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  1. Said it numerous times and earlier on in the thread but Tav is fucking woeful. Does 2 out of 10 decent crosses and scores penalties yet seems to be completely exempt from criticism and undroppable. A disgraceful acceptance of the standard as a captain of this club.
  2. Morelos is a mongo. Fair enough he’s by far our best player and contributed so much to our league position but at the same time, infuriatingly, he’s put us in stupid positions all season. Just off the top of my head; Could have easily cost us against Ufa at the start of the season and killed off our EL group stage hopes. Forced us to play Sadiq against the sheep in the League Cup. Fucked any hopes of a comeback against the sheep in December. Walked on eggshells against the sheep in the Quarter Final.
  3. Genuine question - is Tav the worst footballer we’ve ever had as a club captain? (*edit: not including one off captains) Standard arse collapsing every time the ball is anywhere near him so far.
  4. What happens if he plays against the sheep, doesn’t get booked but then gets booked against celtic? Does he miss the final or are disciplinaries scrapped for finals now? Can’t remember if that’s in effect up her or not. Edit: To put in my two cents, I’d play from the start and take off as soon as the score looks good.
  5. Just signed for York 9 FC, a team created for the new Canadian Premier League. Awful level for a guy I genuinely thought might be a decent player at one point. Such a waste.
  6. Anyone know what happened the that PJZ guy on Twitter or if he’s got a new account? He seemed to be on the ball constantly with this and decent for an update but haven’t seen anything to do with him in weeks.
  7. Any ideas on opening times tomorrow before the game? Can’t find anything online.
  8. Being promoted by Clyde 1 on Twitter. Worth tagging the organisers in any tweets going forward:
  9. Every time he says something he thinks is controversial or derogatory to Rangers he squirms and touches his elbow like a wee bitch. He'll be in his mid-30s and still have it in his mind teams like Arsenal or Liverpool are about to knock on his door begging him to play for them. Cunt.
  10. “Instead they joke and sing songs about what happened at celtic Boys Club because they think it’s funny.” Guys a fucking clueless, irrelevant loser. He’s actually trying to deflect the horrendous abuse subject to these victims by making up lies that people are making jokes about the situation.
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