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  1. We're through that's main thing. December was always going to be tough, big effort needed now for the rest of the games.
  2. They started the alleged sectarian problem when brother walfrid founded his bigot factory to stop the Church of Scotland feeding his flock in case they jumped the dyke to proper Christianity.
  3. Mhanky mhob its original spelling is, fuck they’ve stole that from us as well. Not got an original thought in their heads the mhanky bhastards👍🏻
  4. No you are correct he wasn’t missed at all, except his experience at being a winner, especially winning 3 league cups with Rangers, but what the fuck do I know or him apparently.
  5. Course we didn’t that’s why awe they mhanky mongo’s are celebrating a trophy that should be in Govan !
  6. Yes robbed at the goal and Davis was a big miss but again we snatch defeat from the jaws of potential victory, we need a winning mentality drummed into these players, not one of them willing to seize the day, bitterly disappointed loyal.
  7. collums a dhirty mhanky cheating tarrier bheast bhastard.
  8. Wee collum will try to influence this game make no mistake he's been taught by the vaticans stormtroopers in every dirty trick in the book, he comes under the the jesuit schooling of give us the child till he's seven and we'll give you the man. His tribe were the original asbo mhob, now they've made him acceptably respectable with a badge. We need to be on top of our game and aggressive to combat their twelve men. Funnily enough I feel confident.
  9. Ah well as Graeme Souness once said show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser.
  10. Forget the result last night, in an (for the want of a better description) old firm game everything goes out the window, form etc the whole shebang, it's about who wants it on the day, incidents and refereeing. Manager needs to put the right team on that park with the right mental strength, show no fear and get right in aboot them. The state of them scoring that winner against fucking Hamilton fucks sake yesterday proves their fear and inferiority complex is alive and kicking thought they had won the champions league the way the Lego muncher reacted, do that cunt early and our fans will get what their loyalty deserves, a trophy !
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