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  1. Correct, a bheast up on NINETEEN charges, deflect is the name of the game.
  2. . . . normal service is resumed. They know it.
  3. BREAKING NEWS: U-turn on guard of honour, it's on.
  4. Happy Birthday Colin Colin Colin Stein. Legend. 💙 First outing at Arbroath, hat-trick, the rest as they say is history.💙
  5. That’s good then, used to be quite lucrative freelancing at one time, they were getting £200 a shift in the dr back in the day, but better you have a contract, good luck anyway with it.
  6. After the pumping in the first game nobody gave them a snawbaws chance, including me, but they found it somewhere, delighted for big Klopp, never a bad word for anybody and refreshing views on the game and the fact he's a staunch Prod helps, Good Luck Big Fella
  7. Well done the Young team
  8. If it does happen then McGregor knows it's happening. Might have to rethink my season ticket.
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