ionaspotourball PS Kostas Mitroglu to Fulham is probably best signing of the day so far!