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  1. This is what it's all about they want him to lord it and rub it in !
  2. This mhob are doing what they want, maybe out esteemed leaders will put out another gumsy lamb statement in defiance ! Fuckin toothless, spineless and deafening silence as per !
  3. keech jackoff, courageous reporter of courageous reporting (not my words) or lying whore, you choose !
  4. This is what 99% of them should get for their holidays plans but the Einsteins at the top have fucked that up as well by giving too many of them longer contracts than their skills deserve !
  5. Looked to me as though it was left up to collum to decide how long to give it depending on their crowds behaviour, he cut it short before it really started! They run how we respect former players now, you couldn't make it up! Although it happened for all to see no explanation has been given anywhere!
  6. He's been shot? He'll not be the only one if they bheast bhastards are given a guard of honour on saturday! 😁
  7. Buy fuck awe away tickets, kill them !
  8. This all day long ! Clusterfuck !
  9. There was no formation, no tactics, no passion, no players, no show ! In fact the only proof we turned up was ironically enough Halliday's tackle on that bhead rhattlers roberts that the paedos and the mhedia are now trying to turn into a cause to get the Lego muncher free to play in Saturday's game!
  10. . . . and not only the squad, whatever they say cash is needed to be spent on the stadia as well!👍🏻
  11. Takes one of the old team to dig this board up and tell the truth, well done wee man!
  12. Realistically it's jist a pish up noo, if a result happens it's a bonus !
  13. He's only been employed as insurance for next seasons possible failure! Give another seasons breathing space hoping the lottery will come up, we tried something different didn't work thanks for coming Pedro, if it works anyway north of that I'll be delighted and stunned to say the least!
  14. If they couldn't get up for a game to stop their treble then don't expect too much at the weekend. That was the most subservient and inept performance I've ever seen against the bheggars in my puff, the next thing they'll be giving them a guard of honour!
  15. Brenda pished £300 m up against the wa' at Liverpool so a wid say nae chance !
  16. Don't like saying it but every chance that's correct! Them and him are quite happy for us to struggle along maybe not even second best for the foreseeable seasons while they feed off us and he gradually gets his cash back, next season is definitely more of the same as things stand! Wouldn't bet on them letting us share titles as Dave quoted in one of his press conferences, never trust a tim as my old man man used to say they always ask for a dhirty bheast in the end!
  17. Tarriers must be lovin king as the absent custodian with liewwell callin the shots and in charge of controlling every move made by us and the rest in Scottish football, they have got us firmly where they want us!
  18. And sadly bud you are spot on with this !
  19. Our team had surrendered before they went on that park, no one player was to blame, the blame lies at the top! We are in a desperate position all round !
  20. Before they sign up this all important dof they'll be waiting to see how many season tickets get sold, then they can decide whether they buy him out of lidl or marks and Spencer's!
  21. There was fuck all midfield yesterday, just a big hole where it should've been but in saying that none of what occurred in that debacle was Andy Halliday's fault !
  22. A director of football? Dear god in heaven I fucking despair I really do !
  23. Aye it's awe Andy Halliday's fault! FUCK ME ,