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    What's left of Orange Bridgeton? Or is it Bridgeton?

    If you can google about the old times in Brig'ton try YouTube, plenty evidence the Orange is alive and well in Brig'ton on there.

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    The only reason I'm posting this is I see one of they wee reported member things on my thingy, so I might as well make it worth my while.

    The Sleeping Giant

    Good honest article from a Bears heart.

    Rangers related picture thread

    We were here before you and we welcomed you from far, there's nothing you can do to stem the tide. So celtic when you get to feeling bigger than you are, Remember who we are and remember how we died. We come from every country and from every walk of life, We sing in praise of Rangers in times of doubt and strife. We maintain our love of duty, of truth and honour blest. And thats the reason, celtic, why you're always second best. We died in Flanders poppies red, who will forget that scene, We were murdered foul in South Armagh fighting for our Queen. We also died in peaceful times as we have oft times seen As we follow followed Rangers on the steps of stair 13. Men like big Jock Wallace, Willie Thornton, Waddell too, Men like Shearer and slim Jim, proud to wear the blue. They're always our reminder, as we parry every blow, that we're living in a world of truth that you will never know. We've had our share of tears and joy, we've had our share of pain, As we wept our tears for those gone on who we'll never see again. but as our ranks are thinned by death, this we will maintain, they'll be honoured on the football field, for we'll still play the game. Are you listening, Glasgow celtic, as you chant your songs of shame, How you're the only innocents, the others are to blame. how singing IRA songs is just a song in jest of childrens lives and soldiers wives, thats why you're second best. So think on these things, celtic, on every word and letter. Do your lying tongues and poison minds make you feel much better. We're the Glasgow Rangers, still meeting every test. You're the Glasgow celtic, and you're still second best. AMEN

    Hummel Training Centre

    It was a certainty, could be worse though could be called torbett towers!

    Hummel Training Centre

    Dont mind auchenhowie getting its name changed but that's it.

    Tony McGlennan resigns from SFA post

    They've got plenty more vincent's and tony's lined up to replace this altar bhoy, the dhurty bheasts will be 'interviewing' suitable candidates as we converse !

    The Old Lady - FF

    Don't think think there's a The in it !
  9. and Happy Birthday To OUR QUEEN !

    PRW Banner !


    SFA to Block Rangers Cutting celtic Allocation

    A non story about what everybody knew anyway just to promote the sfa's new puppet that giant of Scottish fitba ian maxwell I believe his name is, played for no cunt, won fuck awe with no cunt, but good at cricket! Must be related too or married onto one of the hierarchy of the clique, surely that's how he got the job? Ideal cannon fodder I suppose for that mhob, put him at the sharp end to take the abuse then tear him up for arsepaper when he fucks up.

    Over 30 or Under 20 .. good or bad?

    Over 30 under 20, as long as they're Proddies works for me !


    Must hiv dirty pictures of somebody !

    SFA Director to step down

    It's a way of life they've lived by since time immemorial.

    SFA Director to step down

    Correct, just like the dhurty bheasts when they get sussed with the weans they move them to another diocese or country as does corrupt city cooncil employees when caught, they move them to a job not as high up but hidden in the scheme of things, whit they like !