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  1. Tom English on the bbc website.

    I always knew tam was a great guy!
  2. Union bears display

    They were allowed in on Friday night to set it up apparently !
  3. Rangers hugging beggars

    Wait till the bridge building kicks in for real they'll be carryin them shoulder high after every defeat, too much ? !
  4. Another stonewall penalty turned down

    The ref was a cunt but we know that anyway, but to be honest this post covers it accurately !
  5. Union bears display

    Is that why it was lying ripped up at the back of the Copland front ! Bad day if the dhim declans are carving you up! Couldnae run a pish up in a brewery! But that seems to reflect our whole set up unfortunately !
  6. Pedro: Time to go?

    Should've been bumped after the 5-1 game, whatever the idea was in the first place it's a massive fail! You couldn't give him away for hee haw right enough at this moment in time ! But then again it's all down to whoever employed him!
  7. The thumb

    It's our own fault scum like this do what they want, no leadership at the top and none on the park either I'm afraid, rudderless!
  8. Jack and Dorrans

    The game passed both of them by, more so Dorrans who looked lost to be honest!
  9. Are celtic really that good?

    We'll never be as bad as them though eh ! Harbourers of paedophile's and terrorists athletic wing, that's really bad eh ! Scum!
  10. Dave King

    It's no even a clusterfuck noo, it's basically just fuck awe, nothing to offer, stagnation !
  11. Policing at game tomorrow

  12. Morning routine for the game and predictions

    Early kick off, Treble S first, small breakfast, two crispy Mortons rolls one with black puddin and tottie scoane other with square sausage and fried onion, quarter inch of tomato sauce on both and a pot of tea, might have another shite at this stage if I've got the time, get my butler to dress me then get the Chauffeur , same person by the way to drop me off at the boozer at 11 hundred hours, a couple of pick me ups, Battle Fever On then it's off to the match I go . . . against the odds with The Rangers scoring the winner in the last minute of a 3-2 victory ! Just another Saturday !
  13. So good to beat these bastards

    Look the odds are stacked against us but anything can happen it's a Rangers v scum game, refereeing decision, an incident, an injury, all can change a game. Law of averages says this shower of shite must take a deuce sooner or later, better sooner, better tomorrow ! We need a hero just for one day !
  14. Have you often wondered where they would have been?

    The descendants forefathers are as much to blame as they've filled them with that much hate that they bite the hand that fed them at every chance they get, what's always intrigued me is did they only eat potatoes in Ireland in an island that's was surrounded by probably the best fishing waters on the planet at the time and a countryside that must've had plenty livestock and game. Na the big mistake was we let too many in under false pretences just like we have done with others later on and we are doing today, this once greatest wee country in the world is now diluted to the extent it's a stank filled with scum ! Middle of the road opinion right enough!
  15. Have you often wondered where they would have been?

    Spot on bud 👍🏻
  16. How can you live in Glasgow and not care about football?

    What's football got to do with it in this city!
  17. Foderingham new contract

    Should give him confidence for Saturday!
  18. No Board Statement Yet?

    Will it be a furious statement or just the usual run of the mill doesn't amount to a hill of beans statement !
  19. We Can Beat Anyone At Ibrox

    A two footed tackle tae either the lego munchers or the thumbs boat races or both will dae me. Mind you am easily pleased !
  20. Blah the whistle the noo!
  21. Last thing we fuckin needed wiz extra time, team looks knacked!😡
  22. Ref this Saturday

  23. Another Ex-Ranger Scoring!

    I'll worry when we let Rossiter go and he starts to score regularly until then C'est la vie !😁