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  1. Players now getting day off during the week

    To be honest though the day off should be a results/performance driven thing, no result, no cigar, give them a pot of paint and a box of tools, plenty of tidying up to do at the old place, a day squaring up the shitehoose's will tober them up!
  2. Rangers related picture thread

    Well done Denmark on putting the gypos to the sword! Thank you Godrup !
  3. Players now getting day off during the week

    They deserve it, they'll need time off for xmas shoppin anywies!
  4. Rangers related picture thread

    Two Andy's!
  5. Rangers related picture thread

    Penny for your thoughts!
  6. Rangers related picture thread

    Haud me back fur fucks sake or Fergie will batter ma cunt in!
  7. Rangers related picture thread

  8. Rangers related picture thread

  9. Rangers related picture thread

    Aye that was a nightmare result if ever there was two, 1-1 at home, 3-0 away and this guy came back to haunt us, scored 2 of the 3 goals in the second game, always the way innit, he had two seasons at Ibrox but never got a game before moving on to the lower english. Funnily enough played against him a couple of times in bounce games in the old Blue Sky daze!
  10. Ryan Jack

    Well Done The Oranje ! 👍🏻
  11. Only reason these two retarded tarrier fucks abused Dean Shiels is because he played for The Rangers ! http://imperialbears.co.uk/2017/11/09/347/
  12. Man utd u23's

    Ask them to leave a couple of spare players behind they don't need, every little helps!
  13. Tom Miller interview - The Rangers Observer

    Been at a couple of things he's done and it's schoolboy stuff, so is the commentary gig right enough, it's powder puff, probably just another pal of somebody at the time and he's made a nice wee niche for himself, a legend to some and a leg end to others!
  14. Tom Miller interview - The Rangers Observer

    Another area where we need strengthened, sorry but the guy is insipid and boring to listen too, he doesn't get involved in the politics ? What's he in the job for, bridge building !
  15. Things you miss from the lower leagues

    Nothing to miss, Anni Horribilis ! 👎
  16. Thistle fans that were booted out

    Probably was misheard and said matalan!
  17. Thistle fans that were booted out

    rhepublican bhastards flying rhepublican bhastard flags including the catalonia shite and inciting trouble into the bargain, tarriers in plastic whistle clothing, wouldn't like to think they are all like that!
  18. Jason Holt

    Him and Tav are ma main men noo! Am promoting Kenny tae manager, they're the future!
  19. UB Display

    For wance a never took a pic, that wisnae white fuckin poppies wis it ? Couldnae make it oot?
  20. Rangers related picture thread

  21. *** The Official Rangers v Partick Thistle Match Thread ***

    Naw you'll be the unconscious wan wae nae teeth ! 😁
  22. Rangers related picture thread

  23. Spot on, but the problem is the "questions" will not be asked, delusion will applaud more mediocrity and we will sleep walk into harms way again and make it another managers fault ! Big Shot or Shots needed with Big Money ! It's not rocket science ! PS - Oh and a manager with local knowledge sometimes helps! Sometimes!
  24. Pedro a wanted man already..

    In a nutshell !👍🏻