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  1. An oldie but Davie's answers are Brilliant.
  2. We've always owned hearts, always will.
  3. The same people go to the games as they've always done, the same people take their families as they've always done, the same people's families take their families as they've always done, they keep the Protestant traditions going as they've always done, that's why the Club didn't fold during a dark period the same diehards kept the lights on as they've always done, as they'll do in the future if needed as they've always done. So Mote It Be.
  4. Wee fuckface walker A B S O L U T E L Y fuckin gagging !
  5. Same suppression as Merchant city stabbing.
  6. Obsessed. Just as long as they were clocked as well and followed.
  7. Pretty sharpish apparently. PS Well done them.
  8. Ach well enjoy but until everybody is singing from the same hymn sheet then it'll be reap the shit these no marks throw at you, if they are that weak then beating them should be a foregone conclusion and mean fuck all, but knock yourself out and enjoy.
  9. HATE. That's how they should be boycotted, they might not go out of business but it'll make them weaker on the park. Give them, all of them, Fuck All. Until you do that they'll continue to rip the piss.
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