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  1. Sad News. Condolences to the Family. Losing a generation that will be hard to replace. A Gentleman.
  2. Do it right, full corner infills, end up like hampdump with with poor view nooks and crannies all over.
  3. At the end of the day they folded like a cheap suit, you could smell the fear off them from the league cup final, and they still reek of it, fear that is, that and torbetts dong!
  4. Been too I don't know hundred odd games against that mhob but that's the quickest I've ever seen a bheggar end empty in all my life, it was a star trek beam them out scotty job it was that quick !
  5. The sending off of AM was clancy's last act of defiance saying to all I didn't need to do it as the game was over but I will because I can, his face at Kents goal says it all about his allegiance but we knew it anyway. I think his decision's on Sunday proved he is bye caring about what people think of his professionalism, he nailed his colours to the mast by them putting him not fit to officiate at another game involving Rangers or them. Makes you wonder his influence on results throughout the seasons. The game was over on Sunday, that whistle should've been blown but no he had to hound the player who his cohorts love to hate because he is Rangers and talented to prove himself one of them. Not fit for purpose.
  6. And a Happy New Year to pagans as well Collie as long as they are Proddy pagans ๐Ÿ˜‰
  7. As you say they were at it everywhere, but not holding my breath either, we won and that should be enough by their logic, but no more, bout time these cheating cunts were brought to book !
  8. Nae spelling polis at this time in the mornin๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
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