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  1. It's wonderful that these legends would give up their time for charity, makes you feel quite humble.
  2. Already spread the lies, done the damage then a patronising kid on apology and laughs in your face.
  3. Sports sox ! Sports sox ! Like the fuckin barras noo ! Same as you go onto some of the Rangers pages on facebook etc, one minute it's Rangers forever next minute they are selling mugs, t-shirts and the rest of the trinkets. Like a feeding frenzy of which I'm sure the Club gets fuck all !
  4. These fuckin gypsies hijacked that annaw, they've not got an original thought in their heads!
  5. The op is correct the irony is there. But he is targeted because he plays for the establishment club and he is good at his job plus he knows as many dirty tricks as these fhenian bhastards do. If he was at the bheastdome he'd be according to the mheejah King of Kings and worth £50 million !
  6. Felt shite before the game, felt shite during the game, felt shite after the game, only pluses were managed to get wee Willie Vass to take a pic of the lads with the Hamburg flag and Alfredo's goal, great goal, apart from that absolute clusterfuck !
  7. Aye that's his press conference, must've been fightin another jakey for the the bellair hair spray
  8. The jakey must've been rollin aboot pished !
  9. They pesky fans, awe their fault for that result on Tuesday ! A fuckin knew that awe along !
  10. Load of lip service that will amount to a hill of beans !
  11. Bout the only time these 'investigations' come to fruition is when one of ours gets the tin pail !
  12. Honestly didn't think this is a pathetic pun/joke I'd ever use on here. But is this offer just for a short period.
  13. Demand it for whit ? To be told yer getting fuck all decision whether it was a stonewaller or not by the likes of clancy and collum.
  14. Preposterous as the ops post is when you think about it anything can happen in this parochial wee Scottish game. brenda got to fuck out of it and he was having an easy ride. Gerrards the only one talking out for the Club through his interviews and press conferences. The dignified silence from our custodians are well eh silent. Wouldn't be surprised if SG at some stage says fuck this!
  15. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss ! We won't get fooled again ! Aye fuckin right !
  16. To be fair though there's a bit of wry humour there that gives you a wee smirk in this fucking car crash of a week !
  17. Remember and give stevie a warm welcome
  18. The only thing to play for is stopping them win the league against us.


    None of them for me bud. No way.
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