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  1. I hate not humping hearts that’s what they are there for!
  2. That’s how Dumbarton didn’t last long at the top.
  3. I'll not argue but watch it again, Goldson gets caught dreaming on a few occasions plus bottom line is Tavs inconsistency won't win prizes
  4. The jam farts using the tactics favoured by the clancy’s of the world when Rangers are behind, stop, start, stop, start, stop, start!
  5. To use an auld word of mine, clusterfuck so far !
  6. Usual scenario don’t kick a ball against anybody else then try like fuck against us but pushing aside any excuses that defending is fucking criminal !
  7. This is the games that'll prove the mettle, win this keep the momentum going until the phiggery, we are due a win there if we keep the head and keep the results going. Jist dae it Rangers !
  8. Correct years of bits of paper and toothless statements amount to a hill of beans whereas the athletic wings tactic of threatening with menace works every time.
  9. This is only window dressing, whatever ‘punishment’ they allegedly dole out publicly to the waltzer spinner behind the scenes they’ll give him a rise, an award and a promotion for a job done.
  10. Added to the original story apparently, they've done this because they know most people won't read the story again. Sleekit eh ?
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