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  1. Hopefully they are protected and end up in the right place as a Captains medals should be at Ibrox.
  2. Don't care who plays just glad to back at headquarters.
  3. Laurence Olivier was very articulate on World at War but he's deid, so you are where you are as they say.
  4. All those Parading today and Following have a Great Day and Stay Safe.
  5. That was our year, Tapie bribed all and sundry to get hold of that cup, Tapie got a jail sentence and their league title was taken from them and eventually relegated as punishment. Only people that didn't get justice was us, that final should've been replayed with us in it.
  6. Good publicity for him without touching on the real issues in the game here, east end cover up, dodgy sfa etc. Sets it up for a rivalry between the mutton mob and herts that he can build on his outlet for the for the coming seaon.
  7. Sad news. Condolences to the Family. R.I.P. Bro.
  8. There are saner folk locked up.
  9. Schools finish the day for the holidays, place should've been flooded with all the strips for the parents and kids going on holiday which promotes more sales when they are seen wherever. No we are not at our best merchandise wise at the moment.
  10. We all know that there has been sabotage in previous seasons thrown in our path and will be again this season by those placed in carefully chosen positions of footballing, political and media jobs but whatever you feel about the fixtures We must overcome these fifth columnists by beating them standing shoulder to shoulder from Board, management, players to Fans by questioning every decision on and off the park from the usual suspects, they must be stopped This season by Beating them on and off the park. N.S. P.S. doesn't matter what wee parochial wee team in what wee cold parochial hole in this parochial wee country at what time we need to beat them end of.
  11. The dr death connection is strong, he'll be schooling his republican plants that have jumped the dyke from labour to the natsis to suit the agenda at every turn, nope you are not wrong.
  12. They continually fuck us over because there is no challenge to them really, they do it because they can, think Dave King said they will fall like a house of cards but sorry I'm sceptical about that, when you see the sentence dished out to Higgins down south for abusing young players, 24 years, and you see the paltry prison terms given to the beasts involved with celtic boys club you realise there is something very wrong in this country, they are being protected at every level from political to Scottish football hierarchy and others. Time will tell whether they will be called out or it will be just another sweep sweep, got a feeling it will be the latter because Scottish football is so poor those at the top are all covering up for one another, business is business.
  13. This after who they appointed as manager and the team he picked just puts the tin lid on it, but we knew where we stood before they've finally showed their hand, FUCK THEM AND THE TOTTIE MUNCHERS BOAT THEY SAILED UP THE CLYDE IN !
  14. They do do don't they, apparently stevie was just about to celebrate the hauf time score when . . .
  15. Aye well we'll see what the apologists, appeasers, and the shitpots in the mhedia say when it all kicks off here for real.
  16. Absolutely, I’ve said that for years they live here wrapped in the cotton wool of their own rules protected from our laws, if that was Rangers fans on Saturday the mounted mob would have been out and the media would have had us pilloried.
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